Keurig K150 vs K155 – what dominated to choose Keurig K155?

Keurig k150 vs k155 -What makes the Keurig K-155 better?

If you are looking for a durable, reliable, and efficient device to prepare coffee for your small office then the Keurig coffee maker is ideal for you. Keurig is a well-known brand whose two notable creations are Keurig K150 and K155.

The Keurig k150 vs k155 has many similarities in structure and characteristics. As a result, customers are confused about which is more suitable for them. Most of the users explained their experience by saying that some advanced features have fascinated them to choose Keuring K-155 and they have encouraged others to use this coffee machine as well.

What makes the Keurig K-155 better?

When purchasing a coffee machine, customers compare budget-friendly machines and choose the one that has the features they need. In the case of Keurig k150 vs k155, most of the customers prefer to use the Keurig k155 coffee machine due to some feature differences or the addition of additional features. Below we discuss why the Keurig k155 is more effective:

  • There is a significant difference in weight between the Keurig k150 vs k155 coffee maker. The Keurig k155 is more suitable for you if you are considering easy portability. Because it weighs only 6 pounds. In contrast, the Keurig k150 coffee machine weighs 18 pounds which is 3 times more than the Keurig k155.
  • Both coffee machines support K-Cup pods. But while the Keurig K-155 machine can use third-party K-Cup pods, the K-150 cannot use other brands of pods.
  • If you want to find the right taste in your favorite coffee then Keurig K-155 will give great results. On the other hand, there are allegations of getting a plastic taste in brewed coffee by Keurig K-150 machine.

What is the similarities between Keurig k150 vs k155

Since both Keurig K150 and K155 machines are products of the Keurig brand, it is natural for them to have features and structural similarities. There are many similarities between these machines which are briefly discussed below:

  • Both machines have a full-color LCD touchscreen interface to easily control the machines to make coffee of your choice.
  • Both machines are compatible with K-Cup pods which brings an additional feature to the machines.
  • These machines have energy saver features. In this case, the machines are connected to the automatic shutdown function which automatically shuts down the machine at the end of the need and helps to save energy.
  • These machines have removable reservoirs and the reservoir capacity of both machines is 90 oz.
  • Manufacturers offer a limited one-year warranty on these machines for repair and maintenance.
Specification   Keurig K-150 Keurig K-155
Dimensions 14 x 10.5 x 13.6 inches 14 x 10.38 x 13.8 inches
Item Weight 18 pounds 6 pounds
Brew Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces
Water Reservoir Capacity 90 oz, a removable water reservoir 90 oz, a removable water reservoir
Brew Time Under a minute Under a minute
Interface Full-color LCD touchscreen Full-color LCD touchscreen
Automatic off function Yes Yes
Intelligent Water System Yes Yes
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year
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What is the Differences Between Keurig K-150 and Keurig K-155?

What is the Differences Between Keurig K-150 and Keurig K-155?

Physical Features

The Keurig k150 vs k155 coffee machines look very elegant and smart. These machines adapt to small office environments and look very attractive. Although they look almost the same, the machines are available in many colors. A comparison of the Keurig k150 vs k155 coffee machines reveals many similarities and differences. These machines come with many important features including touch screen control, auto on/off feature, brew size control, brew temperature control. These machines are very effective for fitting in both office and kitchen environments.

Brew Quality

The Keurig brand delivers great results in terms of the quality of each part of their coffee machines. The brewer quality of the Keurig k150 and k155 machines is great. But in terms of taste, the Keurig k150 coffee machine lacks the quality we expect. Cheap quality plastic is used to make its reservoirs. As a result, users often complain about the taste of coffee plastic. On the other hand, the best blend of coffee is found in the Keurig K-155 and it has no plastic taste.

Water Reservoir

Reservoirs are an important part of commercial coffee machines. In this case, you should consider the capacity of the reservoir because it is a hassle to fill the reservoir repeatedly during office hours. Both the Keurig k150 and k155 coffee machines come with a 90-ounce detachable reservoir Which is suitable for small offices. These coffee machines can easily prepare 18 coffees.

Water Filter

The Keurig k150 and k155 machines come with a built-in water filter. The water filter is very effective for cleaning the water and removing any germs. As a result, parts of your coffee machine are less likely to be damaged.


The Keurig k150 and k155 are ideal for you if you are looking for a coffee machine to handle easily. The uniform interface and convenient features of these machines allow you to prepare your coffee by following simple steps. Both machines have the advantage of using the K-Cup of your choice.

FAQ about the Keurig K150 vs K155 Coffee Maker

Q: Can external pods be used on Keurig k150 and k155 machines?

External pods can be used on Keurig k155 coffee machines but k150 machines do not have this feature. However, the K cup is compatible with both machines.

Q: Do these machines have drip trays?

Both Keurig k150 and k155 machines have drip trays for easy cleaning. These drip trays are removable so it’s not a hassle to clean.

Q: Are the reservoirs of these machines removable?

Yes, the reservoirs of both machines are removable. As a result, they can be easily replenished and cleaned.

Q: Why are Keurig k150 and k155 machines commercial?

These machines have great reservoirs with a capacity of 90 oz. So these can be used 24 * 7 which is suitable for both office or home.

Q: What is the warranty of these machines?

These machines come with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturers. If there is any defect in the machine during this time, there is an opportunity to repair it or replace it with a reset machine.

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Final Verdict

Keurig’s two top coffee machines are the Keurig k150 and k155. These machines come with all the necessary features to make you delicious coffee. If you want to choose the one that suits you in Keurig k150 vs k155 coffee machine then we suggest you use Keurig k155. The best features, good capacity, and impressive design make these machines popular with the customers. Consider your needs before buying these machines which are suitable for families with multiple coffee drinks.

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