Keurig K150 Review – An overall Unbiased Review

Keurig K150 Review - An overall Unbiased Review

Are you looking for a coffee brewing system that can double up as a household, and a commercial coffee machine at the same time? Not many models can serve this purpose. Most of the time, what you get is a household, single-serve coffee. If not, you get a commercial brew system for your shop. With Keurig K150 coffee machine, however, you get the best of both worlds!

Before purchasing the Keurig K150, however, it is recommended to make sure that you are familiar with the features that are built-in with this coffee machine. On top of that, it is also important to make sure that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages that the K150 offers.


  • Holds a large amount of water
  • Variety of beverages possible
  • Effective graphic interface
  • Quiet brewing


  • On the expensive side
  • May have the tendency to produce a plastic-like smell
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Keurig K150 Key Features and Benefits

Cup Sizes

Keurig K150 brewing system is available with 5 cup sizes. This means that you can feel the convenience of choosing the amount of coffee that you can prepare. Whether you are preparing a single-serve at home, or preparing one for a takeout, the options on the cup sizes available is great way to use this coffee machine.

Interactive Touchscreen

This touchscreen feature of the K150 brewing system form Keurig is interactive, which means that it becomes easier for you to adjust the temperature of the brew. This comes in handy if you are a busy person who needs to make your own coffee, and more convenient for use in a commercial setup.

This touch-and-go touchscreen interface is an advanced and full-color touchscreen interface equipped with an adjustable brew temperature. You can easily walk through the different instructions in brewing, one-by-one, and select any of the three languages that are available.

Language Selection

K150 Keurig coffee machine also supports three languages that you can choose from, including English, French and Spanish. This makes it a perfect option if you have a coffee shop where you expect the possibility of a multi-lingual operator of the machine. This also works as an advantage for multi-lingual households.

Removable Drip Tray

With the removal drip tray especially designed for K150, this machine can effectively handle travel mugs, as well as a drainable interior hot water tank.

Quiet Brew Technology

K150 coffee machine is also equipped with the Quiet Brew Technology, which means that it will not interrupt with other activities that you may be doing while brewing. This is very effective not just for household use, but also in a commercial setting.

Auto On/Off

This feature is what makes the keurig K150 coffee machine an energy saver. This only means that in case you forget to turn it off, it will automatically shut off after a specific period of time.

K-Cup Technology

As a single cup machine, K150 uses a k-cup technology. With this feature, rather than brewing a complete pot, you can choose your desired K-cup, placing this sealed and self-contained cup right into the machine, allowing the brewer to complete the process. This technology is patented, which means that it is unique to this Keurig brand.

As machine from Keurig, you can expect high quality, fresh, hot, and delicious cup of coffee at a time, reducing, and possibly eliminating clean-up and waste.

How to Brew using the Keurig K150?

Using the Keurig K150 to brew your favorite cup of coffee is very easy. It only involves three steps:


The first thing to do is to lift the handle, and place the k-cup pack of your choice.

Keurig has created over 250 varieties of interesting gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, tea, as well as other iced and specialty beverages.


After lifting the handle, you can then place the mug and then close the handle.


There are five cup sizes that you can choose from (4 oz, 8 oz., 10 oz., and 10 oz.) Afterwards, you can start the brew button.

Note: This system can either be plumbed-in to your home system, or can be used as a pour-over brewer, equipped with a 90 oz. reservoir. Regardless of your choice of setup, the process of preparing your brewed coffee is just the same.

How Durable Keurig K150 Parts Are

The parts of the Keurig K150 seem dependable and reliable. Purchase of this product comes with a limited one year warranty. This covers defects in either the materials used, as well as the workmanship of the product. Make sure to check on the manual in order to identify the specific coverage of the warranty.

Keurig, as a manufacturer, has been producing replacement parts for several models. You may want to refer to the manual in order to see which parts are replaceable. Overall, the construction and materials used in making the coffee machine seem durable enough for long term use.

Users’ Opinions about the Keurig model K150

This K150 brewer has received mixed reviews coming from actual users who have purchased this product. Most of the feedbacks and responses are positive while referring to this commercial Keurig K150 coffee machine. For example, one customer mentioned that it is a big step compared to all other machines offering K-cup technology. For one, it is sturdier compared to other models out there, even taking refillable cups without any hassle at all.

Users Opinions about the keurig model K150

Another customer expressed love for this coffee machine. The main reason why the customer purchased this K150 was because she wanted to connect it to her home plumbing system. It ended up working compatibly, and just like her other Keurig machines, this one also produces amazing coffee. Since the design of this coffee maker is rugged, it can be placed anywhere and it will still standout.

A different customer also mentioned that her purchase of this K150 coffee maker is worth every penny spent. It was an awesome decision of purchasing. One thing that she liked about it, the installation was easy and straight forward. The best thing about it, according to the customer, the Keurig K150 coffee maker is compatible with any K-cup, unlike other models which are only compatible with the k-cups made under the same manufacturer.

Keurig K150 My User Experience (3 Months After)

After three months of continuously using the Keurig K150, I can attest that this coffee machine is a durable one. What I like about it is that you have the option to upgrade your brewing system at home by creating your own setup. All other accessories can be purchased from Keurig. With the help of the Keurig K150 manual, you can have an idea of the possible connections that you can implement with this coffee brewing system.

During the first uses of this machine, I could smell plastic on the beverages. This is one of the common complaints from other customers as well. However, as my coffee machine hit the third month, I can say that the smell is no longer there, perhaps drained because of the multiple uses. Apparently, that unlikely smell is just temporary and was gone after several more uses of the machine.

After three months, I have also started exploring other varieties of beverages. Aside from coffee, I was able to try teas, hot cocoas, as well as other specialized drinks. The good thing about this K150 is that it is highly compatible, even with other K-cups coming from other brands. There is no problem when it comes to compatibility.

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Why Keurig K150 is Perfect for Any Housewife?

Most housewives want to have a coffee machine at home that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and an overall performer at the same time. This is the reason why the Keurig K150 brewing system is a good candidate. This will not just be good for the house, it can also be used in an office, or other commercial setups.

Because of its design, it can look as elegant as expected in any countertop. It will easily complement your other appliances at home, or maintain its professional look when used in a business office, or other more formal setup.

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Final Verdict

After reading the review of the Keurig K150 coffee machine, you are now in a better position to make a better decision when purchasing a brewing system that will fit your needs and preferences. Just to be guided accordingly, the Keurig K150 used to be known as Keurig B150. Therefore, when purchasing K-cups, accessories, as well as other parts (such as for replacement), you may want to look for items that are compatible for B150 or K150, and they will be the same.

Overall, the Keurig K150 home brewing system is an ideal choice for those who need a reliable coffee machine, may it be at home, or at any commercial setup. It has been designed for easy operation, and with durability in mind. For a price that is slightly higher compared to other models, you can expect that the features are high quality as well, thus giving you real value for your money.

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