Keurig K155 Review – Exactly What Keurig K155 model offers?

Keurig K155 Review - Exactly What Keurig K155 model offers?

It is without a doubt that if ever you opt to open a café business, getting a brewing machine-like Keurig K155 is the must. Most people of today prefer to buy and take out their brewed coffee and drink it while at work or on the way to work.

Every morning, people tend to visit cafes and order their regular drinks or ask the café workers to prepare their usual drinks so they can just pick it up and not fall in line to avoid the hassle and save time.

The coffee business is an in-demand venture because individuals of today need something to boost their energy and increase their alertness level. As we all know, coffee is a natural stimulant that boosts one’s mind to function despite being stressed. However, there are many kinds of brewing machines out there in the market, and choosing one that best suits you aren’t easy.

The cost, the type, the features, all of these must be considered and a good decision must be made to avoid regrets. So don’t worry, all of these will be covered by Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System Review and every bit of information you need will be highlighted. The model is top notch and its quality service is superb that it would be easy for you to go on and purchase this K155 Keurig.

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Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System Product Review

This K155 type is specifically made for household, office and even small café business. This mid-size machine can actually hold up to 90 ounces and can brew coffee in less than a minute without any hassle. Without any specific knowledge on how to operate a brewing machine, you can actually tinkle this K155 easily because it only has 2 to 3 buttons that control most of the machine’s function.

Wouldn’t it be nice to brew your own flavored cup of coffee at home or in your office? Wouldn’t it be better to get this guy and open up your own business without getting your employers the trouble of getting them educated one by one just to operate this Keurig K155?  This coffee brewing machine has everything you need to get the work done.

Key Features of Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System

Key Features of Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System

Interactive LCD Touchscreen System

The Keurig K155 is programmable to operate without the need of constant supervision. You can just adjust the settings via touchscreen and regulate the brew temperature. This feature allows the operator to navigate and not manually push buttons just to get the drink that the customer wants.

Language Setting

The K155 brewing system is engineered to cover three different languages as part of their customer service. You can change the language to English, Spanish, and even French. This feature can help different types of native not to have any trouble in navigating the machine’s system.

Accommodates 4 cup sizes

The removable drip tray feature allows you to use different sizes of cups especially big mugs. Every individual has a different preference when it comes to the amount or level of coffee they drink, some prefer small sizes while others big mug sizes. The K155 Keurig model is made easy by developers to suit different cup sizes.

Automatic On/Off

One push at the on button automatically starts up the machine system and if it’s not in use within a 2-hour span, it automatically shuts off to conserve current. This feature is useful especially when you are tired from work and you forget to turn it off. With this spec, electrical problems can be avoided.

1400 watts heating system

The maximum level of temperature it can reach in a short time is important when brewing your coffee. With this heating system, it should be able to achieve an optimal level of temperature and brewed coffee in less than a minute.

Water reservoir

The Keurig K155 can hold up to 90 ounces of water so you won’t have any trouble replacing the water level if it runs dry. During busy hours, it is important that there is enough level of water to operate the machine continuously.

Beverage Accessibility

This machine model utilizes K-cup brewing system which offers its customers an array of options. It also accommodates the My K-cup type that utilizes regular coffee ground. This option will allow you to choose the right blend that you want.

Platinum Outer Cover

To avoid getting it rusty from constant exposure in water because of spillage issues, the Keurig K155 is built with a feature that counteracts this possibility.

Safety Features

There is always a danger of electrocution with machines especially with children around the area. The good thing about this K155 model is that it is well insulated and the wirings are short enough so children won’t trip or pull the wires accidentally. The company made sure that children are protected from the danger that might come in their way if unwanted events related to the machine happens.

Advantages in Buying the Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System

Whenever a product is released in the market, after some time, another model will also be introduced by another company. Competition is always present in every field of business. The only deciding factor as to which is better are the lists of features and the advantages that it has.

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Here are the following benefits you can get when buying Keurig K155 brewing system:

  • Since it can brew coffee or any types of drinks in less than a minute, you can save time and effort
  • If you are not well versed in a specific language because of your nativity, the language setting is a big help
  • The full-color interface allows you to adjust the settings with ease
  • You can adjust the brew temperature to your preference
  • There is a good return on your investment, price ranges from $200-$300
  • You can host a large number of people in your house or in the office during meetings or conferences

Who shall benefit this Keurig K155 Brewing System?

Usually, at home, most adults prefer to start their morning with a cup of coffee to wake them up. The mother or the father or even the college students can benefit most with this quick and easy to brew coffee machine. It is a very convenient way so individuals can work and head to their workplace with their usual morning routine.

Coffee drinks are the usual beverages that are served during meetings and conferences. Some conferences are boring so to stay in attention and understand the gist of the meeting, this medium is served. This K155 model of brewing system is perfect for a fast pace need for the coffee drink.

What I like

  • The package contains a bonus of 12 K-Cup variety box
  • It is simple to use and easy to manipulate
  • Easily drains for transport and storage
  • Product Dimension: 16 x 8 x 10 inches, Weight: 6 pounds, not heavy for carriage
  • The model is made up of quality parts that you can abuse it and still runs for many years
  • Produce a good crema on top and brews coffee ground quietly with precision
  • Some coffee grounds might be strewn all over the inside compartments, but this K155 model is different since it clearly covers the strewn coffee grounds
  • Elegant and sturdy to look at
  • Does not require descaling if you use distilled water
  • No need to make tons of refill trips because it holds up to 25% of water
  • Can accommodate 15 to 30 individuals
  • The touchpad screen displays the water level so you would know when to refill it.
  • Available all the time for clients during conferences, no need to brew from time to time like in pots

What I don’t like

  • Needs to clean up the holder on a regular base
  • Cannot be connected to a plumb line without purchasing a separate plumb kit
  • Louder and much expensive than home brewers
  • The removable drip tray is set too low so some spillage may happen from time to time if not careful
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Final Verdicts

Budget and value wise, this Keurig K155 model offers convenience to its customer and satisfaction is always guaranteed.  Its noteworthy features include the touchpad screen that allows you to adjust the setting and displays water level, the water reservoir that can hold up to 90 ounces which are constantly needed for the K155 to function continuously and efficiently. Aside from that, the language setting is also an important feature, especially for non-English speaking customers.

This Keurig K155 model is just right for you if you want a quick coffee to go in your house or in the office. The weight is convenient for transport and according to some customers; it is actually bigger than its featured dimension. If you want a good run for your money and purchase something light and convenient for your everyday use, then this is the right deal for you.

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