7 Keurig Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Like all household machinery appliances Keurig coffee maker also have occasional errors. But it’s not an issue of being melancholic. Rather than figure out how to fix the problem without spending vast bucks of money. So, today we have equipped our article with those defects that you faced on a regular basis as well as allocated your solution on how to fix them. Keurig is one of the one-in a million single serve coffee makers that is the radical coffee producer. 

Approximately, 30% of the Keurig coffee maker consumers have no complaint about this coffee maker. If you are a user of Keurig coffee maker read this article and take up conception how to troubleshoot problems and nourish your machine.

7 Keurig Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Keurig Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

1. Keurig leaking issue

Keurig coffee makers most stubborn issue is its water reservoir leaking. A large quantity of the consumers complaints for it leaking. Your coffee machine can turn into a mess rapidly if you delay to fix it. The principal reason for this problem is overfilling.  Another reason is the gasket is set up wrongly in the upper part. 


To fix the leaking issue of water reservoirs is effortless. You have to ensure that you are filling water in the water reservoirs max fill line. If you overfill it your machine will not operate well and start leaking on the counter. If you realize the problem is on the gasket then you should check it and create a good seal between the k-cup and puncture needle. If your gasket is missing you can purchase a new one. So, it can be said that you can troubleshoot this problem by following this.

2. Keurig coffee taste weak issue

Conventional ground coffee uses K-Cups for strengthening the brew. But occasionally it provides you weak coffee even after strength brew. For this problem k-cup or other fault is responsible. The main reason for the weak taste is light roast k-cups. Reusable pods can be another reason. Sometimes taste depends on the cup sizes. 


A handful of users don’t like bold coffee but at the same time they ignore weak coffee. The k-cup pods don’t spend much time when getting in touch with ground coffee. To solve this problem users should use k-cups. You can use small cups for getting divine taste coffee. You are required to use medium roast coffee. Sometimes cleaning functions customize the coffee taste. How your coffee tastes will be; it counts on cleaning. To enhance the taste of the coffee, clean it regularly and descale it every month.

3. Keurig numerous debris in the machine

Cleaning Keurig coffee maker seems vexatious but cleaning function is a crying need for a coffee maker. Keurig coffee maker maximum user accused that it is unable to reduce the debris. If debris clogged your machine owing to the fact that your machine can be damaged. But it’s a matter of woe that no user is acquainted with how to reduce the debris. Let’s take a look at the solution.


Cleaning Keurig coffee maker is not a nappy job. Rather Keurig offers you spontaneous cleaning operations. But now and then it starts to issue with cleaning debris. Before starting the cleaning operation you have to ensure that the machine is unplugged. And then check the water of the water reservoir so that the water is not hot, especially when you are using the Keurig single cup coffee maker.

When you realize water has cooled down, remove the water reservoir. Remove the drip tray each single time after using as well as the pod holder for ensuring every part of the machine is washed properly. With liquid dish soap and hot water the machine should be cleaned. To scrub smoothly you need to use damp cloth so that debris can be removed. Clogging is the foremost reason for damaging your machine.

If you consider you are using your machine more than 6 months then it needs a deep cleaning in double quick time. A larger portion of the users uses chemicals to clean the debris on account of this the machine loses it’s best-tasting coffee making features and durability. So, to remove debris, follow these rules and regulations strictly.

4. Keurig brewing issue of little amount of coffee

Brewing is the indispensable part of coffee making. Coffee taste relies on brewing. But when your coffee machine has an issue with brewing you can make sure you never get finest quality coffee. Mediocre coffee makers offer strong brew when your coffee machine gets old. Keurig coffee makers opine it always delivers a little amount of coffee. So, let’s see how to fix it.


If Keurig coffee maker has brewing issues then it would be the most grief-stricken incident. But solving this issue is facile though no users have conception. Brewing counts on your using coffee. If you want to have a strong brew in that case you can use medium roast and fresh coffee beans. Light roast coffee offers you weak coffee. Another reason is if your machine gets clogged you can get a little brew. In that case you can brew a couple of rotations without K-Cup. In this way presumably you will be able to fix this issue. But if all these don’t operate you can contact keurig customer care service.

5. Keurig error with turn Off/On

Turning defects is incontrovertibly dreadful for a machine. A machine has to be relentless to deliver authentic tasting coffee but if your machine does not even turn on then it would be pitiable. So, to troubleshoot this issue is a crying need.


To solve this issue you should unplug the machine. Make sure its power cord and knob is free from defects. But if you realize the problem still remains in this respect you can replace the machine or contact with Keurig customer care service.

6. Keurig sounds weirdly

Not merely Keurig but also others top-notch coffee makers also have a problem of weird sound. Most of the time users complain about this. But they don’t know how to fix it by themselves. After following the below mentioned process you will surely solve this problem.


It is facile to solve weird sound problems. The sound happened when you went to brew the coffee. A few machines have mild sounds that are bearable but Keurig coffee makers’ sounds are weird and unbearable. When your machine’s pump is clogged this problem creates. So, clean the machine thoroughly after every single usage. Make sure that the pump of the machine is clean.

7. Keurig heating issue

Nothing is comparable to hot coffee. But if your machine is not capable of offering heat then to solve it turns into an urgent job. This problem can happen when the water pump doesn’t function accurately and the coffee machine doesn’t come with a thermometer heating system.


To solve the heating issue first you have to make sure that your machine’s water pump is okay. If the water pump is clogged then it would be unable to offer proper heat. So, clean your water pump always and wipe with damp cloth. This way you can keep your machine’s heating system well and have your desired hot coffee.

Final Thoughts

Our troubleshooting guide may seem too lengthy but ensure you we have furnished this very article with your usual problems on your keurig coffee maker. For your convenience, we informed you to solve any type issue you are required to provide attention and constant maintenance. If you are facing all these above mentioned problems try our solutions to fix them as well as inform us of others’ errors. We will try our best to troubleshoot.

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