Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso Machine Review

Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso Machine Review

Are you immensely agonized with your used espresso machine? Doesn’t offer any benefits other than just making coffee or espresso? Well then high-tech constructed Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso Machine is the ultimate choice for you. Most probably many are not acquainted with this machine.

Those who are skeptical about this versatile machine can check top to bottom of this very article. This machine’s plastic material anthracite grey color adds extra charisma to extract the users. Quickly moving to the trifles of Nespresso expert espresso machine.

At a Glance Nespresso Expert EN350G Original Espresso Machine

  • Nespresso Expert machine comes with two separate fluid lines.
  • It has a capsule container that capacitates 14 capsules.
  • Its brewing unit is automatic for offering your selected drink without your help.
  • It shuts off automatically after 9 minutes of use.
  • This excellent espresso machine features 3 temperature settings.
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Compare Nespresso Expert EN350G and DeLonghi BCO430BM Espresso Machine

Does this Nespresso Expert EN350G truly expert enough? To make your comparison logically enough, I have compared Nespresso EN350G with one of the most popular DeLonghi espresso machine model BCO430BM, which is claimed to be an all-in-one espresso machine. Let’s take a look.​

Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso MachineDeLonghi BCO430BM  Espresso Machine
Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso Machine is able to customize the coffee drinks. It uses Nespresso capsules for making coffee within a short time.DeLonghi BCO430BM is a 15 bar espresso machine that delivers you coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, and drip coffee.
It can brew 4 coffee sizes including Lungo, Americano, Ristretto and Espresso. By its magnetic drip tray, you can use multiple sizes of glasses for coffee.It’s patented brewing system extracts all the flavor and chocolate aromas from the coffee by using fresh beans for an optimal quality coffee drink.
This 19-bar pressure pump has a steam wand for pressurizing milk to provide rich milk crema.This machine’s advanced milk system mixes steam & milk and provides pressure to make rich and foamy milk crema.
As it uses sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules you can be sure to get ultimate coffee quality.Delonghi’s this model features a 24-hour digital timer for offering your fresh brewed coffee in your selected time. Even it also allows you to set auto-shutoff.
Though it is made of plastic a few materials of it is stainless steel. So it can maintain the heat of the coffee.The base of the coffee has a warming plate that keeps the coffee hot for several hours. You can store a cup of coffee there.
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Key Features of Nespresso Expert EN350G Espresso Machine

Advanced Technology

Nespresso Expert EN350G machine is manufactured with advanced technology. Its smart Bluetooth system proves that. The reason behind it is so that you can use all the Nespresso apps on your iPad, iPhone or any type of smartphone. All these apps support you to prepare your individualized coffees. The apps subjugated the brewing element. Its thermoblock features heat the water within 30 seconds. By using the Nespresso app you can make hot ristretto in a single minute. Then you can choose the cup size and temperature. 


No other Nespresso model has such versatility as the Nespresso EN350G Espresso Machine. It’s different sizes cup settings like .85 Oz for ristretto, 1.35 Oz for espresso, 3.7 Oz for lungo, and the biggest size of 4.2 Oz is for Americano. These settings satisfy the users. Its integrated milk frother comes with an aluminum canister for maintaining the milk. It never provides you  thin milk foam. With a single touch, it meets your desire to have a supreme quality coffee each time. 

Design and Cleaning

This machine’s plastic cover looks classy compared to several high-end machines. After being plastic it looks like stainless steel tempts the users to buy it. It’s perfect shape fits your small kitchen. It is durable enough. You don’t need to think about its damage. It is an energy-saving espresso machine. It minimizes your electric bill. 

What Are Users Saying About Nespresso EN350G Espresso Machine

Nespresso’s all models provide mediocre service. But its current available model Nespresso EN350G meets the fulfilled demand of users. Its description reveals that it is a user-friendly espresso machine. But to know explicitly prior customers’ opinion is the last word. When we check their review it dissolves the depth of the heart through its reliable performance. It has come with some superb killer features.

The impressive one is its capsule bin that helps to dispose of capsules automatically. Its water temperature control makes sure about providing cooler or hotter drinks. This machine is upgraded than Keurig and other brands. 

According to a group of customers, it is one of the quietest single-serve machines.  Its customer care service is beyond description. Maximum espresso machines those who use capsules or pods deliver little tasty coffee but Nespresso Expert EN350G is different in that sense. Its coffee quality is unparalleled. The prior users don’t insist but recommend getting it who is looking for a advanced level espresso machine under $500

FAQs Of Nespresso Expert EN350G Original Espresso Machine

Should I clean it regularly?

Cleaning enhances the taste of the coffee and espresso. If you regularly clean your brewing unit, exterior part and most importantly milk system then you can get fresh coffee drinks. Your coffee machine has marks, stains and spills of coffee, you need to clean it with warm water and soften cloth. You should descale your machine after every 3 months. When you ensure you have made 300 capsules you can descale on that time. After descaling your machine has to be dry.

Is Nespresso Expert Original durable?

No. Maximum users complain about its durability and that it doesn’t last long. After using it for a few weeks it started nuisances. But the customer care service center repairs your machine within a short time.
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Final Verdict

After viewing all the above-mentioned functionalities, the majority of the readers will think this machine’s price is sky-high. But to be very honest it’s if you compared the price and performance for sure you will place the performance over price. Purchasing it will be your most appropriate investment ever. Those who can’t afford a Nespresso espresso machine can choose the DeLonghi BCO430  Espresso Machine with the equivalent features and is moderately priced.

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