Cuisinart SS-15p1 Review – Who is the best SS-15P1 or SS-20

Are you investigating the premium quality single serve brewer? A large degree of the coffee maker comes with a huge buck of flaws. But the Cuisinart SS-15p1 coffee maker is peerless compared with others. More or less Cuisinart all the models are compatible with K-cup pods where nowadays most of the coffee makers of other brands never support K-Cup pods. 

Cuisinart SS-15p1 Review

It’s stainless steel manufactured 12- cup glass carafe allows you best-tasting coffee with a one touch of button. After researching carefully a market report conveys that Cuisinart SS-15p1 has a good deal of fan base that surpassed DeLonghi and Breville. Now let’s have a glimpse how much content it provides to its users over and above. 

At a Glance Cuisinart SS-15p1 Coffee Maker

  • Cuisinart SS-15p1  coffee maker offers both 12-cup glass carafe and single serve brew.
  • It has a removable water reservoir that capacitates 40 Oz water.
  • This coffee maker includes 4 cup sizes of brew.
  • It’s control panel allows you 24 hours programmability.
  • With its home reusable filter cup you can be amused by your desired ground coffee.

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Compare Cuisinart SS 15P1 and Cuisinart SS 20 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS 15P1 Coffee Maker Cuisinart SS 20 Coffee Maker
Compare Cuisinart SS 15P1 and Cuisinart SS 20 Coffee Maker Compare Cuisinart SS 15P1 and Cuisinart SS 20 Coffee Maker
  • Cuisinart SS-15p1 is thousand times upgraded than Cuisinart 20 in terms of coffee brewing. Where SS 15P1 offers 4 cup sizes and SS 20 only 3.
  • This coffee maker offers you to use 3 varieties of capsules like French vanilla, dark roast and medium roast. You can reuse the capsule.
  • Its energy saving mode minimizes your electricity bills by automatic shut off features up to 4 hours.
  • You can rely on it’s removable water reservoir in terms of easy refilling and drip tray accommodates travel mugs also.
  • You can brew ground coffee by using it’s home barista reusable filter cup.

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  • Cuisinart SS 20 Coffee maker has capability of making 3 sizes of single serve and carafe such as 6, 8, 10 oz.
  • It is eligible with any brand of single cup pod. Very few Cuisinart models support K-Cup pods.
  • This impressive coffee maker’s energy saving mode features an auto off function up to 30 minutes.
  • This single serve coffee brewer has a removable drip tray for supporting you any sizes of coffee mugs. Even giant sized travel mugs also.
  • You can use your own coffee in fact any coffee as it has home barista reusable filter cup.

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What Are Users Saying About Cuisinart SS 15P1 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-15p1 Coffee Maker grabs the attention of the customers by adding extra dimension. Most of the Cuisinart models are manufactured with plastic but in this category Cuisinart SS-15p1 places in the foremost apex for using stainless steel. But all the features of it aren’t tip top. Periodically it frustrates the users a lot. After a few days of use, it’s water reservoir gets leaked.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker...
7,076 Reviews
Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker...
  • 12-cup glass carafe with stainless steel handle. Material: Metal
  • Brew Strength Control - select BOLD for stronger coffee flavor. BPA free.MC Cubic Feet: 1.71
  • Gold-tone coffee filter lets only pure coffee flavor flow through.UC Cubic Feet: 1.26

If you use it after leaking you can get a watered down cup of coffee or can have just a few drops of coffee. This issue is something stubborn to fix. A sprinkling of users complain it breaks easily. According to its performance the price tag is entirely inconsistent. It’s customer care service is completely vogus.

Another community of customers opine it prepares authentic coffee and offers reliable performance. They consider it the best cuisinart coffee maker model. It assumes extra large mugs without making your coffee maker area messy. They admit all the flaws. By avoiding all the flaws they recommend this coffee maker for proper coffee lovers. 

Key Features of Cuisinart SS 15P1 Coffee Maker

Artistic Design

Where most of the leading brand coffee makers are designed with plastic but Cuisinart single-serve coffee maker is manufactured with stainless steel for enhancing the durability and saves your machine from being cracked. It’s silver and black color elevate the charm of your cuisine. It’s favorable shape fits with any size of kitchen.

Easement of Cleaning

Making coffee is the most filthy operation. But this coffee maker’s 40 oz removable water reservoir and drip tray never let your coffee maker area messy. By removing the drip tray you can clean it regularly after using. For deep cleaning you need to descale it. Those who are not acquainted with descaling can follow the instructions from the user manual.


For your convenience, Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker comes with multiple additional accessories like a recycle bin for keeping the used capsules, home barista filter cup, permanent filter for making several shots with a single refill.

FAQs Of Cuisinart SS 15P1 Coffee Maker

Q: Are Cuisinart coffee makers really good?

Yes. Cuisinart coffee makers are prominent like Gaggia, Keurig and DeLonghi. It offers you a water filter, 24 hours programmability, control panel, auto shutoff and a permanent filter for making several shots of coffee simultaneously. For dealing 4 cup sizes carafe customers provide an illustrious rating. It’s stainless steel body and 24 hours programmability enhance the gratification of the users.

Q: Does it allow you to reuse the capsules?

a.Yes. Cuisine coffee makers allow you to use any type of coffee. Basically it uses a variety of coffee. From medium roast to french vanilla it uses for making optimal quality coffee. It’s using capsules that are recyclable so that you can reuse them. But when you use the capsule twice it loses the taste as the first time. It’s taste will be watered down. For maintaining cleaning it includes a recycle bin.

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Final Verdict

For making second to none coffee Cuisinart SS-15p1 is picked but not record-breaking when we explore a durable water reservoir it went to be malfunctioned. Water leaking issues lessen your coffee maker’s longevity. Those who are coffee addicts and genuinely crave to enjoy the best-tasting coffee should never invest $200 for it’s awful performance. Better the users can consider Cuisinart’s other models like Cuisinart SS-20 coffee maker. I strongly recommend it. Hopefully, this article assists you to make an effective decision.

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