Capresso EC300 Review – Does it better than Brewsly CM6851

Capresso EC300 Review

If you are someone who is new to the extent of espresso machines and aiming to find a quality one for brewing a cup of smooth and mouth-watering cappuccino, then have a look at our Capresso EC300 Review, and here you will find out what it takes to prepare a cup of cappuccino.

Capresso EC300 is a compact-sized Espresso machine that will perfectly suit your countertop without consuming a lot of space. Capresso espresso machines come with flawless quality which is similar to none as well as these are easy to use.

The espresso machine delivers coffee out with a delightful crema, and the milk can be instantly frothed to create a cup of cappuccino. For discerning coffee drinkers, this Capresso EC300 will be the first one of choice. Below we will inspect this one with competitive ones and will discuss it in detail.

Noticeable Features Of Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine

  • Offers a Thermo block heating method that ensures a stainless-steel outlined warming system by bars of pressure for a high-pressure brewed espresso.
  • It has two filters that work great for executing one or two espressos at once, as well as can deliver pre-packaged espresso pods.
  • Arrives with a stainless steel build including a large and a combined cup heating tray, thus it can take a heavy workload.
  • For cappuccinos and lattes smoothly forth or stream milk is required. Thus it has an Unlimited steam output swivel frother feature to perform them accurately. 
  • It has a huge easy to fill removable water container for easy filling and cleaning as well as has ABS plastic and stainless steel accents for easy housing.
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Compare Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine With Brewsly CM6851 – 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Brewing cappuccinos and lattes have been a simple task if you have the exact tool in your hand. That’s why we have demonstrated here a comparison between two espresso machines that will provide you a clear conception about the proper one for your usage. 

Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso MachineBrewsly CM6851 -15 Bar Espresso Machine
 Capresso EC300 Review Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso Machine
Capresso EC300 has a 15 bar pressure system that allows delivering high pressure for a perfect cup of brewed espresso.Brewsly Espresso Machine executes 15 bar professional pressure ensures barista-quality espresso every time you press the button.
The whole body is made with stainless steel as well as the removable Drip Tray & the Cup Warming Platform is also made with stainless steel.This is also made with a stainless steel body and it has a heated metal plate on the upper side of the machine to keep your cups warm for unchangeable coffee taste.
It has a large 46 ounce water capacity tank which is also easy to remove, fill, and clean.It also has a 42 Oz. translucent water tank with the maximum and minimum water level indication, which is suitable for loading water and observing water measure.
This comes with two filters and swiveling frother features that ensure a smooth steam outline for perfect espressos, which works with a single cup or both.This machine features Automated Flow and Stop technology which releases exactly the precise volume of espresso doesn’t matter if it is needed for one espresso shot or two.
EC300 stands at an overall dimension of 12 inches in length, 7.5 inches in Width, 12 inches in height, and weighs Brewsly Espresso machine comes with an overall dimension of 13 x 6.7 x 12 inches in length, Width, Height format and weighs just 8.16 pounds.
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What Users Are Saying About Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Capresso EC300 is a great one that will leave you serving with smooth, delicious, creamy cups of cappuccinos. The espressos from the machine were delivered at a great temperature, these were super hot. Because it uses 15 bar pressure for an evenly delivered espresso with desirable temperature. The machine is also made with a stainless steel body which gives it a stylish look and the build quality is also great and compact which fits countertops easily. 

What Users Are Saying About Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine

From the user’s point of view, this device is an affordable one and the usage is not that much difficult. The frothing swivel is pretty much decently sized for fitting the majority of coffee mugs. A few of the users have reported about the frothing swivel which doesn’t suit large coffee mugs. Other than this issue Capresso EC300 is a worthy one comparing the budget with the features.

For making a great cup of espresso with buttery creme this espresso machine from Capresso is the one that you can check out. still confused? I would recommend reviewing another model Capresso EC100 pump espresso and cappuccino machine which will definitely fit your budget and worth the features.

What is the Key Features Of Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Solid Performance

Comes with a stainless steel-lined heating system which has a ThermoBlock feature preventing the water from getting in touch with Aluminium while brewing. This process keeps the taste of cappuccinos constant and also holds the temperature perfectly as well as keeps it hot. 

At a time you can brew two espressos from this since it has dual swiveling espresso pods. The 15 bar pressure maintains the high pressure and delivers a hot cup of cappuccino within a short time. Features a self-locking system for the filter holder that allows holding the releasing point when it clicks at the time of low water in the tank. All these come together to sort out a great performance without any troubles. 

Easy To Use

It includes a user manual with the package box for simple usage, which will allow you to set the machine within minutes. Moreover, EC300 has an easy to use swivel frother that offers versatile steam output for a proper coffee. As it is made with a stainless steel body, cleaning this machine won’t be an issue or hassle to you. 

All the strains or dirt can be easily cleaned through cleaning agents effortlessly. The removable stainless drip tray is also easy to wash. Additionally, Capresso 15 bar espresso machine appears with a compact design that will suit your kitchen countertop easily and you don’t have to break a sweat for the placement or space issue. 

Value For Money

As an espresso machine ranging under 150 dollars, it wraps up with great features. For a decent cup of coffee with smooth milk froth, latte, crema it has all the essential specifications that you will require. An espresso machine with these features doesn’t seem overpriced rather it is an affordable one for every coffee lover. With such temperature control, dual spacing option, large water reserve tank, and powerful motor- this Capresso EC300 espresso machine worths every buck.

FAQs About Capresso EC300 Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Is it possible to froth milk and pour shots at the same time? 

You can go for only one at the same time. It has 3 buttons on the top, one-shot, 2 shots, and the milk frothing button. So you can pick one at once. Alternatively, you can go for one shot after frothing the milk, instantly. 

Can it make hot water with the steam wand?

Here you just need to turn on the valve without pressing the steaming switch. After that, it will release hot water. If you press the espresso button without inserting any coffee inside the machine, there will be hot water. 

Does this machine work with pods?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the pods. You pack the espresso grounds in the mechanism push down to compact it and connect it to get the espresso shots.
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Final Verdict

Capresso EC300 comes from one of the most renowned espresso and cappuccino machine makers, Capresso. This is a budget-friendly espresso alternative which is a preferable one for the peoples who wants a decent espresso machine for everyday usage.

With illuminated knobs, buttons, and all other essential features for making cappuccinos, lattes, this machine will be a worthy one. It may not suit your requirements properly. But still, it is okay to move options for coffee lovers who search for espressos at an affordable price.

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