Keurig Elite Vs Supreme – Why should you choose K Elite?

Keurig Elite Vs Supreme

Are you thinking of the Keurig K Elite vs K Supreme which one will fit your needs? I know, it’s confusing as both of them are equally excellent coffee machines. Still, have some parameters that set them apart.

Keurig K Supreme is a newer model of Keurig, where Keurig Elite is way older in that comparison. However, without some minor changes, you won’t find any heavy upgrades. 

Here I’m going with Keurig K Elite, as it is offering more options. Anyway, even if you choose the Keurig K Supreme, it would be perfectly fine also. So, with no delaying, let start with –

Why should you choose Keurig K Elite?

There are several similarities between these two models. Actually, you can find something similar in every Keurig coffee machine. However, Keurig K Elite is one of the best, if not the best, Keurig coffee machines with tons of happy users. So, what makes users love this machine?

  • Keurig K Elite offers the most drink size in Keurigs. You can choose from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce drink size options. 
  • The water reservoir capacity in Keurig K Elite is also larger than K Supreme and other models. It can hold 75-ounce water. On the other hand, Supreme can hold 66-ounce. 
  • K Elite offers temperature control over your coffee. This feature is not available in K Supreme. 
  • Another amazing feature you won’t find in Supreme is an auto turn-on. That allows the K Elite to automatically turn on and heat up. 
  • You can also adjust whether you want a strong or watery coffee with K Elite.
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What is the differences between Keurig Elite and Supreme?

What are the differences between Keurig Elite and Supreme

Like I mentioned before, every and all Keurig models share some common characteristics. And, they also have their unique traits. 

For similarities, both machines have the same pod and ground compatibility, they are user-friendly, have strength adjustment and iced setting, and are energy-efficient. Now, let’s know more in detail. 


Both machines are small enough to fit in your moderate countertop. But, K Elite is slightly larger than Supreme.

K Elite measures 13.1” in height x 9.9” in width x 12.7” in depth. On the other hand, K Supreme is 12.15” in height x 7.85” in width x 12.02” in depth. The best thing with K Supreme is that you can adjust the water reservoir on the side or back. We’ll talk more about it later. 

Both these Keurigs are available in different colors. However, K Elite is offering one extra option than K Supreme. Anyway, color is just a superficial trait. It doesn’t matter much.

User Friendliness

Keurig coffee machines are known for being simple and beginner-friendly. The other brand has many settings, buttons, and functions, making it difficult for beginners to figure out what to do.

Keurig eliminated all this confusion by reducing all these troubles. They only have a few buttons with vivid labels on them. Just by following simple instructions, you can have your cup of coffee. 

Brewing Drink Sizes

The more drink sizes a coffee machine can provide is better. As not everyone likes the same amount of coffee. So, from coffee shops to coffee machines all are trying to increase their drinking size option.

Both coffee machines of Keurig have available multiple brewing drinking size options to choose from. However, K Elite offers an extra option of 4-ounce, which can’t be brewed by K Supreme.

Water Reservoir

A larger water tank means more cups of drink before refilling. In this case, K Elite has an upper hand here. It comes with a 75-ounce water tank.

In contrast, the K Supreme has a 66-ounce water tank. The difference is not that big. Still, K Elite is superior with a 9-ounce water capacity ( one cup more coffee). It may not be much if you are using it at home but can matter if you are sharing coffee with a group.

Strength Controlling

People are quite sensitive with their coffee these days. Especially if the morning coffee is not brewed as they desire, it makes the whole day disappointing for them.

But, Both Keurigs have the option to control the strength of your drink. Whether you want a strong or watery drink, you can have it with K Elite and Supreme, by pressing the “Strong” button.

Iced Brew

Iced coffee is a famous drink on hot days. It makes a traditional hot beverage into something that can give a quick refreshment.

Iced coffee normally can be found in coffee shops, and they are quite expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be true. Both Keurig K Supreme and K Elite have an iced setting. By pressing the button you can have your iced beverage at your home.

Energy Efficiency

It is common for people to forget to turn off their used electronic items. But, it can cause a severe accident, harm the machines, or raise utility bills. However, with the auto turn-off feature of Keurig, you are safe at least with your coffee machine.

If you keep your coffee machine turned on, it’ll shut off automatically after some time after making a cup of coffee. Thus, they not only save your money but also from any kind of accident.

Multi-Position Water Reservoir 

The feature that makes the new model of Keurig, K Supreme unique from any other coffee maker is its adjustable water reservoir. Its water tank can be switched between the right side and back.

If your countertop is not too wide, you can place the water tank on the side. On the other hand, if you need to fit the machine between other appliances, then you can nest it back. Thus, this feature makes the coffee machine flexible. You may also consider to review Keurig K Select vs K Classic, and Keurig rivo r500

FAQs About Keurig Elite Vs Supreme Coffee Maker

What is the temperature of Ice brewing in K Supreme?

K Supreme will brew 6oz at a lower temperature optimized for iced beverages if you press the iced button.

Can these Keurigs dispense normal hot water?

Yes, it can. If you don’t palace a K pod and follow the normal process, it dispenses hot water from the machine. 

Does the K Elite machine accept non-brand K-cups?

Yes, it does as it doesn’t have the DRM technology to prevent the unofficial K-cups. But, you can’t do the same with K Supreme.
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Final Verdict

So, finally, should you choose Keurig K Elite? Or go with the new model? Even though I went with K Elite, K Supreme’s unique traits may make you consider it again.

Let me break it further for you. If you are taking this for you and your small family then K Supreme sure is better. But if you need to share a coffee machine with many people regularly, then the K Elite is best. Same time, K Elite gives you more control over your coffee. However, the rest is up to you.

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