Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine Review

Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine Review

Are you suspicious of the performance and serviceability of this new brand Brewsly? Literally early and late users hanker after so-called high-end brands with sky-scraping prices. I’d not say it’s surely the best than Delonghi espresso machine, not even Breville espresso machine, but I could say you can consider this Brewsly CM6851 because of its incredible key features, like 15-Bar brew pressure, 2-in-1 filter holder, heated cup holder also its duet drip tray everything in under my budget, which really amazes a lot.

And even when you are going to compare its performance with other top-notch espresso or coffee machine models. You can fairly consider its features over your budget. Let’s take a look at the Brewsly CM6851 espresso machine’s noticeable features at a glance.

Noticeable Features of Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine

  • Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine is made with 15 bar professional pressure pumps.
  • This espresso model allows you to do manual milk frothing.
  • It’s double drip tray assumes you fit and remove the taller cups.
  • This Brewsly espresso machine has a transparent water tank.
  • Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine includes a heated cup holder.
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Compare Brewsly CM6851 and Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB Espresso Machine

Brewsly CM6851 Espresso MachineMr. Coffee Espresso Machine
 Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine Review Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine
Brewsly also not far behind, Brewsly CM6851 has a similar 15 bar pressure pump with the lower budget you have. With its professional technology it brews the coffee drinks on the whole.Mr. Coffee is a 3 in 1 semi-automatic espresso and cappuccino maker. With its 15 bar pressure pump it brews dense and rich and best-tasting coffee beverages.
This coffee maker comes with manual milk frothing for making rich and creamy froth.This lucrative cappuccino maker offers you hassle-free automatic milk frother it produces pulpy milk crema.
This Brewsly espresso maker comes with a transparent water tank with max and min water level for supervising the water volume.This cappuccino maker has a removable water tank for hassle-free cleaning and providing multiple cups of coffee at a time.
Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine accommodates you 1 or 2 shots automatically with the press of a button. It allows you to use giant size travel mugs too.Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker has a one touch control panel that assumes you can choose any sorts of coffee beverages  with a single touch of button.
This espresso maker offers you multiple additional accessories including heated cup holder, filter and double drip tray for assisting you in making barista-quality coffee.This impressive espresso and cappuccino maker includes a recipe book for having easement in making coffee drinks.
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What Are Users Saying About Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine

Being a fresh model most of the users weren’t trustworthy to Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine. But after using this machine it turns into a sensation amongst coffee addicts. With the premium construction quality, it’s super easy to use at the same time offers the best-tasting coffee and espresso.

Where most of the coffee makers offer espresso without milk froth and aroma there Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine provides you rich milk crema with customized aroma. It grinds fresh ground oily beans for having extreme freshness.

The most loved feature of it receives a few seconds to heat up the machine It’s the automatic shut-off function that minimizes your electric bills. Having a monitor you don’t need to control the machine. But a group of customers complained that it is not capable of making milk froth with all sorts of milk, particularly almond milk. Apart from this single flaw, it has no limitations. It is highly recommendable by prior users.

Key Features Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Machine

Hasty Operation

Brewsly CM6851 is contemplated as the pick of the bunch espresso machine in recent times in terms of hasty operation. Unlike most of the models, this Brewsly espresso machine makes authentic tasting coffee within a few minutes. It allows you to have multiple cups of coffee at the same time. 


Brewsly CM6851 is the best brewsly espresso maker till now. It features a thermoblock heating system for holding the heat of the coffee for a long time which is congenial for office uses. From beginners to barista all the customers effortlessly operate this machine. Flexibility is a significant portion for a coffee maker so that customers can randomly use it.

Stylish Design

This espresso machine made with a stylish design allures the customers. Its stainless steel manufacturing quality makes the exterior part of this machine extremely sturdy and durable compared to plastic made machines. Its compact size fits in any size of the kitchen. It maximizes the charm of the kitchen.

Cleaning Function

Cleaning is the most stubborn work when it is a coffee maker. For convenient cleaning, it has a water reservoir. With a single refill, it is capable of making multiple cups of coffee. For cleaning the marks and spills users can use warm water and a damp cloth.

FAQs of Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Maker

Isn’t 15 bars enough for espresso?

To be trustworthy 9 bars is standard for making espresso. But a 15 bar pressure pump is efficient enough for making the best-tasting coffee beverages. But according to the expert coffee taste counts on the grinding quality. In that case, a pressure pump is unable to increase the taste of the coffee.

Is Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Maker worth it?

With only $175 this espresso maker offers you thousands of favorable functionalities. Its loyal performance is assuredly worth every penny of your investment.
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Final Thoughts

Brewsly CM6851 Espresso Maker can be your best companion when you are a coffee addict. Not only for home use but rather you can use this machine in the office. It is capable of receiving enough load. Its the price is nothing to performance. So, don’t be skeptical about this espresso maker’s performance. This espresso maker is highly recommended by experts. So, pick it without a second thought.

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