Keurig Supreme vs Supreme Plus – Which is best and why?

Keurig supreme vs supreme plus – Which is best and why?

Keurig makes some of the best coffee machines on the market. If you are interested in Keurig’s single-serve coffee machines, especially Keurig Supreme vs Supreme plus, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Our team of experts analyzed both the items carefully and spent days on research.

According to their evaluation, we announce Keurig Supreme plus as the best of these two machines. It’s time to see why. Let’s dive in.

Keurig Supreme vs Supreme plus: Why do we prefer the Keurig K Supreme plus for you?

  • The Keurig supreme plus has a larger water dispenser than the supreme. You get 12oz more water storage. So, it won’t let you fill the water as frequently as the supreme does.
  • The K supreme comes with a built-in temperature setting. But K supreme plus gives you the authority to take charge of the temperature and allows you to set it according to your preference. You get to enjoy your beverage the way you like.
  • Would you like to adjust the strength of your hot beverage, especially coffee? With the K supreme plus, you can tweak the strength of your coffee. It’s always better to have multiple options, isn’t it? While K supreme only has one strong coffee-making option, K supreme plus allows you to choose among three different options.
  • You don’t need to press multiple buttons to brew your desired coffee every time with the K supreme plus. Just set your preference and press that button to get your coffee on the go. You can set three preferences for multiple members of your family. On the flip side, K supreme has no preference button to save your desired setting. Thus, K supreme plus gives you more convenience than the supreme, no doubt.
  • The K supreme offers you 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz brew sizes. But K supreme comes with an additional 4 oz size along with all the available sizes of the supreme. Thus, if you ever feel like having a tiny shot of coffee or want to mix it up with milk, K Supreme will afford it for you.
  • Last but not least, the LCD screen is absent in the K supreme model which makes the K supreme plus a bit more pleasant to see.

There you go. The reason behind selecting the Keurig K Supreme plus is the additional features and convenience they’ll bring to your life. We think the K Supreme plus was made with a consumer’s preference in mind more than the Supreme model.

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Side-by-side comparison table for Keurig Supreme vs Supreme plus Coffee Maker

SpecificationKeurig K-SupremeKeurig K-Supreme Plus
ImageKeurig K-SupremeKeurig K-Supreme Plus Coffee Maker
Dimension(Side) 12.15” (H) x 7.85” (W) x 12.02” (L)
(Rear) 12.15” (H) x 6.36” (W) x 15.11” (L)
13.35” (L) x 8.31” (W) x 12.24”(H)
Water Reservoir Capacity66oz78oz
Brew Size6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
Brew PreferenceN/A3
Cord Length28.74”34.65”
ColorBlack, graySilver
K-cup compatibilityYesYes
Temperature controlNoYes
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What is the Differences between Keurig K Supreme vs K supreme plus

Differences between Keurig K Supreme vs K supreme plus

Brew size

Unlike the Keurig K supreme, the K supreme plus offers one extra brewing option. While the supreme comes with 6oz to 12oz brew sizes, K supreme plus includes a 4oz size. The four-ounce size is handy especially when you intend to mix milk with your coffee keeping the mixture in a half-by-half state.

Water Capacity

The K supreme plus features a bigger water dispenser than the supreme model. While K supreme plus can hold up to 78oz of water, supreme holds 66oz.

Temperature Regulation

The K supreme plus enables you to play around with the temperature level of your coffee. Some people love to have a cup of coffee at a lower temperature while others prefer a bit more temp like my mom.

Control Panel

Although primarily the control panel looks the same, there are some key differences. The Keurig K supreme plus comes with a tiny LCD showing the temperature level and the strength level of the coffee. There’s an additional 4oz button and three preference buttons as well.

Adjustable water tank

Initially, both the coffee machines come with a removable water dispenser. However, the K supreme enables you to stick the water tank at the side and rear part of the coffee outlet. On the other hand, although the K-supreme plus has a detachable feature, you can only fix the water reservoir at the side.

Brewing preferences

This is one of the key selling points of the K Supreme plus which is absent in the K Supreme version. There are three preference options so that you can save your favorite coffee type for up to three people.


You’ll get a color variation in the K supreme, unlike the K supreme plus which comes with only one color at present. K supreme is available in black and gray. Alternatively, K supreme plus has a solid stainless steel color. If you still haven’t found your preferred one, you may consider reviewing the most popular Keurig mini vs mini plus and Keurig elite vs supreme, also Keurig k select vs k classic.

What is the Similarities between Keurig K Supreme plus vs K Supreme Coffee Maker

Similarities between Keurig K Supreme plus vs K Supreme

Outlook and Design

From the outlook and design, the supreme and supreme plus almost looks the same. It would tough to identify the models looking from a bit of a distance. Even the build materials are similar as well. Plus, the height to fit your cup is identical. You can fit a 7” inch travel mug without the drip tray. On top of that Attaching the drip tray, you’ll get a space to fit a mug up to 6.2” inch.

Brewing time

You’ll get a faster brewing time for both these machines. It takes less time to heat the water than their competitors. We’ve seen it takes around 55 seconds to fill a cup with 6 ounces in our test. And it took 60 seconds to fill out a cup with 10 ounces.

Multi-stream Technology

If you have an old version of the Keurig single-serve coffee machine, you’d see they’d come with only one sharp steel tooth to pierce the K cup coffee pod. Water would only flow through a single stream. However, with the updated and innovative multi-stream technology, Keurig features five stainless steel teeth and stream water through these lines into the coffee pod. It enables you to extract the full flavor of the coffee pod.

Over ice and strong button

It’s not like you always have to drink a hot cup of coffee, especially during a blistering summer day. Keurig offers an Over Ice button in all these single-serve coffee machines. Put some ice on your mug, put it under the coffee output section, and enjoy a chilled cup of coffee. Furthermore, if you don’t like your coffee to be light, just push the strong button to tune up your flavor.

Wide range of K-Cup and grounds compatibility

K-cups are Keurig’s flagship products. K-cups are a plastic container that holds grounds in the form of coffee, tea, chocolate or other hot beverages with a wide variety of flavors. These containers are known as K-cup pods. If you don’t have the K-cups at your disposal, you can still enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea with the grounds thanks to the K-cup coffee filter.

Pods are useful for beginners who seek convenience but they can’t provide the same fresh taste as you’ll get from grinding your coffee beans at home.

Maintenance Alert

It’s an exciting feature to have in the K supreme and K supreme plus. The machine will tell when you need to take care of it. The twp indicators light up whether you need to fill up the water dispenser or descale it. However, the manufacturers suggest you descale it once you complete 250 brews each time.

Back to back brewing

Want to serve multiple cups of coffee back to back without wasting much time? Keurig saves you from the hassle to heat water every time you fill a mug. It keeps water hot enough to serve back-to-back coffee as long you have enough water in the dispenser.

Detachable Drip Tray

The detachable drip tray is a useful feature especially when you need to fit in a travel mug. Simply pull it out and plug it back as needed. It also holds the excess liquid dripping off the coffee mug.

High Altitude setting

Depending on the place you’re living, the boiling point of water varies. Keeping the high altitude effect of water in mind, Keurig introduced this feature which tunes the temperature lowering it down to 187 degrees Fahrenheit. It allows your brewer to function in a steady state at a high altitude.

FAQs About the Keurig K Supreme vs K supreme plus

What is the difference between Keurig Supreme and Keurig Supreme Plus

Ans: The key difference between Keurig K Supreme vs K Supreme plus, is the price, size of the water tank, programmable preference, temperature & strength setting, brewer size, and color.

Does Keurig K supreme plus make iced coffee?

Ans: Yes, it comes with the option for iced coffee. In that case, you have to put some ice cubes on your desired cup and push the iced button.
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Final Verdict

After finishing an in-depth journey, it is visible that the K supreme plus has beaten the K supreme in comparison. The K supreme plus not only comes with extra features, but it also adds more convenience from a consumer’s perspective. On top of that, K supreme plus offers you more control and enables you to enjoy a richer test of coffee over the K supreme.

On the other hand, the K supreme is also a good single-serve coffee machine with its lightweight and compact design. Although there’s not much price gap between these products, K supreme plus gives you more value for money.

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