Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser – Why Should You Choose Infuser?

Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser

While comparing Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser, did you also think they are twins at first sight? I did. Breville Duo Temp Pro and Infuser are so identical that it’s hard to differentiate them at first. But, there exist many differences among them.

Today, we will have a deep analysis of them in the Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser feature. So, wear your seat belt and get ready. Here’s a spoiler for you. In my opinion, Breville Infuser is better. It has many handy features which Duo Temp Pro lacks. So, let’s start with

Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser – Why should you choose Infuser?

  • Both Breville Duo Temp Pro and Infuser have an advanced digital temperature controller (PID), but Infuser allows the user to adjust its temperature above or below the factory default.
  • Infuser comes with a dedicated hot water spout. This feature is quite handy to make hot beverages, but Temp Pro lacks it. 
  • Infuser provides us with control of our shots. It has a unique feature to switch from 1 to 2 shots. But, you can manually handle as many shots as you want with Temp Pro. 
  • This machine enables you to control the volume of each pour. This feature is like maintaining the strength of coffee. 
  • The Infuser is a couple of dollars more expensive than the Breville Duo Temp Pro.
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These are the major reasons for me to go with Breville Infuser. Especially the hot water spout. This allows me to enjoy one of my favorite drinks – americano. Moreover, the PID adjustment feature is also handy for many users.

Duo Temp ProBreville BES840XL Infuser
Duo Temp Pro
Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine Review
Dimension (inches): 10 x 11 x 13Dimension (inches):  11.5 x 13.7 x 13.25
Weight:  18.9 lbsWeight: 17 lbs
In-built Grinder: NoIn-built Grinder: No
Heating System: ThermelblockHeating System: Thermelblock
Input Power: 1600Input Power: 1650
Pump Pressure Bar: 15 bar ItalianPump Pressure Bar: 15 bar Italian
Editor’s Rating: 4.6Editor’s Rating: 4.7
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What Are The Similarities of Breville Duo Temp Pro and Infuser

What Are The Similarities of Breville Duo Temp Pro and Infuser

Before we move to the differences between the machines, let’s see what features and functions they share.

Removable Water Reservoir

Fixed water tanks are always hard to refill. And people hardly clean them. Thankfully, Both Temp Pro and Infuser integrated with a removable water tank. So, it’s convenient to refill and clean the reservoirs. 

Both machines can hold the same amount of water – 61 oz, which is quite large. A large water tank means less refilling and more enjoyment. 

PID Control

For consistent high-quality coffee, a stable temperature is the key. And, PID control technology guarantees that. Both of coffee machines use PID technology. 

For this function, the machines ensure that you get an espresso with a perfectly balanced temperature. At least this much is acceptable from a big brand like Breville. 


The features of both coffee machines are similar for extraction. They have a 9-bar extraction process and a 15-bar Italian pump. Among all the bars, the 9-bar allows the best evenly flow. Thus, water passes through evenly and extracts a decent cup of espresso. 


We all know how important a portafilter is for your espresso machines. The portafilter is the component of espresso machines, which hold the fresh ground coffee beans while brewing. 

There are two types of portafilters – pressurized and non-pressurized. Usually, professional baristas use non-pressure portafilters and pressurized portafilters for home uses.   The Temp Pro and Infuser come with both pressurized and non-pressurized portafilters for both expert and beginner users. 

Sleep Mode

Sleep mood is an excellent feature in all Breville Espresso Machines. After brewing, if you don’t use the machine for one hour, the machine will go into a sleep mood. And, after 3 hours, it will shut down automatically. If you want to extract while the machine is in a sleeping mood, it will start brewing without you waiting for it to heat up. Thus it assures safety, saves energy and time.

What Are The Differences Between Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser?

What Are The Differences Between Breville Duo Temp Pro Vs Infuser

Despite their similarities, Duo Temp Pro and Infuser are unique machines on their own. Here are the differences between them –


Although at a glance they seem, like identical twins, there are a certain number of differences between them. Anyways, they both have the typical Breville brushed stainless steel coating and clean interface design. The buttons are leveled, sturdy, and made out of steel.

However, Duo Temp Pro doesn’t have a fan-favorite pressure gauge. Instead, a knob replaced the gauge, which provides users with streaming and brewing options. Moreover, it has fewer buttons than Infuser. This interface is different from typical Breville designs.

The knob that Temp Pro has is also present in the Infuser, which is smaller and on the side. Moreover, Infuser has the ‘Clean Me’ button for your convenience.

Breville Temp Plus is slightly smaller than the Infuser. It measures 10 x 11 x 13 inches, where the Infuser is 11.5 x 13.7 x 13.25 inches. On the contrary, Temp Pro is weightier than Infuser.

PID Adjustment

Both of the espresso machines come with PID. But what makes the difference is the Infuser offers adjustability of PID temperature. You can adjust the temperature 2 to 4 degrees above or below the default setting. It would be handy if you want a specially hot espresso.

But, as the espresso machine doesn’t have a display, it’s tricky to use sometimes as you don’t know the current temperature. So, you have to believe your guts.

Hot Water Spout

A milk steam wand is attracted to both machines. The Breville Infuser has a dedicated hot water spout. That provides more hot water than steam could. Thus, this feature is necessary for Americano or other hot beverage lovers.

On the other hand, Temp Pro doesn’t have anything dedicated to hot water. But, the steam wand is enough for producing hot water.

Although steam water can be used as an alternative, it is not nearly as robust as Infuser’s hot water spout. But, you can still make Americano and other hot beverages with Temp Pro at a considerable rate. 

Other Differences

Without those significant differences I mentioned earlier, there are some minor variations.

The Breveril Infuser has a programmable function to adjust single shot or double shot. It keeps the previous adjustment setting. So, next time if you are using the same coffee grounds and run the program, then you will brew coffee without any adjustment.

However, you have to redress the setting if you change the ground or grind. On the other hand, Temp Pro lacks this kind of advanced feature.

With all of these advances, the Infuser is also more expensive than the Breville Duo Temp Pro. And, the difference is quite large, a couple of hundred dollars. But, keep an eye out for sales; you can grab them at quite a low price.

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Final Verdict

Breville is the no.1 manufacturer in the espresso industry. Although their espresso machines are expensive, they are top-notch espresso. The same goes for the Breville Duo Temp Pro and Breville Infuser. 

The infuser has a lot of features and provides more control over your coffee too. So, I recommended it. But, if your budget is slightly low or doesn’t want to invest so much in an espresso machine, then feel free to pick Duo Temp Pro. Moreover, you have to buy a good grinder also. For your convenience, you may also consider reviewing Breville Infuser vs Bambino.

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