Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi – Why Should You Buy Breville

Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi - Why Should You Buy Breville

Nespresso is well-known for its single-serve coffee machines. Today, we will cover the detailed comparison between Delonghi’s Nespresso Inissia vs Breville’s Nespresso Essenza Mini.

Nespresso Inissia and Essenza Mini are both outstanding Nespresso’s released by different brands – Breville and Delonghi. But, based on cost, quality, and performance, I recommend the Nespresso Essenza over the Inissia. Here’s

Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi – Why Should You Buy Breville’s Nespresso Essenza Mini?

  • The manufacturer recently discontinued Nespresso Inissia. Although it is widely available and comes with a one-year warranty, Essenza Mini is gradually replacing it.
  • The Essenza Mini unit is the smallest model of Nespresso. It can fit anywhere in your house and brew great drinks.
  • Thanks to Essenza Mini’s 19-bar pressure pump, you can have a barista-quality espresso at your home with just one click.
  • The machine heats up pretty fast, reaching max temperature in just 20 seconds.
  • Essenza Mini is pre-programmed with two different cup sizes, one is regular espresso (1.35 oz), and another is Lungo (5 oz). So, you can brew the drinks with a single touch.
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Moreover, the Essenza Mini is a recent addition. So, the integrated technologies are all updated. And I love the energy-saving mode, which allows it to keep waking at minimal energy cost after three minutes of brewing.

With so many excellent features, it is obvious to choose the Nespresso Essenza Mini of Breville.

SpecificationNespresso InissiaNespresso Essenza Mini
ImageNespresso InissiaNespresso Essenza Mini
Editor’s Rating4.64.8
Dimensions4.7 x 9 x 12.6 in3.3 x 8 x 12.9 inches
Weight6 lbs5.5 lbs
Pump Pressure19 bar19 bar
Water Reservoir24 oz20.3
Drink OptionsEspresso & lungoEspresso & lungo
Auto shut-offYes; 9 minutesYes; Adjustable
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What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi

What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi

Inissia and Essenza Mini have many similarities. It’s obvious as they are made for the same group of people who want excellent quality espresso in just a touch. Although designs are different, the integrated technologies and functions have familiarity.

But that doesn’t mean they are without any differences. Let’s see the differences and similarities in detail.


Simplicity and modern designs are the essences of Nespresso models. The same with these units. Both have a sleek and stylish outlook.

The Inissia has a larger footprint compared to the Essenza Mini. Which means you need a little extra space to set it up. But thanks to the handle, carrying it isn’t a hard job.

Nespresso Inissia measures 4.7 inches in width, 9 inches in height, and 12.6 inches in depth. On the opposite, its counterpart, Essenza Mini is 3.3(w) x 8(h) x 12.9(d) inches. With this compact design, Essenza also has low capacities. It can hold 20 oz water in the reservoir and 6 spent capsules in the interior.

Contrary, Inissia has a little larger capacity – a 24 oz removable water reservoir and 11 spent capsules in the interior.


The machines are both built-in with espresso and lungo settings. The programmable settings are convenient and save time when brewing. And, it is a perfect feature for a busy morning as you don’t need to waste time and energy with an overwhelming device.

Both the machines have the same drink options, and brewing time also doesn’t show a big difference. Anyways, programmability also limits your customizing ability. And, if you want to learn how to craft barista-style drinks, the machines will lose their usefulness.

19-Bar Pressure Pump

The 19-bar is the industry’s standard pressure pump. It utilizes the flavor and aroma of the ground at its most. This amount of pressure from these tiny machines is incredible.

Both machines use a 19-bar pressure pump. Thus, both devices are capable of producing high-quality shots which are at the same time quite hot.

Ground Compatibility

Nespresso machines are compatible with the Nespresso cartridges. However, some of the models can be used for grinding pre-ground coffee beans as well. Unfortunately, none of the Inissia and Essenza Mini models can use ground coffees.

Brewing with a Nespresso machine makes coffee easy. A single capsule is all you need, and it’s much less messy than traditional espresso machines. Plus, a beginner can still brew perfect espresso without any instruction manual needed.

One downside of these capsules is that you are limited in your variety. When it comes to selecting a flavor, there are many options but only a few to choose from when deciding which pack (or box) you would like for the day/week.

Another downside is that these capsules can be expensive in the long run.

Fast Heating

After a prolonged shut-down time, the coffee machines need some time to warm up. While it warms up, we wait in front of the device, blinking. But, thanks to the fast heating system, these Nespresso machines are quite fast at heating up.

All you need to wait before your espresso starts brewing is 25 seconds. So, enjoy your espresso first thing in the morning without wasting valuable time.

FAQ About Nespresso Breville Vs Delonghi

Which pot does the Essenza Mini use? Original or Vertuo capsules?

It only uses original Nespresso capsules, not compatible with Vertuo pots.

Do the used Nespresso capsules go into the container automatically?

Yes, while you lift its lever, the spent capsules fall into the container underneath the machine.

Does this machine only provide espresso? Not regular coffee?

That depends on the capsules you choose. If you provide non-espresso capsules, they can brew regular coffee.

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, which espresso machine should you buy? Delonghi’s Nespresso Inissia has a larger water tank capacity and a spent-capsule tray. Opposingly, Breville’s Essenza Mini is smaller, quieter, and saves energy.

When it comes to price, they are both within the same range, which is averagely priced. With that being said, Insisia is cheaper than Essenza mini.

Comparing the two machines, they are close to one another. However, I would rather purchase Essenza Mini as it is a newer version of Nespresso that will be repaired should something happen.

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