5 Keurig K-supreme Plus Problems And Solution

Keurig k-supreme plus problems: A great cup of coffee in the morning can make or break your day. Keurig K-supreme Plus ensures you get a perfect cup every time in a simple and fast way.

K-supreme also makes sure that the taste of your coffee is consistent. That is if the machine is working correctly. And, yes, the device alerts you at the time of descaling. But you will face small issues and need some troubleshooting, like the machine leak, don’t brew, don’t turn on, etc.

Thankfully, the solution to these Keurig k-supreme plus problems is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require heavy technical skills. So, in order to keep your machine working without hindering, let’s figure out common Keurig coffee maker problems and solutions to them.

5 Keurig k-supreme plus problems And Solution

5 Keurig K-supreme Plus Problems And Solution

1. Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker Not Brewing Properly

There could be several reasons for K-Supreme not to work properly. Here’s are a few reasons- 

  • Debris builds upscale and blocks internal pipes. [This depends on the water you are using in the machine.]
  • Air bubbles in the lines.
  • Mispositioning of components inside the unit.
  • The machine Hasn’t warmed up properly.
  • If everything is intact, then there could be a technical issue.


Heavy Water

  • Try to use softened water(encapsulated with minerals) if your area’s water is hard and contains a high level of sodium and bicarbonate ions.
  • Purify the water with filtration before putting it in the water reservoir.

Air Bubble in lines

  • Fill the water tank with water.
  • Turn off the machine and unplug.
  • Give some quick Shake to your machine.

Thus, there won’t be any air trapped in the lines.

Mispositioned components

This case is very rare in machines with magnetic components. Anyways, you can have a quick check to confirm it.

Insufficient Warm-up

If you haven’t given sufficient time to warm up your Keurig K-supreme, it will stop brewing in the processor will brew an inadequate amount of coffee.

So, before brewing, give some time to the machine to heat up properly.

Technical issues

After trying out everything, if your machine isn’t working properly, chances are your device has some technical issues. And, there isn’t anything for you. Contact customer care and ask for their help.

2. The machine isn’t turning on

This is the most common Keurig k-supreme plus problem with beginners. You just purchased K-supreme, but the machine isn’t even turning on. The following step will help you to solve this issue-


  • Check if you have plugged in the machine. It happened to me before; I have tried every solution on the internet. But, later found out I didn’t even plug it in.
  • Make sure the plug socket is working correctly by plugging another electronic device.
  • If the socket is okay, hold the power button for a few seconds until the machine lights up.
  • Ensure you have appropriately placed the water canister.
  • Check if the power cable is properly attached to the machine.
  • But, if your coffee machine still doesn’t turn on, contact customer support.

3. Keurig K-Supreme is automatically turning off and on

There are possibly two reasons for this problem.

  • The magnet in the water reservoir is misplaced.
  •  Auto-off timer is set.


The magnet in the water reservoir is misplaced

After you remove the water reservoir, make sure to place it correctly. In other words, the magnetic connectors of the machine and water tank should be in contact. If it isn’t, the device will automatically shut down, sensing no reservoir for water.

If they are not aligned, use your hand to reeling the magnet, and your machine is good to go.

Auto-off timer is set

The Keurig K-Supreme is featured with an auto shut-off timer. It’s a handy tool if you forget to turn off your machine and go somewhere away. The machine will shut off itself automatically.

You can turn off this feature or adjust the time according to your need by pressing the timer button.

4. K-Supreme Leaks Water

If you look at the critical reviews on Amazon, most of them face the same issue – the machine is leaking water while heating or from the bottom.

If water leaks while heating the unit.

The main reason for this issue could be clogged needles and the use of incorrect capsule sizes.

Clean both the needles and K-cup holder and see if water still drips. Also, make sure the valve in the water reservoir is clean and working properly.

And, as for the cup size, there are clear instructions in the owner guide. Also, make sure you use official K-cups.

If water leaks from the bottom

This problem is usually caused because of a ring below the water tank or a damaged seal in the device.

If an o-ring causes the issue, you can quickly solve this. There are tons of tutorials on how to replace o-ring inside Keurig.

On the other hand, if it is because of a damaged seal inside the machine, you need to disassemble your Keurig, which is not recommended at all, especially if you don’t have any technical skills. Connect with customer care service for that.

5. Coffee is just lukewarm

K-supreme machines are programmed with a set of functions to brew each cup of coffee. The process goes like this- Heating the water, pumping the water, and so on. But what if any of this order breaks? For example, if the water is pumped before heating? That’s the same reason behind this problem. Thus the shots become not only cold but also unsafe.


  • First, try the universal solution of all electronics devices – shut off the machine and turn it on. Also, unplug and replug it.
  • Ensure the water tank float is working correctly. If not, reset it.
  • Press and hold the ‘brew’/start button for at least five seconds.
  • Clean your machine correctly. Descale it if necessary.
  • If nothing works, you need to dismantle the drip tray and water canister. Clean any coffee grans or debris which is blocking or gumming the machine.

And, after trying out everything, if even then the coffee maker doesn’t provide hot enough shots, contract with the customer care. Ask for their help.

Final Verdict

So, these are the most common Keurig k-supreme plus problems I found with my Keurig elite and K-supreme coffee maker. Although there are many other issues I have faced, those were minor. Before we end this article, one suggestion is to keep your machine clean and descale at least after every 400 shots. Thus, the quality of your espresso will be consistent and will be able to avoid any issues. 

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