5 Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guidance

It is a headache when you see the pure light beeping first thing in the morning, or your coffee machine is splitting coffee. But, thankfully, with some Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting guidance, you can solve most of these problems.

The Ninja coffee makers are top in the market for convenience and user-friendliness. Fixing minor issues aren’t complicated with the machines. So, today we will talk about some of the most common Ninja coffee maker problems and solutions.

5 Ninja coffee maker problems and troubleshooting

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

1. Ninja Coffee Maker isn’t brewing

Sometimes people find their Ninja coffee machine isn’t brewing at all. Several reasons are causing this problem, starting from not getting proper power to internal failure. Here’s this Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting,


  • First, check if the power button is on or not. Sometimes we forget to turn on the power button, but wonder why not the machine is not working.
  • The problem can also be the outlet you’re plugging in. Plug the device into a different outlet or plugin other appliances to check if the outlet is OK.
  • If the water reservoir has inadequate amounts of water, the machine won’t brew coffee. So, check that as well.
  • If the device made five beeps, it means the Drip Stop is in a closed position. For brewing, the drip stop should be open.
  • Push the brew basket, and maybe it isn’t reaching the brewer. So, the brewer isn’t brewing.
  • The machine may be clogged by mineral build-up, which may not be letting it brew. So, to clean inner bars and tubes, you need to run a full descaling cycle.
  • If your problem is still not solved, there’s a high chance of internal failure. And, for safety reasons, you better call customer care or go to a Ninja’s repair store near you.

2. Ninja Coffee Maker’s Cleaning light is Keep Coming On

Like all coffee machines, the Ninja coffee maker also needs cleaning. And, it has a cleaner indicator to notify you when it’s time to clean.

A sensor in the device senses calcium build-up, disturbing coffee taste, and alerts you to clean. Descaling is the only solution to this problem. Depending on the situation, you may need to descale your appliance from every month to six months.

But, if the light keeps coming even after cleaning, there are three reasons I could find.

  • If you are cleaning after a long time, only one cleaning cycle won’t clean all mineral deposits. So, run the cleaning cycle twice or thrice, if necessary.
  • Another reason for the issue is, maybe you are pressing buttons in the wrong order. Following descaling instructions, this can be solved.
  • Lastly, maybe there’s no problem with your cleaning, but the machine. Restarting, in this case, can solve your problem.

How To Descale Your Coffee Maker

Although Ninja manufacturer recommends using a solution, vinegar does the same job. Here are the steps you should follow,

  • First, discard any coffee ground/water from the device.
  • Take one-third of vinegar and two-third of water into the water reservoir. The water you are using should be filtered, purified, or distilled.
  • Then, press the clean button on the control panel, and run it for one minute.
  • Again press the clean button to pause the cleaning cycle. And, let the device be like that for one hour. (It’s necessary if you didn’t clean your machine for a long time. But, if you do frequent cleaning, you can ignore this step or reduce one hour’s time accordingly.)
  • Pressing the cleaning button again, let the cycle finish.
  • Take vinegar/water mixture out of the carafe or travel mug (whichever you used), and clean them. Remove the water reservoir and mesh basket, and rinse those in water.
  • Next, fill the reservoir only with water this time. And run a few cleaning cycles until the water coming out is clean and free of vinegar odor.

3. Ninja Coffee Maker Isn’t Brewing Full Carafe

  • If your coffee machine isn’t brewing full pot, you may have selected an incorrect brew size. So, double-check the size of the chosen brew.
  • After the correct brew size, the next important thing is selecting the right brew type. For example, over-ice brew dispenses half of the coffee while brewing the classic option. It meant to brew over ice. So, check if you have selected the right drink type.
  • If the water reservoir does not have enough water to brew how much you want, the machine will stop brewing midway. Filling the water reservoir full, the problem can be solved.
  • A dirty coffee machine could also be the reason for half-pot brewing. With a deep clean, you can solve the issue.

4. Ninja Coffee Maker Is Leaking Water

Various reasons can cause water to leak. It can be because of the overfilling, disconnection between the water reservoir and base valve, or the filter.


  • First, don’t overfill the water reservoir. Always pure a little less than the maximum capacity.
  • Make sure if the water reservoir is appropriately attached to the base valve. When the machine is fully connected, there should be an audible click.
  • Sometimes, the filter and top of the mug drip, as the device spurt when brewing.
  • If your coffee machine still leaks, there could be some bigger problems, like the rubber tubes connecting the reservoir with the coffee machine or connector. Asking for technical help is better in this case.

5. Coffee started tasting bad suddenly

For many reasons, your machine can start brewing lousy coffee. It could be the ground, dirty machine, wrong grinding, and some others.


  • The most common cause, this problem occurs because of coffee grounds. The possibilities could be your beans aren’t fresh, the roast is terrible, or the quality is low. Try high-quality beans, and upgrade roast equipment. That may solve your problem.
  • Your grind may be too big or too small. By knowing which bean size goes with which brewing method, you can solve this problem. Also, a good grinder is essential for high-quality coffee.
  • Coffee temperature can create a big difference between coffee tastes. Too hot or cool both ruin the neutral flavor of beans. So, I recommend 205°F (96°C) temperature, and this is perfectly balanced.
  • Dirty Machine is, as usual, one reason for the lousy coffee taste. Run a deep clean to see if the issue has settled.

For your convenience, you may consider some popular Ninja coffee maker models, review the Ninja CM407, or Compare Ninja CE251 vs CE201.

Final Verdict

Facing issues with the coffee machine is common. And, it happens with everyone. But, if you keep your device clean, most of the problems can be prevented. Although deep cleaning takes some time, it’s always better than not getting your favorite coffee and wasting hours fixing that problem.

But, anyways, solving those problems is quite simple with Ninja. And, thanks to the cleaning button option, Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting is pretty straightforward.

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