How to Make Good Coffee at Home With a Coffee Maker

It is not important for every person to know how to cook, but it is important for every person to know how to make coffee. If you are one to those people, whose morning does not start until the first sip of coffee lands on their stomach, you definitely need to go through this article step by step.

The most important thing is that every person likes their coffee a certain way, which is why they should know how to add their special taste to it. People usually use four cup coffee makers, for brewing coffee regularly, but even If you are using a coffee maker, there are good chances that you might mess up.

In order to get the most out of your coffee maker, here are some things that you need to know.

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Always use fresh beans

If you want to be fresh, use fresh beans. This is an unpopular opinion, but if you have got the wrong quality of coffee beans, you have got the first step wrong and there are good chances that the coffee is not going to turn out good. Always check the origin of coffee. The quality that you are going to get depends on it a lot.

Before buying, must check that the beans have been roasted up to two weeks and if it I not possible to get even more weeks will work, but not less than that. Also, check if beans are roasted on medium heat or high heat.

Get a proper container of coffee beans
To keep almost anything fresh for a long time, you need an airtight container. Coffee beans get soggy if they are left in open air, losing freshness and the crunchy coffee smell. To avoid such incident, move all the coffee beans into an airtight container and only open it when you have got to use it.

Avoid keeping the beans in moisture too. It is often suggested to keep the coffee beans in the fridge or freezer, but the reality is completely opposite of that. You should always keep the beans in a dry place, freezer or fridge will increase the moisture.

Select right water

We all agree that not all water tastes the same, right? The taste of coffee depends a lot on what kind of water you are using if the water tastes good your coffee is going to taste good. Most people usually use tap water. There is no harm in using tap water if you like the taste if no so, change the source if water. Use bottled or branded water. If you are using boiled or distilled water, it will also affect the taste, as there are no minerals in this water and it affects the taste.

Grinding beans, the right way

Not every machine uses the same size of grinds, it highly varies from machine to machine. Grinding the coffee beans to the right size is also very important as the internal mechanism of the machine is designed accordingly, if you mess up the grinding process, it too will affect the results.

Before you start grinding, check the instruction on the coffee maker, they have defined the right size of grinds. If you want to have espresso every morning, go for fine grinding, otherwise, use medium fine grinding for having poured over coffee, etc. the list goes on, the point is that the coffee type depends on the grind size.

Use of filters
Always pick good quality filters. Making the wrong choice while picking up the coffee filters can make your coffee taste bad, as well as it will ruin the perfectly fine coffee maker. Gold plated filters are recommended for reusable filters and oxygen bleached filters are recommended for disposable filters.

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