6 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Better Coffee

If you are one of those people, whose days does not start without a cup of coffee, you must know that making a perfect cup of coffee is also an art. Making coffee is not all about getting your coffee maker started and drinking whatever comes out. If the taste is not exactly like what you want, it is going to ruin your day. What I believe is that no coffee cup is the best, there is always room for better. So, you should try doing your best until you reach the ultimate level.

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Here are some tips and tricks that will definitely help you in making better coffee.

Always use fresh coffee
The first and the most basic thing to take care of are the ‘coffee beans’. Obviously, if you want to have fresh coffee, you need to have the best and the freshest beans. Always look for the best brand, if you do not have much experience in buying coffee beans, you always check the reviews.

Also, make sure that whatever type you are buying, it is freshly roasted. The best outcomes are produced by the ones which have been freshly roasted and then perfectly preserved. Remember, coffee is not one of those beans, that get finer with the passage of time, rather the quality will become worse and worse as the time passes.

Use an airtight jar
Nothing ruins the flavor as much as oxidation. Make sure wherever you are placing your beans, it is completely airtight. Right after you use some of the beans, thoroughly preserve the next ones. If you are being a little lazy about it, get ready to drink the worst cup of coffee next time you use those beans.

Also, before you buy the beans, check the ‘roasted on’ date on the packaging. In case the date is not available, do not even bother buying the coffee.

Work on presentation
One of the most important things to set your mood is the presentation. Always make whatever you are eating presentable enough to increase your appetite.

Usually, people think that coffees and drinks can only be presentable in restaurants and cafes. You can do it too in your house, without any need of special tool or tactics. There are many tutorials available on YouTube, that you can easily follow to make your drink more desirable.

Get a proper coffee maker

There is a wide amount of people who actually do not own a proper coffee maker. Firstly, select the coffee maker according to the type of coffee you like to drink.

Most people avoid getting coffee makers as per they are expensive for something they can make on their own. Getting a perfect coffee maker does not mean you need to through a lot of money in, you can easily get the best Coffee Makers under 100 from everywhere in the market.

Switch to iced coffee in summers

For most of us, coffee acts like a drug. It is also a fact that, coffee can increase anxiety and increase body temperature. Some, if you are living in an area where the temperature usually gets high in the summer, you need to avoid drinking coffee, otherwise, you will be sweating almost all the time.

It is recommended to switch to iced coffee for a while, this way you can stay fresh and still have your need for coffee satisfied.

Work out to avoid anxiety
Coffee contains caffeine, which is supposed to increase the energy levels in your body. If you are doing office work or studying on your table, there are chances that If you keep on drinking coffee, it can increase anxiety levels. It is recommended that if you want to drink more than one cup of coffee, indulge yourself in some physical activity.

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