Philips 4300 Review – Does it better than Philips 5400?

Philips 4300 ReviewPhilips has been making high-quality, affordable super-automatic espresso machines for some time now. And, Philips 4300 has got quite a lot of attention these days. So, today I came with this Philips 4300 review, to explore the fact, why and how this espresso coffee machine could be perfect for your investment or not.

Philips lattego 4300 has an identical appearance as its predecessor Philips 2200 and 3200, or its younger brother, Philips 5300. They all share the same casing, front-loading water reservoir,  removable drip tray, even the control panel is also similar.

But, there are few differences between 4300 and its predecessors. The first thing would be the extra display and its enhanced controls, also the user profile selection. 

Anyways, we will talk about them later in this article. Now, let’s see the features the machine has to offer.

Philips 4300  Noticeable Features At A Glance

Aesthetic: Comes in a beautiful casing with a beveled control panel. 

Large Capacity: The water tank can hold up to 1.8L water; whereas the bean hopper has a capacity of 275 grams. 

Tough Grinder: Philips 4300 is equipped with a rigid ceramic grinder for precise grinding. 

Coffee Compatibility: The device has a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee, 1 scope max capacity. 

Delicious Espresso: Using a 15 bar pressure pump and Thermo block technology the machine is able to brew extra-high-quality espresso.

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Comparison Between Philips 4300 And Philips 5400 Espresso Machine

Philips 4300 Espresso Machine Philips 5400 Espresso Machine
Philips 4300 Espresso Machine Philips 5400 Espresso Machine
Philips 4300 comes in a small footprint. It is 14.5 inches in height, 9.5 inches in width, and 11.4 inches in depth. And, the machine is also pretty lightweight. Philips 5400 super-automatic espresso machine is also compact but slightly bigger than its elder brother, 4300. 5400 measures 17 x 9.6 x 14.65 inches. But it has the same weight.
You can have a total of eight different drinks, including espresso, coffee, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café au lait, caffé crema, ristretto, milk froth, and hot water. 5400 offers more espresso type drinks, a total of 12 drinks, including Espresso, Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Flat white, Café au Lait, Caffe Latte, Caffé crema, Ristretto, Espresso Lungo.
One unique feature of this model is the user’s profile, which allows the users to adjust coffee settings without disturbing other users. User profile functions also come with this super-automatic espresso machine. But, you will get five profiles instead of three.
Get more than 20,000 cups of finest coffee with Philips 4300’s 100% ceramic grinder, extraordinarily durable and precise. The same 100% ceramic grinder has been used in the device. Actually, this grinder is a signature feature of all Philips automatic espresso makers up until now.
Aquafilter inside the water reservoir ensure more than 5000 cups of coffee before the need of descaling. The 5400 also utilizes the Aquafilter system in its water tank. So, you can go a long way without any deep cleaning.
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What Users Are Saying About Philips 4300 Espresso Machine

Almost all the users, including experts, have a favorable attitude toward this espresso machine. There are many exciting features in the device I like. But, still has some drawbacks there.

The first thing all the users love is its long time running without descaling. Thanks to Aquafilter filtering the water, you don’t need to descale the machine before 5,000 shots. This feature is like heaven’s blessing for lazy people like me. But, still, you have to rinse the brewing portion once a week.

What Users Are Saying About Philips 4300

The machine is compact. And easily fit into a narrow space between other appliances. Also, making espresso is extremely easy with the device. The frother works pretty well.

But the most appealing feature is its profile system, which allows users to create their profile with their adjustment. This is a unique feature of Philips super-automatic espresso machines.

Even with so many advantageous features, you shouldn’t overlook the potential issues. The thing I don’t like about it is the loud noise of the grinder. I am usually a morning person and want my beverage early in the morning. But, thanks to its noise, my whole family wakes up. So, I had to place it in the basement, away from my living room.

Also, the water reservoir capacity is somewhat small and made of subpar plastic. The manufacturers could do little better in this case. That’s all I found with my Philips 4300 espresso machine. Whatever it is, I loved this machine.

What is the Key Features of the Philips 4300 Espresso Machine

Key Features of the Philips 4300 Espresso Machine


Philips 4300 lattego is a compact espresso machine with Spraypainted Silver specchiato finishing. Thanks to its small footprint and narrow width, it can fit limited spaces easily.

The device measures 14.5 inches in height, 9.5 inches in width, and 11.42 inches in depth. And, it doesn’t weigh too much either, only 18 pounds. So, if you love changing your kitchen decoration frequently, you won’t have a problem with this espresso maker, at least.

It only comes in a single color – black. So, there is no other choice. The top of the machine is a ceramic grinder, with an Aroma Seal covering the bean hopper. The control panel is an LCD touchscreen, which has eight pre-programmed drinks and other control options.

You get a 250 ml automatic milk container, removable drip tray, and adjustable spout without that. To brew high-quality espresso, the machine utilizes 15 pressure bars and Thermo block technology for providing hot coffee.

Brewing Capacity

The problem with compact espresso units is that their brewing capacity is also limited. And, one example is this Philips 4300. Its front-loaded water reservoir can hold only 1.8 liters (60) of water. This much is not completely small, but compared to its competitors, it is small. 

On the other hand, the bean hopper has a 10 ounces capacity. The spout can be adjusted between 85 – 145 mm, and a maximum 150 mm cup can fit under the spout.

User Profile

When people with different tastes use the same espresso machine, they need to consistently re-adjust the settings according to their liking. This is quite an annoying issue.

But, you won’t have this problem with this Philips 4300. This espresso machine comes with a unique user profile feature. There are two profiles in it – red and blue. You can adjust the settings in your profile as you want. It won’t affect the other person. And, there is also a guest profile with factory settings.

For your convenience, you may also consider Phillips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica or compare Delonghi Dinamica Vs Phillips 3200, choose wisely.

FAQs About Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Q: Does Philips 4300 make regular coffee as well as americano?

Yes, this machine makes both regular coffee and long cup americano. You can find keys for coffee and americano on the control panel.

Q: How is this model different from the 3200?

Not too many differences are between them. The 4300 has extra drink options; it remembers settings for each drink and saves them differently for three people.

Q: Does it grind fresh ground beans every time before brewing, or brew with the ground from 2-3 brews ago?

The machine grinds fresh ground beans every time to brew.

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Final Verdict

This is all for this Philips 4300 review. To summarize the whole article – the Philips 4300 series comes at a reasonable price with many useful features. Although there are not too many significant differences between it and other Phillips models, it still offers extra drinks options and three user profiles.

It brews high-quality hot espresso. Overall, the machine is entirely satisfactory, and you won’t find many good super-automatic espresso machines at this price tag.

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