Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica – Why Philips 3200 is Best?

Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica

Philips and Delonghi are two of the top companies in coffee production today. We will discuss their best models, Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica respectively to see what they have to offer for consumers.

Philips 3200 is better than Delonghi Magnifica in many ways. For one, Philips has a 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to set it up so your coffee will be ready when you want it! What’s more? With the handy frother included with this machine.

Philips also comes with an auto-cleaning system that takes care of everything for you automatically! Plus there’s no need to buy paper filters because those come built right into the appliance – saving time and money too.  The only downside may just be they don’t offer as much variety on pods/ground beans.

Why Should You  Buy a Philips 3200?

  • You can have five types of beverages with Philips 3200: espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte Macchiato, and traditional coffee, whereas Delonghi Magnifica offers four options. 
  • The grinder comes with Philips 3200 is a ceramic grinder that is tough and precise. On the contrary, Magnifica has an excellent conical burr grinder. 
  • The ceramic grinder has 12 steps setting to grind your coffee from fine to coarse. You can find similar types of adjustments with the Delonghi. 
  • Philips 3200 has more adjustment options than Magnifica like you get milk foam control with Magnifica. But the 3200 offers you this function.
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Some other advances also come with Philips 3200. But, there are also some extra features present by Delonghi Magnifica. We will talk about those a bit later, anyway. Now let’s compare the specification of these two espresso machines.

SpecificationPhilips 3200Delonghi Magnifica
ImagePhilips 3200 Espresso MachineDeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso maker Review
Editor’s Rating4.64.5
Dimensions (inches)14.5x 9.6x 1411 x 15.3 x 14.4
Grinder Type Ceramic Grinder Burr Grinder
Grinder Adjustment12 steps8 steps
Drinks Type54
Strength Adjustment6 levels8 levels
Brew Amount ControlYesNo
Bean Hopper Capacity108.8
Water Reservoir61 oz61 oz
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What Are The Differences And Similarities Between Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica

What Are The Differences And Similarities Between Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica

Despite being from different brands, the Philips 3200 and Delonghi Magnifica share many common features and functions. Even their sizes are pretty similar. 

As expected, they also have many differences. Philips and Delonghi used their best unique technologies in these devices. But, you have to admit, Philips 3200 is ahead in this race.

Now, we will see in detail what those similarities and differences are, starting with – 


Both Philip and Delonghi come in a small footprint. That makes these machines suitable for home and personal uses. Philip 3200 measures 14.5 inches in height, 9.6 inches in width, and 14 inches in depth. In contrast, Delonghi Magnifica is 11 x 15.3 x 14.4 inches in WHD. 

Moreover, they are pretty light, weighing only 21 pounds (Philips) and 23.3 pounds (Delonghi). So, if you like decorating your kitchen often, both will be handy for you. 

As for aesthetics, the Philips 3200 looks better to me. Both machines are sleek and modern, but the black finish of Philips is more admirable than the brushed Delonghi. Also, the interface of the 3200 is more apparent too. 

Both of the machines come with a grinder. Philips 3200 has a ceramic grinder. On the other hand, Delonghi has a conical burr grinder

Lastly, they both have automatic steam wands and filters of their own. 


The Philips 3200 and Delonghi Magnifica are compact espresso machines. The problem with compact models is that – even though they save space on your countertop, other measurements are also small. 

For instance, both espresso machines come with a 60 oz water tank. This tank is big enough for personal and household use but won’t be convenient for even a small corporation.

The hoppers capacity is large too, but not huge. The Magnifica can contain 8.8 ounces of beans, whereas the Philips can hold 10 ounces. 


There isn’t much difference in the coffees they brew as both machines produce delicious coffees. They have their unique technologies for that. 

Delonghi Magnifica provides excellent shots and gives you the control to enjoy eight different strength levels from 1.8 – 8 oz. And, it has dual stainless steel thermalblock boilers, one on the brew side and the other on the steam side. 

But, Magnifica doesn’t allow you to brew and steam at the same time. But, its instant reheat feature ensures the waiting time between them shortens.  Moreover, the burr grinder does an excellent job with eight different settings. 

The Philips has a similar type of brew-strength control and other things. But, the grinder is different. It has a ceramic grinder, which is sturdy and more precise. 

User Friendliness

Having more features and functions can be confusing for the users. So, manufacturers always try to keep the interface clean and straightforward. 

Both Philips 3200 and Delonghi Magnifica were manufactured, keeping this in mind. They have a clean, well-leveled interface. There aren’t many buttons on the interfaces, so even elderly users can easily use them. 

Although Magnifica has a beautiful interface, I like Phillips’s one. The buttons are big here, and they are labeled with both icons and words. Moreover, there are little light indicators with all buttons, making it easy for people to know what they are doing. 

Magnifica has two knobs to adjust coffee aroma and grind size. But the buttons are pretty small and just have small icons to identify. 

Cleaning And Maintenance

A unique feature that sets apart these espresso machines from other machines is their removable brew chamber. You can remove the brew chambers from the side and give them a thorough rinse in your sink. You need to do it at least once a week to keep your machine performing at its peak. 

But what is disappointing with Magnifica is not having a water filter. For this reason, calcium scales are a great deal. Especially if you are from an area where the water is heavy, you have to suffer a lot with coffee quality. 

On the contrary, Phillips comes with an AquaClean filter. This powerful filter ensures you don’t need to descale your espresso machine up to 5000 shots. 

Without this, other cleaning processes are similar.

FAQs About of the Philips 3200 Vs Delonghi Magnifica

What is the Calc button for in the Philips 3200?

It’s a cleaning indicator. When the light blinks on the button, that means you need to clean and descale your machine. Follow the instructions on the owner’s manual or video on the Philips website for cleaning. 

Do the machines tamp automatically?

Yes, super automatic machines grind, tamp and extract all by just pushing the start button. Same for 3200 and Magnifica. 

Can Delonghi Magnifica brew americano?

Yes. Typically, you can make any espresso-based drinks following the guide.
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Final Verdict

Philips 3200 and Delonghi Magnifica are two reliable and excellent espresso machines, as expected from these great brands. But comparatively, Philips 3200 is better in every aspect from design to cleaning easiness.

Moreover, it also costs about $100 less than Magnifica ( Depends on when you buy). So, I highly suggest you get this if you are shopping for an automatic espresso machine for personal or small office use.

But, for a crowded place, any of these machines won’t suit. So, you have to look for automatic machines with high specs. 

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