Miele CM 7750 Review – What is exclusively featured in it?

Miele CM 7750 ReviewAre you a coffee enthusiast who doesn’t bother spending more for the undistorted taste of freshly brewed coffee? If so, then you are in the exact spot. In this Miele CM 7750 Review, I’ll express my thoughts about an upscale high-grade coffee machine with grinding ability.

Do you want to enjoy a wide variety of caffeinated drinks at the touch of a button? The exclusively featured CoffeeSelect function with three containers delivers the absolute type of drink you want; with a single press.

A broad range of 22 automated beverage modes adds a hike in the versatility segment.

For the majority, Miele CM 7750 can be a hefty one for your piggy bank. However, it justifies your spare investment with professional-quality coffee creations ensuring supreme convenience. Without adding anything further, let’s plunge into the Miele CM 7750 Review.

Miele CM 7750 Review – What is exclusively featured in it?

  • Exclusively made lean cone-shaped grinder releases freshly ground coffee bean powder right away into the brew unit.
  • An impeller eliminates powder leftover for ensuring each & every cup is served using just fresh coffee beans.
  • To ensure a smooth blending of ground coffee and water CM 7750 Miele has a dynamic brewing chamber that expands mixability.
  • The Independent CoffeeSelect mode with three receptacles allows gathering three bean varieties at once for diverse flavors.
  • With the press of a switch, it can brew your favorite caffeinated beverage for one person or two.

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Compare Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Coffee Maker With Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection Coffee Maker

Automatic coffee and espresso makers are now in the hype for their performance and user-friendly interface. Below, I’m going to briefly discuss two coffee & espresso machines in a comparison table. Keep your eyes open to find out which one stands further!

Miele CM 7750 Coffee Maker Miele CM 6360 Coffee Maker
Miele CM 7750 Coffee Maker Miele CM 6360 Coffee Maker
Miele CM 7750 is a 1500 watts coffee maker & espresso maker that quickly grinds beans and brews efficiently. Miele CM 6360 has a 1450 watts coffee maker with almost equivalent brewing power to the CM 7750.
It has a gathering of three-bean hoppers with about 150, 210, and 180 grams. In total, it can hold up to 540 grams of coffee beans. It has a slightly bigger bean hopper measuring about 300 grams, but it falls short with just one container.
Miele CoffeeSelect Coffee Maker has a 2.20 Liter water reservoir tank and 0.70 Liter milk container capacity. This MilkPerfection Coffee Maker falls short with a 1.80 Liter water reservoir tank and 0.70 Liter milk container capacity.
It has 16 waste container capsules and a 0.80 Liter drip tray capacity for easy waste management & cleanup process. CM 6360 has a similar 0.80 Liter drip tray capacity, but it has ten waste container capsules.
Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Coffee Maker measures 311 mm in width, 420 mm in height, and 445 mm in depth. Dimensionally, Miele CM 6360 measures 450 mm in width, 450 mm in height, and 508 mm in depth.
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What Users Are Saying About Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee Maker

If you were to find a flagship quality coffee maker with grinding ability, the Miele 7750 is the best option to consider. It offers a great range of premium features for serving as your homely solution of refreshing drinks.

In one touch, you can go with one of the three-bean types and drink assertion. The AutoDescaling feature makes me amazed, which automatically descales itself when needed.

After observing a decent number of Miele CM 7750 Reviews from users, I found they are pretty satisfied with the grinding and brewing method. It will blow your mind with a quiet and gentle operation.

Moreover, the conical grinder passes bean power in the right spot, reducing waste products. Without the touch of hands, it automatically adjusts the cup or mug height through CupSensor technology.

Just like other electrical appliances, it also hits the bell with some Cons. Firstly, if you are new to this Miele coffee maker, you will find the icons hard to comprehend and operate.

Because of the assembly of many features, it remains slightly sluggish when programming. However, these issues are less significant, comparing the performance & quality service it provides. You may also consider, Miele CM5300, Miele CM6150 also the Miele CM6350 Review.

What is The Key Features Of Miele CM 7750 Wifi Coffee Maker

What Are The Key Features Of Miele CM 7750 Wifi Coffee Maker

Design & Build

Something with a box-type design doesn’t always appear fabulous, especially when it is a coffee maker. But Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Coffee Maker pulls it out of the trend. This one seems somewhat like an angular coffee machine.

Miele furnishes like a high-end bold espresso machine with bold lines, glossy molded plastic, and a luminous chrome finish. As mentioned earlier, it measures about 311 mm in width, 420 mm in height, and 445 mm in depth.

It means Miele comes with a reasonably more significant footprint, and you need to manage an ample countertop space to accommodate this one. The anterior part is covered with an LCD touchscreen panel, and there are only two buttons at the front(power & back buttons).

Modes & Functions

A total of three-bean containers containing almost 500 grams of beans is more than enough for families with the most caffeinated beverage requirement. There are nearly fourteen dedicated buttons for covering all the functions Miele CM 7750 can provide.

The varieties start from espresso, ristretto, cappuccino to long black, flat white, etc. You can have all drinks in a large single shot or divide them into two cups for a smaller portion. Some available dispensing options are milk frothing, hot water for tea, hot milk, hot chocolate, etc.

If you are affectionate with tea, you can sip regular, green, herbal, black, fruit, and much more. Almost all dispenses come at 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, and you can also customize them by tapping the labeled options. The famous coffee beverages come with icon-based controls, and other less familiar drinks have text entries for offhand usage.

Espresso Quality

You won’t expect anything but top-grade espresso dispense from it after purchasing an espresso machine at such a hefty price point. And Miele CM7750 did fulfill my expectations with the exact shot I was eagerly waiting for.

When I first tapped the espresso button, I was amazed by the delivery. The dispense was about 65 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for espresso drinks. The dark brownish bottom and the upper crema with oily polish give it a butter-like smooth finish.

The cream on top also existed for a few minutes, precisely what users cherish in a quality cup. While drinking this shot, the aftertaste, smoothness, and acidity level was perfectly separate. If you are a coffee devotee and want such more delicate notes on your cup, Miele CM 7750 benchtop coffee machine is what you can switch.

Milk-based Drink Quality

All milk-based drinks come with a form of art, and all the automated espresso machines can’t do this properly. But Miele CM7750 comes without any such issues, and it delivers each cup with state of a art design. Before adding the espresso shot, Miele first froths the milk and adds a thick layer of latte.

Without sorting out a minor stir on your cup, it adds a sweet blend of frothed milk and a great shot of rich coffee from freshly ground beans. Other espresso machines add coffee with steamed milk without any stirring or blending. With a fine texture and tiny bubbles, Miele CM 7750 brilliantly made milk beverages.


As we know, if you were to look after an automated coffee & espresso maker with a grinder is a bit hassling. But, Miele CM 7750 Coffee Select Coffee Maker tried to make those things a snap. If you were with other coffee makers, you might have to hassle manually pulling out the descaling tray.

Miele 7750 coffee machine comes with an AutoDescaling feature that automatically takes out and cleans the descaling capsule for reducing your hard work. When you go for a milk-based drink, the cleanup process goes by the milk hose. And it keeps everything sanitized and clean even after heavy usage.

FAQ About Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee Machine With Grinder

Q. How to clean the drip tray?

Pull out the drip tray cautiously out of the machine. Drain the drip tray and the trash box. After that, thoroughly clean up all the particles(contacts, metals discs, and inner space). After the washing process, let it dry.

Q. What are the included additional accessories?

Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee Machine includes six essential accessories with the package. They are a 0.5 Liter stainless steel milk flask, cleaning tablets for degreasing brew unit, descaling tablets & cartridges. Moreover, a cleaning brush and a coffee chute vacuum cleaner come with it!

Q. How to determine the typical temperature scale?

Before determining the ideal temperature range, one should keep some factors in mind. First of all, keep an eye on what bean type you are using; secondly, whether you are going for espresso or coffee, or coffee with milk. The last parameter would be the altitude of your region.

Q. What are the overall dimensions with and without packing?

In package dimension, it measures about 17.5 inches x 12.2 inches x 15.6 inches. The interior size without packaging is approximately 12.24 inches in width, 16.53 inches in height, and 17.51 inches in depth.

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Final Verdict

I’ve tried to cover all the split details, positive and negative sides, throughout this Miele CM 7750 Review. You may consider it one of the expensive coffee makers, but Miele cares for what you are paying for.

However, the hard-to-read icons and sluggish programming are a few drawbacks. But on the brighter side, it provides far better performance than typical coffee machines available out there.

If your budget and requirements suit with Miele CoffeeSelect CM 7750 Cofee maker, don’t forget to give this one a try! I highly recommend it for individuals who don’t want to compromise a pie in the delicacy of their caffeinated drinks!

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