Breville BDC650BSS Review – How worthy though expensive?

Breville BDC650BSS Review

Breville is worldly known for kitchen appliances. And, if you are looking for a Breville drip coffee maker that is both convenient and provides high-quality coffee, then this Breville BDC650BSS review is for you.

With the powerful grinder, this machine is a drip coffee maker with many modern features. The large LED screen allows you to control the machine better.

Breville provides both single-serve and carafe coffee. Coming with the same level of convenience, Breville BDC650BSS keeps the drink quality, unlike the pod’s system.

Also, the premium features of the machine allow you to enjoy your coffee just as you want.

There is much more to the coffee maker. In this Breville BDC650BSS review, I will provide you with every single detail of this coffee maker. So, let’s continue.

Noticeable Features At A Glance

Fresh Coffee: Brews coffee with freshness and essential oil from the bean.

Compact Design: The slim, beautiful figure of this machine fits tight spots.

Programmability: Program your time to grind and brew automatically.

Adjustable Grinder: Adjusting the grinder output, customize your coffee as you want.

Large Display: The LED screen shows all the necessary information, including grind settings, grind size, number of cups, etc.

Carafe: A 12 cup brushed stainless steel carafe comes with the machine.

Bean Hopper: The top bean hopper can hold up to ½ lbs of coffee beans.

Customizable: With 8 strength settings, a huge range of cup sizes, and others, enjoy your coffee on your way.

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Comparison Between Breville BDC650BSS And Cuisinart DGB-700BC Coffee Maker

Breville BDC650BSS Coffee MakerCuisinart DGB-700BC Coffee Maker
Breville BDC650BSS Coffee MakerCuisinart DGB-700BC Coffee Maker
The Breville BDC650BSS is a slim performer, with dimensions of 8.5″ in width, 12.5″ in depth, and 16.3″ in height.The Cuisinart DGB-700BC is also a compact machine 8.27″ in width, 11.61″ in-depth, and 16.34″ in height.
It comes with a decent grinder, which provides 8 different grind settings.The machine also has a built-in burr grinder, which automatically grinds coffee beans.
Program the machine as on the time when you want your coffee; the machine will turn on automatically and grind for you.The 24-hour programmability of the machine allows it to brew automatically for up to 24 hours.
A 12 cups or 60 oz removable water reservoir and a ½ lbs capacity bean hopper come with this.This Cuisinart also comes with a removable water tank, which has a 12-cup capacity.
You can brew from a single cup to a 12 cup pot at once, which provides flexibility over coffee cups.Brew from 4 – 12 cups of coffee at once depending on your need.
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What Users Are Saying About BREVILLE BDC650BSS Coffee Maker

BREVILLE BDC650BSS, the unit in the store for the last two to three years. And, to tell the truth, almost all users love this machine. From design to coffee quality, EVERYTHING is likable about this model.

Although the machine comes at a little expensive price tag, many people buy coffee makers at this range. The first thing that attracts all the attention of the users is its design.

The brushed stainless steel body not only looks good but is also well-made and durable. It has a large display on the top, front exterior, which will guide you through the all set-up from the moment you plugs-in. Also, the display has several settings to enjoy your coffee on your way.

You’ll get consistent high-quality coffee from the Breville espresso machine. The utilizes all the modern technology to make your coffee. And, to keep the right temperature from the start to the finish of the brewing process, the machine has a pre-brew temp control.

Also, you can grind and brew from a single cup of coffee to a full pot. This feature makes the machine both single-serve and traditional carafe machine. But, it is more affordable than pods.

But, like any other mortal thing, this machine also has some drawbacks. First of all, it requires frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep its top performance. And, the built-in grinder doesn’t satisfy its price.

Overall, the machine is excellent in several ways. To me, the price tag is also reasonable to its performance, neither too expensive nor cheap.

Key Features Of BREVILLE BDC650BSS Coffee Maker

Key Features Of BREVILLE BDC650BSS Coffee Maker


Even with the slim figure, the Breville bdc650bss grind control is an absolute beast. It weighs around 16 pounds, which indicates its high build quality. And, the brushed stainless steel sleek design catches the eyes of many users.

On your countertop, it won’t take a large space, which measures 8.5″ in width, 12.5″ in-depth, and 16.3″ in height. Thanks to its slim design, it will fit tight spots.

The control panel is paid out nicely, with two knobs, few buttons, and a large led display. The built-in grinder has 8 different settings and a ½ lbs bean hopper on the top. BREVILLE BDC650BSS utilizes all modern tools from the inside to make high-quality coffee.

LED Screen

One of the powerful tools of the Breville bdc650bss grind control coffee maker is its sleek LCD screen. The grinder doesn’t only give you all the necessary information but also guides you on what to do.

On the screen, you can monitor the water level in the tank, grind size, the strength of the coffee, the grinding time, and brewing time. All of the parameters are essential when you want a consistent coffee quality.

It also offers a lot of control. Especially the brewing cup size, which is adjustable from a single cup to a pot. Also the brew strength settings and ground amount.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

The common problem with the traditional coffee makers is, even if you want to drink a single cup of coffee, you need to brew a full pot or more than one cup. You drink the amount you need, but the rest of the coffee stays there, which after some time loses its quality, and no one wants to drink it.

But, this problem doesn’t occur with this machine. You can brew from one cup / 8 oz to 12cups / 60 oz, depending on your demand. This gives a lot of flexibility over your use of the machine.


How do you change the display setting from ml to oz?

It is just a simple process, just press and holds the two knobs. And, this will change the default setting from ml to oz.

Can I brew with ground coffee, or start with fresh beans every time?

The Breville bdc650bss grind control coffee maker has ‘pre-ground mode, which means it has a bypass grinder to brew with ground coffee.

Does the unit have a warmer plate for the glass carafe?

No, it doesn’t. It comes with a thermal carafe, and there isn’t an option for a glass carafe.
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Final Verdict

BREVILLE BDC650BSS comes with several handy features. The sleek and modern design of the machine will adjust with any kitchen decoration. Its compact size will also fit any tight spot.

Although the price of the machine is a bit high, if you want consistent high-quality coffee, then I highly recommend this machine. The build quality is also good.

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