How Do Home Espresso Machine Works?

Over the past few years, espresso consumption has increased at a tremendous pace. Especially if you ever happen to visit the UK, there is absolutely no chance that you won’t see people using espresso or drinking espresso, this is the one machine that will be everywhere you go, whether it’s a gas station, a bookstore or a grocery store, you can find espresso everywhere just like water. In fact, now people have started buying espresso machines for their home use too, these machines are smaller in size as compared to the commercial ones, but they work on the exact same principles.

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What Is Espresso?

Now, before getting started with all the machine system and how it works, let’s first talk a bit about espresso and what it is. Espresso is basically a style of coffee that is brewed with the help of extremely hot water with the full pressure that goes straight through the finely grounded coffee beans and the machine that makes this coffee is also called espresso. Right now this machine is easily available in the market at extremely affordable rates. You can easily search for the Best Stovetop Espresso Makers, and you will have several results pop up on your screen.

Interesting Facts About Espresso

Here are a few things that a lot of espresso lovers out there don’t know;

  • Espresso is not a coffee bean or a particular bean roast, in fact, it’s just a drink that is prepared by forcing some really high-pressure water through some coffee beans, and the result of this process is the drink that we call espresso.
  • Espresso is an essential drink for the Italians, and it has been regulated in Italy by the government especially. In Italy, people drink espresso just like water.
  • Around 132 pound per square inch pressure is used by the espresso machine to make this drink and let’s admit the fact that this pressure is a lot!
  • One shot of espresso is made with around 50 coffee beans, and even a single bad bean can ruin all the taste of the drink.
  • It’s officially an out of the world drink as even astronauts can brew espresso while they are on board.

How Espresso Works?

An espresso is a simple machine that works on a simple mechanism. The water is heated inside a sealed vessel, and that is where all the pressure comes from. The machine forces the water through that coffee using the steam and all the pressure, and as a result, it is brewed properly and your espresso coffee is prepared. There are several types of this machine available in the market, and the one we are talking about comes for somewhat around $50.

In all the espresso machines, the water goes through four proper phases before hitting your cup, first, it’s the water source then comes the pump, then the boiler, and the last phase is the steam wand or group head. All of these phases just produce pressure and extreme heat to brew the coffee beans properly and make an espresso shot out of it. Try an affordable espresso machine under 200 bucks to kick start your day.

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