5 Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting Guidance

Hamilton beach flexbrew troubleshooting and guidance. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is an incredible coffee machine, offering single-serve coffee machine convenience and premium features of traditional coffee machines.

But, as a dual-purpose coffee machine, you have to face little more issues with the device. It also requires extra maintenance. Anyways, minor problems are bound to occur with electric coffee machines.

Today, we will see some common Hamilton Beach Flexbrew troubleshooting.

5 Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting

1. Single serving side is not dispensing water

If Hamilton Beach Flexbrew turns on and does everything properly; but doesn’t pump water, the main and only reason for this is water scale or debris build in the water pump.


  • Simply pull out the water reservoir, empty it and refill with one-third of the water.
  • Shake the water inside the water tank and split it out.
  • Look for the opening of the water pump and wipe it out with a dishtowel, but don’t be harsh, or it will break, creating more trouble.
  • If still, your machine isn’t dispensing water, insert a turkey baster into the part of the reservoir where it connects with the pump. Using the turkey, force a water burst.
  • If there is a grinding noise from your machine but not pumping, it may be because of air bubbles inside the machine. Shake your device in numerous ways to take the air bubble out.
  • Try cleaning the piercing needle as water dispenses through this and, if it’s clogged, water won’t come out.
  • And, if there is not any noise, the only possibility is that the motor inside the machine is broken. In this case, without a technician, the problem won’t be solved.

2. Single Serve Side is brewing Watery or bad coffee

One thing many users experienced is – the coffee of single-serve side brewing is watery or not-so-great. But, the carafe side is working fine. Assuring your machine isn’t faulty, the following steps will help you to resolve this hamilton beach flexbrew problems.


  • First, make sure you are using the correct coffee pods
  • If your pods are alright, then it may be you are not using them correctly. Be careful about two things; first – you perfectly placed the pods and pushed down the lid until you hear a ‘click’ sound.
  • Try using reusable K-cups with fresh, high-quality beans if your problem is still not solved.
  • If you are not cleaning your coffee maker for a long time, this could be the culprit of your problem. Possibly you use the single-serve part more, so it shows issues faster than the other side. With deep cleaning and descaling, the machine will come back to its original state.
  • Temperature is also a reason for coffee makers not to brew a taster coffee. See if there’s any problem with the machine temperature.
  • Finally, if your machine has gotten old, it is common to lose its effectiveness. In this case, buying a new one is the only option.

3: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew isn’t brewing

Before doing anything, check if both sides are not brewing or the only side. As a multifunctional machine, your issue could be with only a single side or for both sides.

Coffee machines sometimes stop brewing without any reason and start again after a while. Restart your coffee machine, unplug it for some time and reset all the adjustments. In most cases, your problem will resolve.

 But, after doing this, if your coffee machine still doesn’t work, try the following steps,

  • If you do not clean your machine for a long time, the parts of the machine get clogged and stop brewing. In that case, try unclogging the piercing needle and needle basket.
  • The base valve may also be the issue; unclogging it may also solve the problem.
  • After unclogging several parts, run one or two cycles of descaling as soon as the machine starts brewing.

‘Machine turn on, but not brewing’ issue wholly because of clogged parts of your machine. So, as you unclog them, you will be good to go. For cleaning guidance of each component, you can google; there are plenty of instructions on the web. Also, the user manual has guidance on cleaning separate parts.

However, before going with other parts, first, try cleaning the exit and piercing the needle. In most cases, unclogging them resolves this issue.

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How to clean a piercing needle

Before starting to clean the piercing needle of your coffee maker, unplug it and let it rest to cool down. The needle is placed above the coffee drawer, remove the coffee drawer. Take a small paperclip and bend it straight. Then, insert the paperclip through the hole of the needle and pull the scaleup grounds.

Be careful here as the needle has sensitive parts inside, so don’t push hard. After removing the grounds, run 2 to 3 brewing cycles with fresh water.

4. The device isn’t turning on

There could be many reasons for your device not to turn on, starting from minor issues to faulty parts. So, let’s see this Hamilton Beach Flexbrew troubleshooting.


  • First, ensure the machine is plugged correctly, turn on the power button.
  • Make sure the power socket is working by plugging in another appliance in the outlet.
  • Hold the power button for a few seconds, and see if the buttons light up.
  • Water canisters should be in place, so make that sure too.
  • If everything is fine, the problem most likely is the power cord. First, see if the power cord is appropriately attached. Second, there isn’t any burnt spot or damage sign on the power cable. If you find the problem is with the power cord, then change it.

5. Flexbrew brewing less than before


  • Turn off the power button, unplug the machine and keep it for a few minutes before trying anything.
  • Clean the piercing needle and exit the needle with a paperclip. But be careful while doing this.
  • Descale the machine. Buildup scale and debris hinder the performance of your coffee maker.
  • If the issue still continues, you may need to disassemble to unclog the parts inside the machine.

 Final Verdict

So, these are the most common coffee maker issues I found with my Hamilton Beach Flexbrew. Although there are many other issues I have faced, those were minor.

One suggestion before we end this article is to keep your machine clean and descale at least after every 400 shots. Thus, the quality of your espresso will be consistent and will be able to avoid any issues.  That is all for this Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Troubleshooting.

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