Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Carafe System Review

For some people, having a personal coffee maker is a necessity. Others, however, are still starting to figure out if they actually need one. If you constantly find yourself inside a coffee shop, but oftentimes dissatisfied with either the quality of coffee or service that you received, getting your own coffee machine at home might be the best option you can take into consideration.

One of the choices you have is the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 machine. However, is this model ideal for you? Before making a decision, let us take a closer look at its features.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Carafe System Review

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Key Features and Benefit

This coffee machine is equipped with several features, along with their benefits. Here are some of them:

Cafe Forte

This feature works in amplifying every potential nuance in the coffee, thus producing a complex, more full-bodied flavor from brew. This brewing style is often considered as the option if you want to have a stronger quality of coffee in your cup.

Built-In Frother

With the built-in frother of this Ninja CF091 coffee machine, you can easily transform your milk into a creamy, silky microfoam. This is ideal if you are preparing other types of coffee such as lattes. It will also add a special touch to your coffee in the morning, whether you are preparing hot or cold coffee.

6 Brew Sizes

Whether you are preparing a round of morning coffee for your family or friends, you can be assured that you can come up with something that will suit their taste. You can choose from a single serve to even a carafe setting. With the 6 different sizes for brewing to choose from, you can easily take your pick and enjoy the output.

Classic and Rich Brew

This feature is what you need to choose if you are after a classic coffee in a cup. Classic is described as having a well-balanced flavor. The rich setting offers a more intense type of taste. Either of these

Over Ice

This setting is particularly designed for brewing hot and fresh over ice. As a result, you can have an extremely refreshing coffee that has not been watered down. This coffee is perfect as a warm afternoon beverage.


This setting is what you can choose if you want to come up with a super-rich and concentrated coffee. The interesting part is you can also use it to create a wide variety of tasty and extremely inviting hot and cold, frozen-blended or layered coffeehouse type of drinks.

Removable Water Reservoir

This water reservoir is made out of a clear plastic tank with a 54 oz. capacity. It also offers a series of fluted ridges on the sides, making it very easy to grip. At the same time, it also comes with a hand-size indentation on the right side of the edge, making it easy to grab from there.

Motorized Frothing

It seems that one of this coffee machine’s selling point is the use of a motorized frothing whisk, which is designed to aerate milk, ideal for creating café drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. The whisk is connected to an arm which is placed at the back of the appliance, swiveling forward when it is ready for work.


  • Among the affordable options
  • Flexibility with the brewing options
  • Options to prepare single servings or larger servings
  • Clean cycle feature is convenient
  • Equipped with a recipe book of amazing coffee options


  • The big size of this machine may not be suitable for others
  • Very high temperature can result to bitter coffee

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How Durable Ninja CF091 Coffee Bar Parts Are

Aesthetically speaking, this Ninja CF091 coffee machine is made out of black, thick plastic parts with some faux-chrome highlights. By the looks alone, this is an elegant machine, but not really a premium coffee maker in terms of materials used.

However, it is overall durable. It is presented in a retro appliance styling, thus making it charming. It comes equipped with large buttons that are printed in capital letters, thus being easy to press and read.

How Durable Ninja CF091 Coffee Bar Parts Are

The Ninja CF091 coffee machine is also placed on top a flat, trim pedestal. This platform houses some more controls, including the power key, together with several other buttons that commands the hot plate. These seems durable to the touch as well.

The purchase of this machine comes with a one year limited warranty. This includes coverage on material defects as well as workmanship from the actual date of purchase. Some replacement parts can also be ordered from the manufacturer itself. The manual includes the needed information and details for ordering.

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Ninja CF091 Coffee Bar users Opinions

The Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Carafe System is met with different responses. Quite interestingly, most of the responses are positive. One customer said this machine is evident of versatility and flexibility combined. Despite the fact that the exterior parts may be made of plastic, it seems to be built well, and is attractive enough to improve the overall look of any kitchen décor as it sits on the countertop.

Another customer liked the fact this model is capable of serving both single serves and bigger servings. Other features she praised is its capability to brew automatically at a specific time. Also, she likes the fact that the coffee machine is big enough, thus allowing her to directly brew into a huge travel mug.

This is something is not possible with other more expensive options, as they only offer to fill short mugs. Aside from the fact the Ninja coffee bar CF091 machine met these personal needs, it also ended up exceeding her expectations.

Yet another user commends this coffee machine as a wonderful option. Before purchasing this model, he has a single Kcup maker, and another coffee maker that is ideal for her taste. The Ninja CF091 coffee machine is set to replace the older machines because it can already provide the same output separately offered by the two.

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My Experience about Ninja Coffee CF091 (3 Months After)

I personally waited for three months before making a follow up review. The initial review was basically about the aesthetic appeal, and the primary features of the product. Among the features I really loved is its capacity to serve different sizes.

After three months of continuous use, it seems that this CF091 Ninja coffee machine was able to hold up very well. Now I am starting to explore over the recipes that are included with the manual, and are just amazed with all the possibilities and combinations of settings used to brew my favorite cup of coffee.

My Experience about Ninja Coffee CF091

I can’t help but note the feedback that other people have been saying about the coffee that I prepare for them. Since I started serving using this machine, more and more friends are coming over to our place and request for my coffee. It has made me a brand for myself, it seems.

Apparently, this is not a deal breaker. The only issue I had noticed earlier on is its lack of a light which can signal the need to add water, or as a reminder before brewing starts. As a result, the machine beeps during a brew when there is no more water left. Anyhow, I have learned to pay attention to the water level. Aside from that, everything else works fine with this coffee machine.

Why Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 is Perfect for Any Housewife?

Modern housewives range from busy ones, who would appreciate preparing a single serve coffee, to those who love accommodating several guests at home. Either type of housewife you may be, the Ninja coffee bar CF091 is a good option to take into consideration.

The fact is it can offer a single serve feature, as well as for bigger servings make it a great choice. Since it also comes with a cleaning notification, making sure that it stays clean is also very easy. As a coffee bar, you can also ensure that this machine has the capacity to satisfy the personal tastes of your guests.

Most importantly, the Ninja coffee machine comes with very appealing aesthetic features, making it beautiful and perfect on top of your countertop. No housewife would want to have a coffee machine which goes ‘off’ from the rest of the other appliances.

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Ninja coffee bar CF091 glass carafe system is an ideal option for housewives, as well as individuals who want to prepare coffee just the way they want it. If you are looking for an option that is not just elegant in design, but packed with features that help you create the best and the most satisfying cup of coffee, this coffee machine is ideal for you.

As a coffee machine under the SharkNinja brand, you also have an assurance to quality. More to that, this machine also comes with a one-year limited warranty, serving as guarantee to its overall workmanship and quality. As a bonus, you will enjoy the included recipe book with the manual. Enjoy your best tasting coffee with this coffee machine!

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