Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew Review

Savor the flavor of your favorite coffee with the Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew Programmable Coffee Maker. Versatile, stylish, and very much affordable, it’s a must when you want to buy only the best coffee maker in the market.

Key Features Of The Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew Review

Brewing Your Favorite Coffee On The Hamilton Beach 49976

There are two ways when it comes to brewing with the Hamilton Beach 49976. the Hamilton Beach 49976 is a two in one appliance that gives you a single serve type of coffee maker, and also a full and twelve cup capable pot machine. Perfect for drinking coffee alone and with family or guests.

Filling The Water Reservoirs

When looking at the brewer, you can find that it has its own water reservoir. You don’t have to worry because it is very easy to fill. It also has a water window which makes it easy for you to see how much water each of the brewers have.

The Ability To Choose The Brewing Strength

This is something that is a must for every coffee maker out there. It’s because it’s important that you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want a regular or a bold brew. This makes the coffee experience even better since you can have a variety of what you drink.

Setting The Program Of The Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 49976 has a digital clock to make setting the time easier for you. You will be able to set the brew time for up to twenty-four hours in advance. This can make it very convenient especially when you need your coffee immediately, first thing in the morning.

More Automatic Settings That You Can Find On The Hamilton Beach 49976

To make things even easier, the Hamilton Beach 49976 also offers an auto pause as well as an auto serve function. There are also other coffee makers that have these functions to assist you in. These functions can let you remove the carafe, then you can pour a cup of your own within the brewing process, minus the dripping.

Automatic Stop Function On The Hamilton Beach 49976

Worried about having to run to your coffee maker to shut it off? With the Hamilton Beach 49976, this won’t be a problem with the Hamilton Beach 49976 since it has a two hour keep warm type of cycle. It also has an auto shut off when the machine has finished making the coffee.

Being Able To Brew With And Even Without K-Cups

Even if you prefer using coffee packs, or you want to use your own fresh grounds, the Hamilton Beach 49976 will be able to do it for you. You can use the single serve type side of the coffee maker, or you can use a pack holder since the coffee maker has both brew baskets.

The Coffee Maker’s Cup Rest And Storage Area

Using the Hamilton Beach 49976 gets even easier as you can see an adjustable cup rest. This is not only for your coffee mug to sit on, but you can also put on the K-cup pack holder or even the single serve brewing basket. The variety of the kinds of coffee that you can use is surely helpful.

Cleaning Up The Coffee Maker

It can be hard to clean a coffee maker that has too many slots in it. With the Hamilton Beach 49976 cleaning has been made easier. It has a pack piercing assembly tool can be easily removed. This also helps in preventing clogs resulting from the frequent use of the coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew Review – At a Glance

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  • You get a travel mug with the Hamilton Beach 49976 which easily switches from carafe and to single serve as well as back again.
  • The carafe and single serve have their own reservoirs.
  • You can program the coffee maker for about twenty-four hours ahead of time.
  • It accepts coffee grinds as well as Senseo pods and K-Cups.
  • This coffee maker has a built in automatic shut down.


  • For those who like strong coffee, you will need to make use of the Bold setting.
  • The coffee will tend to get cold if you leave it on the coffee maker, it is best to reheat it if you will be drinking it at a later time.

What Users Saying About Hamilton Beach 49976 Espresso Maker

For those who have the Hamilton Beach 49976, who love the K-Cup, they found it endearing and great that this model is very versatile. People who love using singles that have filter bottoms also found it easy to use this coffee maker. The water reservoir also proved to be very useful as well as the holder for the mugs.

You should only look out for overflowing the cup and always stay under the max line especially when using the grounds. They also found out that there is more pressure when K-Cups are used.

Both the carafe and the single side can be used for bold brewing which also delighted a lot of the users. The Hamilton Beach 49976 is so convenient and versatile that it doesn’t only hold a regular cup, but it can also hold a tall cup, and most users appreciate this feature as well.

They state that it is also easy to clean the model and you don’t even get to burn your fingers, like in other coffee makers. One downside that some users experience is that the labels found on the button are easily wiped off through use.

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The Hamilton Beach 49976 vs. The Hamilton Beach 49980A

The Hamilton Beach 49976 gives you a choice of being able to brew the perfect coffee every day. There is plenty of space for the water to be in the reservoir and the carafe is built pretty solidly. The design of the model is also very attractive which is what brings most of the buyers’ attention to it. Its features are also exceptional and high tech. It aims to make coffee brewing a whole lot easier and tastier for coffee lovers out there.

The Hamilton Beach 49976 vs. The Hamilton Beach 49980A

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A highlight for this model is that it has a mesh filter in case you don’t want to use a K-Cup or other kind of brands. The filter is then able to fit perfectly in the bottom below the single brew side. It’s a good and reliable model that you can use when you want instant fresh coffee right at the counter of your kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A, on the other hand, is also very versatile on its own. It is designed well and is priced very reasonably. it has a two-way brewing feature. You can also use tea, cocoa, or coffee on this model. With it comes a twelve cup glass carafe, and also a standard sized single server side type of water reservoir.

Measurement markings can also be found on the carafe, which also offers extra large capacity. It has a two-hour automatic shut down that you can program as well as an automatic pause, and serve feature. The latter works when you want to pour a cup off from the carafe even if the coffee is still brewing. The nonstick feature also helps in keeping the hot warming plate on the side of the carafe.

[su_heading size=”20″]Reasons For Getting The Hamilton Beach 49976[/su_heading]

The Hamilton Beach 49976 is one of the most affordable and low maintenance brewers that are out on the market nowadays. It sits below a $60 price, which is not as expensive as other coffee makers out there. What makes this model stand out is that it offers a lot of features despite its very cheap price. Not only do you get the model, but you also get a hot plate that keeps the coffee within the carafe piping hot.

It also has auto shut down after two hours, and you can program it a day before you want to drink the coffee. You don’t even have to worry about maintenance because it is very easy to clean this model. The filter can be pulled out easily if you wish to empty and wash it with clean water. Being able to use a single cup or even a carafe is one of the perks in using the Hamilton Beach 49976. brewing for one cup becomes easier since you’re not forced to clean a bigger cup afterward.

If you are looking for a great quality coffee maker that has all the features that you need at a very reasonable price, then the Hamilton Beach 49976 has it all for you.

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Final Verdict

Basically, if you want to know more about the Hamilton Beach 49976, the best option would be to visit the review pages. This is like looking at what the others have to say about the unit. This is also the easiest way for you to check out what are the advantages and also the possible disadvantages that you can get from using the Hamilton Beach 49976. comparison of the Hamilton Beach 49976 to other products can also help you decide, especially when you are considering both the price and the features that the models have.

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