15 Best Espresso Machine Reviews 2022: For Home or Commercial Use

Are you looking for an espresso machine to give you some extra boost in the morning? You will get a wide variety of these machines in the market at different price points and features. Generally, the pricier models are said to perform better and have more and fancier bells and whistles than the less expensive counterparts. However, this is not always the case because the best espresso machine is one that makes a perfect cup of gourmet coffee and aims to unleash the full potential of the coffee beans.

Having an espresso machine at your home means that you can make highly concentrated, rich, dark brews, usually favored by coffee shops and Italian bistros. To get the best results, you will need to grind the coffee beans finely and pack them in an airtight container. This is commonly known as shots by espresso lovers. And if you are making milk based drinks, you will have to heat your milk separately using the espresso’s frothing tube then mix it with steam to form a froth.

An espresso maker will not only let enjoy a delightful experience by letting you produce the best cup of espresso from the convenience of your home but also help you save your money and add a professional mystique to your kitchen.

Best Espresso Machine Reviews 2022: Compare Best Model

Best espresso machine for home use

Today, many users have very high expectations with coffee machines. This has made manufacturers to go an extra mile in building and designing espresso machines for home use with nearly similar qualities to the commercial models. Your friends and family can now treat themselves with the top 3 listed home espresso makers.

1. Delonghi ec155 15 bar pump espresso and cappuccino maker


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes in a good design
  • Quitter than most espresso machines


  • Its in-built tamper isn’t that good

The first thing that will sure fascinate you about the DeLonghi EC155 15BAR is its low price point. This price makes it affordable for anyone on a limited budget. Although most experts believe that the EC155 15BAR comes equipped with a limited set of features, the DeLonghi have gone greater lengths to make the DeLonghi EC155 one of the best espresso machines in the beginners’ category.
This espresso machine has an outstanding design and look that gives it an added personality. Even better, the EC155 is among the few best-looking espresso machine, owing this to its intricate blends of plastic which are crafted with the finest stainless steel.

The patented dual filter does a decent job of giving this espresso machine extra credits, because this feature doesn’t confine you to using just the ground coffee or coffee pods only. Instead, you can easily add coffee ground or pods to the filter then attach it to the espresso machine and brew cappuccino and espresso easily and fast. Also, if you want to brew the best tasting beverages with a rich, creamy froth, the Swivel Jet Frothier feature helps you to achieve this.

Breaking away from the EC155 stunning looks, there is more to offer in regards to functionality. It’s worth saying that its affordable price doesn’t deter the DeLonghi from equipping this machine with some of the most elaborate features such as the patented dual holder and the Swivel Jet Frothier.

When compared to many DeLonghi’s contenders, the EC155 15 BAR has the quietest startup and preheats, thanks to its self-priming operation. The silent start up is not the only feature that gives this machine the edge over its competition, there is also the brewing time pre-heat feature that lets you enjoy 2 delicious cups of espresso at the perfect temperature in just 30 seconds.

2. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker BVMC-ECMP1000


  • Brews great tasting Espresso drinks
  • Allows you to customize your drinks by just adding water in your espresso or foam in your latte.
  • Straightforward buttons
  • Affordable


  • Tall water reservoir making it hard to refill.
  • Can be too loud especially in very quiet places.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is an espresso machine that effortlessly offers you a fuss-free performance. Its design isn’t quite glamorous like some of the pricier espresso machines, but you will like how well it blends with the backsplash of your kitchen countertop. Besides, its stainless steel front is easy to keep polished with a soft cloth or a bit of glass cleaner while for the rest of the unit, it is an unobstructed black color.

The star of the show will take any guesswork out of frothing milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso drinks, owing this to its innovative milk frothier feature. Even better, you can choose from the 20 tasty treats from the included recipe guide.

You will not have to worry about clearing a lot of extra space to make room for prepping. This machine is self-contained and comes with a small footprint that doesn’t take up much of your kitchen space. You can now enjoy a satisfactory, delicious cup of espresso and other high-quality beverages with the Barista. The 15 bar pressure feature makes this machine a real powerhouse when it comes to delivering that. If you want frothed milk, just fill the milk reservoir with either non-dairy or dairy milk then follow the instructions in the accompanying user’s guide. For the best tasting espresso, use quality beans preferably those stored in a secure airtight container.

Making large shots has never been easier as it is with the Barista. You simply press the 1 or 2 shot options to get as much as 5 ounces of espresso at a go. You can even correct the amount of coffee grounds using the single and double shot filters.

If you are a beginner, you will get a delightful experience in using the featured control panel. It is user-friendly hence makes brewing simple for you. You can even confirm your choices using the indicator lights integrated in this unit. When it comes to handling the milk frothing portion, this espresso machine takes full control with its automatic functions. All you need to do is turn it on, set up a particular function that you need it to perform then leave the rest of the brewing process to it. In addition, this machine comes with a refillable water reservoir, and adjustable cup tray capable of accommodating medium sized travel mugs and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

3. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine


  • Heats fast and easy to power
  • Easy to clean
  • Operates quietly
  • You can adjust temperature settings to get the best shot


  • Although it has a drip tray, it still accumulates sludge.
  • Requires high maintenance.

If you are a coffee lover looking for a relatively priced home of office maker machine, you will undoubtedly like the Breville BES870XL. Although its price point would turn you off at first, the state of art Breville BES870XL tags along a couple of benefits that make it the best option among most coffee lovers. But is the price really worth?

Just like any other Barista machine, the Breville BES870XL is no exemption when it comes to making the best espresso from consistent, fresh ground coffee beans in just seconds. When coffee beans are crushed, they start to lose their flavor in less than 5 minutes. You will not have to worry about this problem at all because the Breville BES870XL integrates a burr grinder to help solve this. This in turn produces coffee with a distinct taste, guaranteed to take your taste buds to the next level.

If you want to fine tune your own settings ranging from grind amount and grind size (fine or coarse) among others, the Breville BES870XL will let you do this. These settings will let you be in full control of an efficient flavor extraction process. From a beginner to an aspiring barista, you can now make premium cafe quality delicious coffee from the comfort of your home. With lots of customization options, you will even be able to explore the new breathtaking found art of coffee making.

The conical shaped built in stainless steel maximizes the grinding surface thus allowing you to grind more coffee beans. You will not experience any trouble cleaning the burr because it is removable.

Espresso is worth of its name if it is full of flavor and aroma. This is the reason why the Breville have gone greater lengths to offer a machine integrated with a 15 bar Italian pump. If you want to make cappuccinos and lattes, this machine doesn’t limit you as it comes with a stainless steel steam wand to let you do that. Better yet, to produce double or single dose, the included dosing feature allows the machine to take either 1 or 2 cups from the filter basket.

4. DeLonghi EC680M Dedicate 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine


  • Sleek, gorgeous shiny stainless steel design
  • Compact size.
  • Easy to remove and replace the water tank.
  • Excellent frothing capability


  • Can be difficult to put in the filter holder for some people

Enjoy the brilliance and beauty of brewing your own authentic and rich tasting traditional espresso at the comfort of your home with the compact and sleek De’Longhi EC680 machine. It has a small footprint that makes it ideal for anyone on premium space. This espresso machine will sure amaze you when it comes to delivering rich frothy espresso. It uses a special, patented technology to help you make wonderful, delicious and fine textured foam that even lets you do some cappuccino and latte art. You can also make Long Blacks, Americanos or your favorite cup of tea when you are not in the mood for espresso.

The full 15 bars or pressure come as a relief to those who have experienced the misfortune of dealing with a sub-par espresso machine. This is because, with this feature, the DeLonghi EC680 is capable of producing rich-tasting espresso capped with lots of lovely crema.

If you forget to turn this machine off, it will automatically switch to standby mode after a certain period of inactivity. By doing so, it not only protects itself but also saves energy. With the 3 light up buttons integrated in the De’Longhi EC680, you can program this machine to either deliver one or two cups of espresso per use.

Hot and ready in just 35 seconds, this versatile espresso machine comes with a unique stop feature and a 3 in 1 filter holder to accommodate practically anything from single or double shots to pods. Its removable water tank allows you to make your favorite cup of coffee without having to refill it every time.

The scoop and tamper combination tool comes in handy when you want to brew a lot of espresso beverages. When it comes to cleaning of this maker, it is as easy as pie. After prolonged contact with hot milk, the steam wand becomes sticky hence to clean it up, you simply soak it in plain water. As for the filter holders and the filters, just rinse them while for the outside of this unit, use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean it up.

Not only does the De’Longhi EC680 come with fancy bells and whistles, but also has an attractive beautiful design. It has a stainless steel exterior that is easy to clean and adds a modern style to it. This machine’s general look screams a bold statement of quality.

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Best espresso machine for commercial use

Regardless of whether you are the busiest coffee shop in town, a bookstore that provides espresso or just a browsing customer, you will get impressed by our 3 top selected commercial espresso machines that will perfectly suit to your needs.

5. Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine


  • The Breville BES9 boast to be the world’s very first automatic manual espresso machine that makes barista free high quality coffee
  • The filter basket feature ensures that there is no messy residue while brewing
  • Has a dual steam boiler


  • Breville BES980XL quite heavy

For coffee lovers, mornings are not complete without a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee. The more reason they need to have the Breville BES980XL at their homes. The BES980XL is not only a great addition to your kitchen appliances but will also brew any kind of espresso beverage you would find at your local Starbucks or any other coffee house.

If until now you are sitting on the fence, wondering if an automatic or manual machine is what you need, then the Oracle got you covered. It deserves all bragging rights since it is the first company in the world to manufacturer an automatic manual espresso brewer that brings the true quality of cafe right to your home without the barista.

This machine is capable of grinding, dosing and tamping the required amount of coffee automatically. This feature works in handy with the conical blur grinder to produce a mess free, barista quality espresso. The patented pending triple heat system and stainless steel boilers, are features of the Breville BES980XL that will make you appreciate this machine even more.

Using the PID technology, the espresso boilers will extract the espresso shot from 190-205 degrees. Also with the steam boiler, you can get instant and continued steam on demand. This comes in handy when you want to extract your texture milk and espresso simultaneously. Better yet, not only will get your milk ready but also you can capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in your coffee.

In addition, if you like less acidity and bitterness in your shot, the featured Over Pressure Valve (OPV) will help you achieve this by limiting the maximum pressure throughout the extraction process. Furthermore, with this espresso machine, you will enjoy your coffee with the taste benefits of a manual espresso with the simplicity of an automatic coffee brewer.

6. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


  • Excellent Ergonomics and Appearance;
  • Dual Boilers and warms up fast
  • Compact size that fits anywhere in your kitchen
  • Has fully programmable functions


  • Lacks a Brew-Pressure adjustment function
  • The Steam Pressure in the dual boilers is weak

Not only is the Breville BES920XL an improvement of the traditional dual-boiler but also a great looking espresso brewer compared to the typical Italian style espresso machines in the market. This state-of-art, high-end espresso brewer lets you make the finest espresso (which you can only taste in the finest restaurants or cafes) at the convenience of your home. Besides that, it is well build and comes loaded with features that are well matched by its hefty price tag.

The BES920XL features a magnificent dual stainless steel boiler system: Steam Boiler and Espresso Boiler. These boilers work simultaneously to provide instant yet powerful steam on- demand to produce cafe quality steamed milk as well as the perfect espresso shot, respectively. If you want your espresso shot at an optimal flavor accompanied by the right temperature, the Espresso Boiler which is PID temperature controlled can do exactly that.

Also, to get your espresso shot at an optimal pressure, this machine comes with a dual Italian Vibe pump to help you achieve this. Together with the dual stainless boilers, the dual pumps will ensure a concurrent extraction of the steam and espresso in order to offer the best piping cup of espresso.

For those who like to be in full control of their brewing process, with the digital display feature you have a chance to do so. It has a well laid out menu that will also keep you informed on the right for refilling the water tank and cleaning the machine as well.

The large water reservoir is best for eliminating the need of frequent refills each time you want to make a cup of coffee. With the over pressure pump feature, you will be sure to get the best espresso shot that is free from any bitterness. What’s even more, is that the LED display lets you keep track of your water levels. This comes in handy to prevent water overfill. However, if water overfill occurs, the BES920XL is innovatively designs in such a way that, the extra water doesn’t spill on the counter, instead it collected by the drip tray.

7. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine


  • Easy to clean up
  • Comes with a non-pressurized porta filter that enables you to brew regular
  • Has a refillable water tank
  • The steam ward is highly effective


  • It comes at high price point in the market

The Rancilio Silvia espresso offers the perfect combination of ease of use, espresso quality and durability. When it comes to performance, nothing can beat out this brewer. Being a semi-automatic espresso brewer, you will get exceptionally delicious espresso you haven’t had for a while.
With a 12 ounce boiler, this machine needs a standing innovation. This kind of boiler is one of the largest in any entry level espresso machine. Even better, the Rancilio warms in just about 20 minutes. When it comes to ease of use, nothing can compare to this espresso machine. Its actual operation is fairly easy and straight forward. Simply push its right buttons to turn the machine on or off or even to stop the brewing process.

With its fully articulating steam wand, you can control it quite easily. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will undoubtedly enjoy the espresso tamping pressure and grinding process. The Rancilio Silvia is of high quality and has a sturdy design. Build to last, all of its part are semi-commercial or commercial grade and are made of high quality cast iron and stainless steel. When placed on any kitchen counter top, this machine will blend perfectly with any of your kitchen decor.

Compared to other espresso machines, this one is fairly heavy, weighing over 30 pounds. That said, it is best left sitting on your kitchen countertop.

Best automatic espresso machine for home or commercial use

If you are looking to make high-quality cafe espresso at just the push of a button, you are at the right place. Browse our 3 top rated automatic espresso machines to find your latte fix.

8. DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center


  • Has a warming tray that ensures there is a ready warm cup of coffee at all times, whenever it is needed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Capable of working with virtually any type of coffee bean


  • Brews only a cup of ground coffee at a time.

It is not always the true that big machines come with fancy bells and whistles. With the black DeLonghi ECAM23210B, you will get full features despite being small in size. This machine is virtually able to get any job done than any other espresso machine would do. The best choice for great, aromatic espresso in a small kitchen.
You can now enjoy delicious lattes and cappuccinos anytime you like with the DeLonghi ECAM23210B. It has never been easier to brew authentic and tasty Italian beverages with the featured patented cappuccino system frothier. All you have to do is just place a container filled with milk under the nozzle in order to make a rich, creamy froth. This machine will do all the work for you.

Not only will you get incredible espresso beverages from the DeLonghi ECAM23210B but also save you money, thanks to the energy saving single boiler system.

One of the features that gives it a big plus is its conical burr grinder along with the patented direct to brew system. These features work together to make consistent, freshly ground coffee beans that are ready to use by the brewer for making tasty coffee. You can also change the fineness for all types of your beans with the grind settings. Also, If you like, you can always have a warm cup ready with the included the cup warming tray. The heated top panel will gently warm a couple of cups so that you can make beverages with consistent temperature.

You will love item control panel that offers menu setting for cup strength (4 settings), size (5 settings). And temperature this machine does all the work for making delicious creamy froth. Furthermore, it produces consistently fresh espresso each time. This model also comes with a 15-bar pump pressure that which means that the machine is able to pump water into the beans at a pressure which is 15 times that of sea level.

9. DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Patented cappuccino frother.
  • Includes an energy-saving switch
  • Has an aroma button for a fuller aroma and flavor


  • Coffee beans don’t always feed smoothly from hopper to the grinder.

When you want to make the best espressos, cappuccinos, lattes or just regular coffee, the super-automatic DeLonghi ECAM22110SB will do just that. Although it is a compact espresso machine, you will get impressed by its full size functions and reliable functions for making coffee any time.
Making your own cappuccino has never been easier than with milk frothing wand that uses a patented technology designed. It is as simple as mixing your milk and the steam to create a rich thick, delicious creamy froth. This process only takes a few minutes. The ECAM22110SB been compact in design with solid features, makes it ideal for anyone on premium space. Also, if you forgot to turn your machine off, don’t fret about this because its included shut off feature, automatically turns the machine off after 4 hours of inactivity.

When it comes to operating this machine, you will not only appreciate how simple and straight forward it is but also its featured, intuitive control panel. This panel includes a couple of menus for changing the cup size and coffee strength. For a consistent fresh cup of coffee each time, this maker is capable of grinding coffee beans when needed. Even better, the conical burr grinder allows you to adjust in order to obtain different fineness of your ground beans.

If you are an impatient person just like me, you will get a delightful experience with the instant reheat function. This function is a great way to reduce the amount of time to wait for your best cup of your favorite espresso. By doing so, you will get your coffee with no time.

The adjustable spouts come in handy when you want to use any shape or size of a coffee cup. You can just use the miniature espresso cups or a large coffee mug, depending on your choice. Nonetheless, the water filtration system lets you to use water directly from your tap. This along with the aroma button that releases water ideal for saturating your coffee grounds, will result in great tasting cup of coffee that is full or aroma and flavor.

10. KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


  • Easy/simple Interface design
  • Has a steam nozzle that dispenses hot water for tea or hot chocolate beverage
  • The auto –off function is very energy efficient
  • Compact, sleek build and design


  • Has a non-removable bean hopper
  • It can’t use pre-grounded coffee

Coffee making art is quite difficult to master, the reason why the KRUPS took a couple of years observing professional baristas with the aim of understanding their day to day gestures. They then worked effortlessly to simulate these gestures at home with only one machine, the KRUPS EA8250.
The fully automatic KRUPS EA8250 espresrso machine has been built with precision, perfection and passion in mind. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or aficionado, you will enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of coffee produced by the KRUPS EA8250, owing this to its unique thermoblock system. Not only will this technology help the machine to preheat faster, but also guarantee a perfect tamping and temperature and, an optimal time for extraction as well as delivering a piping hot cup each in seconds when needed.

To get the best shot of espresso, the 15 bar pump along with the metallic burr grinder help you achieve this. Even better, if you want to enjoy either a hot cup starting from your first brew or prepare an array of various recipes, the intuitive LCD panel will guide you through each step of the process of water hardness levels, temperature, coffee type selection etc. This panel together with the ergonomic knob, let you enjoy several settings and an easy to use menu navigation. Besides that, the LCD screen is smart and interactive enough such that it communicates with your and reminds you to clean your coffee drawer before making your coffee.

The EA8250 boasts of an exclusive system that eliminates any manual involvement when it comes to cleaning the machine. In this case, you will never have to disassemble it to get to the core. If you want consistency, in terms of size, of your ground coffee, the metallic conical grinder is at your service to give you the best of it. Also, with the grind settings, that are manually adjusted, you can either obtain fine a setting coffee for espresso based preparations or a coarse setting for your coffee. In addition, with its removable 60 ounce water tank and a large bean hopper, you can prepares a couple of delicious beverages in a row.

Best semi-automatic espresso machine under $200 – $500

Have a look at the best 3 automatic espresso machines available in the market at an affordable price range of 200-500 dollars.

11. Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine


  • Auto shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Thermoblock Heating system
  • Easy cleanup and adds value to your money
  • Large refillable water tank


  • Inconsistent brew
  • The length of the frothing wand is a bit small.

When the Capresso EC100 is removed from the box, the first thing that will catch your attention is its stainless steel based design. Not only does it add a bold statement to it but it is also easy to clean. Designed by the Capresso, best known for their high-quality products, the Capresso EC100 is over the edge with its competitors due to its intellectual functions such as the LED monitor.
The Capresso EC1002 integrates a thermoblock heating system lined with Stainless Steel. With this feature, you are capable of enjoying of piping hot coffee full of authentic flavors and aromas that are extracted from the coffee beans. Speaking of extraction, the none other than the 15 bar pump is responsible for this.

Also, if you like, there is an option of either using pre-packaged espresso coffee pods or your own finely ground coffee to produce a delicious cup of espresso.

Doesn’t it feel good to have a coffee machine that allows you to enjoy a cup of cappuccino or latte at the comfort of your home? Well the Capresso EC1002 makes this possible by integrating a dual frothier. What does this mean? It means that with separate frothing positions for frothed milk and steamed milk you can make cappuccino and latter respectively. With the frothing sleeve, you can swirl hot air and steam into your milk to make a rich foamy layer at the top of your cappuccino. While brewing lattes, you just remove the frothing sleeve and make use of the underlying steam tubes that inject hot steam into your milk to produce the best tasting latter.

If you want to store sufficient amount of water while brewing several cups of espresso, the 46-ounce water tanks allow you to. With its clear, transparent body, you can monitor the water level while filling it up or even before brewing coffee. Besides the removable water reservoir, there are also features like removable drip tray and a stainless steel warming tray. All these features together make the cleaning process easy.

Although the short length of the electrical cord may come out as one of the Capresso EC1002 shortcomings, it is ideal for keeping kids out of the machines reach as well as preventing lots of mess on your kitchen countertops. Moreover, with the included indicator lights, you can tell if your machine is on or off.

12. Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine


  • Refillable water tanks
  • Has an attractive design
  • It is easy to clean
  • Has a quality solid build that fits easily in any kitchen


  • The turn off button doesn’t function as it is supposed to, instead it goes into a sleep mode state

Have you had the misfortune of having to wait for a coffee maker to cool down to pull a shot? If you have, then you will be fascinated by the self-purge function integrated in the Breville 800ESXL. With this features, you can be sure to get your shot in just a few seconds. The idea behind this is that, it automatically adjusts temperatures back to optimal brewing temperatures after use of the steaming wand.

Just like most espresso machines, this one also features a thermoblock heating system that lets you make chocolate, tea, and coffee efficiently and easily. The heating system comes in handy with the 15 bar prime pressure pump that releases 3 bursts of hot water to moisten your ground coffee. This results in extracts that are full or aroma and flavor. And of course, you can brew much more than just the espresso. The frothing wand is the feature that allows you to make cappuccinos and lattes any time you like. Besides that, you can enjoy up to 3 espresso variants, not including all that your imagination can conjure up.

Built to last, this maker is made of stainless steel. I must admit that this is a great step up from the low priced espresso machines in its class. The die cast steel exterior also gives it an attractive professional look that blends in perfectly with your kitchen or cafe decor. It is worth mentioning that the Triple-Priming Espresso Machine brews rich, thick brown cream that is sure to satisfy espresso lovers.

The best super automatic espresso machine – under $500 to $1000

If you are a coffee lover but you aren’t quite sure of your confidence to make espresso by yourself, then 3 outlined super automatic espresso machines could be the best choice for you. These makers are fully automated and will even grind coffee beans for you and add frothed milk among other things.

13. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine


  • Durable machine with minimal breakdowns
  • Makes great espresso as well as other espresso-based drinks
  • It is fast, easy and also convenient to use.


  • The grinder can be a bit noisy for the first few minutes of its operation

You will not get an espresso machine that is a combination of value, power, ability and features other than the DeLonghi ESAM3300. Despite its small design, the Magnifica is very impressive that it has widely scored highest, taking up the top rank, amongst the top end super automatic machines. You will appreciate all the guesswork this maker eliminates to deliver the best delicious shot.
Yet another patented feature is the Cappuccino System of the DeLonghi that basically lets you brew cappuccino for your friends and family instantly. This feature also offers you a complete 180-degree rotation and in turn allowing your milk to pour directly into containers of different sizes.

If you want consistency in your espresso, there is a direct brewing system to help you achieve that. What’s more is that you can also adjust the fitness of your coffee beans easily, owing this to the inbuilt, high quality, low pitch burr grinder. This grinders will work with the touch of a button to provide the same exact amount of your shot and its strength. If you like, you can also set the new and exciting twists that hit all off your adventurous taste buds at ago.

Regardless of whichever option you take, you will minimize some of the tedious work such as refilling the 60-ounce water tank and cleaning the machine. Speaking of cleaning, the ESAM3300 is self-cleaning and also features a declassification indicator.

For an occasional treat, the ESAM3300 allows you to produce a variety of espresso based drinks starting from lattes and cappuccinos to coffee and other frothy specialties. To spice it up, you get the most aromatic and flavorful espresso, when you use beans to brew system.

The stainless steel boilers will aid in heat distribution. This reduces time wasted to make a perfect tasty shot.

14. Gaggia Brera Super automatic Espresso Machine


  • Small footprint hence takes up less counter space
  • Affordable
  • Descales automatically


  • Not capable of accommodating tall mugs
  • Has a small water tank

What other espresso can possibly beat out the Gaggia Brera when it comes to making quality espresso? I bet, nothing comes close. This machine is a clear definition of quality, convenience and looks. Well, speaking of looks, you are sure to get amazed by its compact design that makes it fit in any of your kitchen space easily.
You will enjoy every minute of your time while brewing with the Gaggia 59100 Brera. When it comes to making great tasting drinks, the included stainless boiler and 15 bar pump work their best to ensure an optimal temperature ideal for the task. Besides, regardless of your cup size, big, medium or small, the 599100 will accommodate it. This is made possible by the telescopic coffee dispenser lets you change the height to perfectly hold the mug of your choice.

Brewing pre-grounded coffee has never been easier than with the integrated dosser bypass feature. This machine guarantees convenience with fully automated complete extraction, grinding and dosing processes.

All components of this unit that are used for daily operations, water tank, grounds disposal, drip coffee beans and drip tray, can be easily accessed from the front of the machine. Not only does this make it easy to clean but also to maintain.

If there is one feature that will mesmerize you, is the intuitive user-friendly control panel that integrates push button controls, a large display as well as a quick reference with dedicated icons for the steaming, grinding and brewing functions.

Adjusting the level of the brew spout is very simple. All you have to do is either pull up or down action. While you have to pour your espresso from a sizable cup that fits well under the Portofino and lose all your espresso flavorful creama, with the Gaggia Brera it’s quite different. You can use any of your assorted cups and get them to fit well with just a simple pull to change the height of dispensing spout.

15. DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso-Coffee Machine


  • Single Touch Hot Milk System
  • Double Boiler System
  • Decalcification System


  • Some complaint of its noisy grinder

There is a wide range of espresso machines and there’s the DeLonghi ESAM 3500. If you are in search for the best espresso machine for making your favorite latte, cappuccino and espresso, this particular model will satisfy your needs. The Magnifica is relatively top in its class and is such a great addition to your kitchen appliances. It is larger compared to its some of its contenders and containers a larger water capacity and coffee beans.

One of the best things that will take your breath away about the ESAM3500.N is that it comes with a compact brewing system and a removable water container. This comes in handy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The best coffee maker is not just about brewing a variety of coffee drinks. it has to also have the capability of making different cup amounts and sizes. With the featured adjustable coffee sprouts, you can easily make demitasse, espresso among others.

Compared to some machines, with the ESAM3500.N you will not have to wait for long periods to get the optimal temperature for your beverage. In fact, the instant reheat function come in handy to help maintain a consistent temperature at all times. The programmable menu setting will help you in ways such as adjusting water harness, controlling temperature and setting time. Although the most popular setting amongst the programmable options is the ability to control the flavor or strength of your espresso. This lets you choose from mild, strong, regular and extra mild coffee. You can also fine-tune your coffee with an integrated burr grinder.

And if you want the best quality espresso, you will have to look fresh, natural ground coffee beans. Aside from that, you will require the beans to brew system of the ESAM3500.N to brew espresso in its best aroma. All of these features combine to make sure you get the best cup of espresso possible.

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How we Help You To Choose The Best Espresso Machine

Choosing from the varieties of espresso makers available in the market can be a confusing and time-consuming process. Everyone does not have enough time to research and find the best espresso machine for their needs. Without the right information, this is very difficult to choose the perfect espresso machine for your home or commercial use. These ten espresso machine reviews are based on the capability of each product. It includes a detailed description of the each espresso machine’s features together with its pros and cons. The list of the espresso machine in the market is too extended, even to keep count of the actual numbers.  Choosing the best espresso machine from this list is too difficult and might confuse you to choose the right one.

That being the case, good and honest reviews matter a lot since they influence the final buy decision. Espresso Tune that goes an extra mile to offer you such reviews is what we can call, a customer-oriented place. And Espresso Tune such a platform since we value our customer’s satisfaction, and effortlessly dig deep for information before we can publish it. Thus, the reason we pulled out the 15 top rated espresso machine reviews at different budgets and categories to help you determine, the one that best suits you. Scroll down to read unbiased opinions of each of our best pick model.

What is Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine is a great kitchen appliance for producing rich, delicious coffee for your friends, family as well as your customers. These machines are ideal for brewing fresh espresso that can be served either straight or with foamed and steamed milk for a cup of cappuccino. They come in sleek attractive designs and most of them are, made of the sturdy high-quality material that contributes to their durability. When used at home, espresso machines are a great way to save you money. This is because you don’t have to keep visiting your coffee shop to a buy a cup of coffee every time you like.

Benefits of having the best espresso machine at your home

Save Money

If you consider how much money you actually spend on a weekly or monthly basis at your local coffee shop, you will see that it adds up to a large amount. Therefore, investing in an espresso machine is a great idea to help you save on your time and resources.


You don’t want to run to a coffee shop every time you want an espresso machine. Having such a machine at your home will let you enjoy the delicious espresso at your own convenience. Besides, it feels great to finish off your dinner with a delicious coffee drink.


You will get a variety of options for your morning coffee, daily life, and entertainment. Of course, you may not want to have a cup of coffee every day, but the beauty of having this great machine is that you can have a latte or cappuccino if you desire. This is quite comforting and at the same time making life easier day in day out.

Types of the Espresso Machine

Manual Espresso Maker

Manual espresso machines are ideal for anyone who enjoys some extra work in brewing their espresso. The extra work can really pay off, though, since the manual espresso makers let you be in full control of whole brewing process. This results in a perfect shot.

One of the most distinctive feature you will notice about the manual espresso machines is the lever. While some have a direct lever, others have a spring piston lever. Moreover, these machines are very eye catching, nearly as decorative as they are functional. They come at a high price point, however, they are ideal for aficionados and connoisseurs who are willing to put the work in for a perfect shot of espresso.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

These machines often feature electric pumps, making them much easier to operate than the manual machines. You will get a mix of control that the manual machines provide you, although not quite as much, as well as the ease of use usually in various types of automatic models. These machines are the most popular with most falling under a low price range of 200-400 dollars, but if you want a nicer model, then you will have to spend more, probably thousands of dollars.

Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

Just as the name suggests, besides having an electronic pump these espresso machines fully automate the amount as well as delivery of water in the brewing process. This makes them easier to operate than the semi-automated counterparts. However, you are not in total control of your brewing, which can be a big issue especially if you are particular about how you want your espresso made. As with the semi-automatic models, the fully automated machines have a wide range of prices. Some will cost as low as 100 dollars while others as high as 1000 dollars.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

You will love this particular type of espresso makers for their extreme ease of use. The main idea behind this type of models is to make the process of brewing a shot of espresso as easy as just adding your favorite coffee grounds and pressing a button. Generally, it’s fast and simple without any mess to clean up. For those who don’t really care about the intricacies of flavor or don’t want to do much work in brewing, this are the best models for them. Also, it suits anyone who frequently drinks a lot of espresso in a day.

How to choose best espresso machine for home or Commercial use – 5 Factors to consider

Depending on what you want in an espresso machine, you will sure be presented with a wide range of brands and models in the market. In this case, to find the machine that is your perfect match, here are 5 main factors and features to put into consideration while shopping around.

Ease of Use

If you a want a machine that is automated, you can easily find one. You will even find models that make more complicated espresso drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos with the press of a button. For anyone whose first priority is the convenience, they should consider getting an espresso machine that falls in the automated categories with programmable settings.

Ease of Cleaning

It is very inconveniencing if you end up with a model that is easy to use but pain to clean. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be aware of what the cleaning process entails before buying. If a machine has more features and components, the more you will get engaged in the cleaning process.


The huge price range of different espresso makers is due to a number of factors. For example, in some models, you pay more for quality and durability of the machines, while in others the higher cost may have to do with the extra features. Other times you could be paying for ease of use, sometimes for better tasting espresso. If you are very particular about your espresso’s flavor or time you will spend making espresso, it would be worth it to invest in a machine that falls somewhere between the higher end of the price range.


If you are on premium space, a compact machine with a small footprint is ideal for you. Otherwise, you may choose a large machine. Furthermore, larger models are capable of making 2 espresso shots at a go or have extra useful features.

Extra Features

  • In-Built Coffee Grinder for making fresh consistent coffee ground. It is ideal if you have limited kitchen space
  • Water Filter to prevent your water flavor from affecting the drinks you brew
  • Cup Warmer for keeping your espresso warm.
  • Programmable Settings
  • Frothing Wand for making types of espresso drinks that involve steamed milk.

Which espresso machine will be the best choice for you?

If you thought that owning an espresso maker at home would go beyond your budget, then try Amazons #1 best seller in the semi-automatic espresso maker’s category, the De’Longhi EC155 espresso machine. You will get a lot of value at an affordable price. What I love most about this espresso maker is that it features a Swivel Jet Frother for making rich and creamy froth for latte and cappuccino. What’s, even more, is that I can use frothing mugs that are tall and medium sized as well. When it comes to quality, no machine can beat this one out. With a stainless steel boiler, you are sure of a couple of years of tasty espressos.

I also rank the EC155 high because of the great shots it produces. I can use low skim or low-fat milk along with any coffee grounds and still achieve more foam when frothing milk. Besides, when it comes to cleaning, it is so easy and fun. This is because most of its parts are removable such as the water tank and drip tray.

In addition, its compatible design is highly comparable using coffee grounds or ESE pods and, makes great cream when compared to some expensive espresso makers. Even better, when I want to switch from drip or instant coffee to much stronger brew, the De’Longhi EC155 will sure let me do exactly that.

Final Verdict

When you finally decide to buy an espresso maker, you are likely to get confused due to the wide range of brands and models to choose from. It’s even more confusing when each vendor touts their machine as the best in the market. And so it gets you thinking, which one is really the one? If still, you don’t know where to begin when looking for an espresso maker, you are at the right place. Here, we are effortlessly committed to providing you the best of the best 15 espresso machines for both home and commercial use. Our reviews are trustworthy and most importantly genuine. Therefore, depending on your preferences; cost, size, features etc., your purchase is your perfect fit.

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