DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Review – How admirable it is

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Review

De’Longhi is well-known for all categories of coffee machines. Today, we’ll talk about one eye-watering expensive fully automatic espresso machine – DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI. If you don’t want to train as a barista but want coffee shop quality espresso, this Delonghi espresso machine is the best in its class.

Even brewing in one touch, you have quite a lot of drink options. And, all drink recipes are customizable. With the mobile app brewing, you can have a taste of modern life.

Many more attractive features come with this machine. Keep reading this DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Review to know more.

Noticeable Features of DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI

One-Touch Brew: Make your favorite espresso in one touch with 3.5” TFT full-touch.

Mobile App: Choose or customize your personalized espresso recipes up to 3 via the mobile app

Versatility; Enjoy up to 16 beverages with the machine, including latte, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, iced coffee, and more.

Color Display: With a color image of every drink, brewing though the display is child play.

All-In-One: From grinding to extracting, all processes don’t require any additional accessories.

Grinder: Built-in, conical burr grinder offers 13 settings to grind fresh coffee beans.

Intelligent system: The machine displays the most brewed drinks first and allows you to save your recipes.

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Compare DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI And Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TISaeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine
DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Espresso MachineSaeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine
The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus comes at a slim figure, which measures 13.7 inches in depth, 9.3 inches in width, and 16.9 inches in height.Saeco PicoBaristo also has a compact figure, measuring 16 inches in height, 12 inches in depth, and 8 inches in width.
The 3.5 inches large color display is easy to use and offers plenty of customization options.The control has a small display with 12 LED-backlit buttons, which provide one-touch beverage selections and easy navigation.
You can brew 16 different drinks including, latte, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, iced coffee, regular coffee, and more.PicoBaristo offers 11 coffee varieties, including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, and many more.
On the top of the machine, the grinder offers 13 settings, is precise, and provides a consistent grind.The powerful grinder of this Saeco espresso machine has a 10-step setting from coarse to fine.
The availability of a smart app makes the machine unique and also easy to operate.This machine doesn’t have any app controlling feature.
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What Users Are Saying About DeLonghi ECAM37095TI Dinamica Plus Espresso Machine

DeLonghi ECAM37095TI is the new release of Delonghi. And, as the price tag is pretty high, there aren’t too many users. But, those few users also love this machine. Even the experts are full of praises about it.

The first thing most of the users like is its compact, beautiful design. So, the slim profile won’t take up a lot of space on your countertop. The built-in grinder seems pretty rigid and provides 13 settings from coarse to fine.

This machine is the best if you want a high-quality cappuccino and latte. The quality it provides is far beyond any regular automatic espresso machine. Moreover, every drink is customizable. And, you can go default and modify the settings on the fly, whatever you want – extra coffee, extra milk.

Also, the automatic frother does an excellent job. As it is detachable, you can store it inside the fridge after brewing. It also has the User’s profile feature. This feature is common in all high-end automatic espresso makers of Delonghi. That allows you to save your settings separately from others who use the same device and have different tastes. There are a total of 3 profiles + a guest profile.

As for the downside, The maker is pretty expensive. And, when you spend a considerable amount of money on an espresso machine, you expect a polished look. But, this machine lacks the first-quality build. There is lots of plastic and not enough metal. Also, you have to face some issues while using the bypass doser.

But, overall, the ECAM37095TI is an excellent espresso maker with plenty of features and perks. If money is not your issue, I would highly recommend this DeLonghi ECAM37095TI Dinamica Plus.

Key Features Of DeLonghi ECAM37095TI Automatic Espresso Machine

Key Features Of DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Automatic Espresso Machine


Super-automatic espresso makers are relatively larger than normal ones as they always carry a built-in grinder and automatic frother. But, DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI, in this case, is relatively compact. The machine is 13.7’’ in-depth, 9.3’’ in width, and 16.9’’ in height.

The built-in grinder has an 11.5 oz capacity, and the top of this has an aroma seal cover to prevent the coffee aroma from dissolving. The water container is 1.8-liter or 60 oz. Overall capacities are pretty decent.

The 3.5” TFT full-touch color display helps through the setup and is very intuitive to use. You can see all beverages with a clean image on the side and the app for more customization on the screen.

The thermal carafe milk container keeps your milk cold. And, as it’s detachable, you can remove it and put it inside your fridge.

Brewing Performance

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus gives its users enough control to brew a perfect cup of coffee. And, it is essential to say that your espresso flavor depends on the beans you use, grind size, strength, temperature, and milk ratios. So, before changing coffee settings, you should keep this in mind.

Customizing the settings isn’t particularly hard. You can change the setting in two ways, either from the display or the mobile app. And, once your settings are ready, you can brew your espresso in one touch. Moreover, you can also save the settings for subsequent uses.

The machine heats up pretty fast, just takes 30 seconds to reach brewing temperature. And provide consistent temperature to brewing cup after cup instantly. With all those, the drinks it brews are all high in quality. The machine is especially good at making Cappuccino and Latte.

Mobile App

A device can’t be called smart if it can’t even connect with your smartphone. The ECAM37095TI allows you to do that. You can link the coffee maker to your mobile app via Bluetooth, displaying clear images of beverages and other settings.

Navigating through the app is much easier. And, there are some settings you won’t find on the machine’s display, like coffee quantity and milk quantity by pouring time. Without that, you can do everything, which is available on the machine display.

FAQs About DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Espresso Machine

Where is the water test strip that is said to come with the device?

The water test strip is inside the large manual. It is trapped on a page of the manual.

How long does it take to make a cappuccino?

If the machine is already heated up ( take only 30 seconds), making a cappuccino takes less than 2 minutes.

Is the amount of coffee it extract customizable?

Yes, the amount of coffee that comes out is customizable, between 20-180 ml.
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Final Verdict

So, what do you think about this espresso maker? Although it is reasonably expensive, the value it provides is also great. Not only, enjoy a variety of drinks, but they are also available in one touch too. Not to mention plenty of customization options.

Operating and cleaning the machine also doesn’t take much effort. So, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is suitable for anyone who wants high-quality espresso without much hassle; and isn’t within budget. That’s all for this DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM37095TI Review. Stay safe and healthy.

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