Saeco Picobaristo Review – Which Is the best Saeco or Gaggia

Saeco Picobaristo Review

Do you think a super automatic espresso machine comprises congeniality compared to automatic? In my point of view, yes. One of the topmost espresso machine brands Saeco launched PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine that leads every single market. This espresso machine is for the customers who crave to bring a variety in their coffee drinks. In the meantime, Saeco PicoBaristo is evaluated as the best super automatic espresso machine.

Saeco PicoBaristo’s 10 settings grinders and single touch control panel offer you the highest quality performance. There is no espresso machine which provides you 5000 cups of coffee without descaling. So, to have all these functionalities choose this espresso machine and to be prudent on it hold your eyes on Saeco PicoBaristo Reviews.

At a Glance Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine

  • Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine comes with a compact design manufactured with stainless steel.
  • It’s brewing unit supports you to select 15 delicious beverages.
  • It includes a large removable water tank of 1.8L.
  • Saeco PicoBaristo offers you a hygiene steam function.
  • It doesn’t sound too loud when making espresso.
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Saeco and Gaggia are the same company. Being the same company, customers consider that these 2 espresso machines offer the identical amenities. Though this is hugely wrong. But yes there are some similarities between them, not quite. In this case, customers have to be skeptical about which espresso machine they will buy. Let’s have a look on the similarities and differences between these two espresso machines below.

Compare Saeco PicoBaristo and Gaggia Anima Prestige Espresso Machine

Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso MachineGaggia Anima Prestige Espresso Machine
 Saeco Picobaristo Review Gaggia Anima Prestige Espresso Machine
With a single touch of your Saeco PicoBaristo espresso machine delivers you 15 flavorful coffee.Gaggia Anima Prestige is a notable espresso machine brand that has appeared with automatic milk frothing by which you can have a single touch brewing.
PicoBaristo has an LCD screen for warning you the water reservoir is empty which protects the machine from being damaged.It’s cleaning capacity is beyond description because of its 60 oz removable water reservoir and a bean hopper of 8.8 ounce.
It has a rapid heat boiler that boosts you to make espresso or coffee quickly. You don’t need to stand for extra minutes to make another cup of coffee.You can make any type of beverages you desire and it can be at any temperature by changing the programs.
It has a bypass doser that supports you to initiate grounds in the absence of the bean hopper.It includes a removable drip tray which has 24 oz capacity and along with a full tray indicator for easy cleaning.
It’s aquaclean water filter keeps you trouble free from descaling. After making 5000 cups of coffee it needs descaling.This Gaggia espresso machine is programmable that provides espresso and milk frothing operations.
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What Users Saying About Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine

Saeco Espresso Machine has been manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. On account of this, PicoBaristo espresso machine inherits customers’ support a lot. But there are some flaws in this machine that customers have a lot of complaints about. Majority portion of them opine that this machine operates well in the first few months. After a few months it starts disturbing in the hopper door. It sounds very loud when it pumps the water and grinds the beans.

The other portion complains about its price and durability. According to them its $1500 price is not consistent with its inferior performance. Manufacturers offer a 2 years warranty but it doesn’t even run well 6 months. So without prolongation manufacturers should pay heed to all these opinions.

Key Features of Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine

Consummate Espresso

Saeco HD8927 is proficient in making flawless espresso by grinding and brewing the beans superlatively. With maximum pressure you will get the foamy cappuccino. In a single touch you will enjoy 15 types of beverages.

Cleaning Function

This finest espresso machine features an aquaclean filter for maintaining the cleaning function superbly. Being stainless steel you don’t need to clean it regularly. Without descaling you can have the taste of 5000 cup of coffee. It’s removable water tank provides you trouble free cleaning. By removing the water your machine will clean automatically.

Price and Performance

Saeco HD8927 Espresso Machine supplies you convenience features and reliable performance. But simultaneously when you compare its performance with price, you may think it is overpriced and inconsistent.

Fascinating Design

It’s alluring design surpassed all its features. It’s accurate shape makes you stop worrying about the place. It will fix in every place of your house. It’s stainless steel design enhances the charm. 

FAQ About Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine

Is Saeco truly a good brand?

Saeco espresso machine is indisputably a homely brand as well as it has a worthiness. For a limited amount of money you will surely get the best quality espresso machine from Saeco that will make you a barista in brewing espresso or coffee even if you are fresher.

Which is better; Saeco or Gaggia?

They both are the same brand. But Gaggia is better than Saeco. The Saeco espresso machine has several complications like its durability, sounds and shut on/off. On the other hand Gaggia offers automatic grind and brew for the beginners. It provides customers with a pannarello wand frother for perfect espresso.

Does the Saeco PicoBaristo espresso machine have durability?

No. Though the manufacturer declares a 2 years warranty but it doesn’t work well even for a single month. You have to use this machine with cautiously otherwise it will damage.
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Final Verdict

Over and above Saeco PicoBaristo is a mediocre espresso machine but not up to the mark. Its inconsistent price and various errors made customers consider that it is an overrated espresso machine. So, it would be wise to pick Gaggia Anima Prestige Espresso Machine under $1000 over Saeco PicoBaristo Espresso Machine at $1500 with slighter performance. Hopefully I have been masterly assist you with the proper guidance. I personally opt for Gaggia Anima Prestige if you have personal choice you can choose another one. 

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