Saeco Incanto HD8917 Review – Does it better than DeLonghi?

Saeco Incanto HD8917 Review - Does it better than DeLonghi?

Are you considering the buy the Saeco Incanto HD8917 espresso machine which is pretty expensive? The Saeco Incanto hd8917 model disc grinder which is made by 100% ceramic, for continuously perfect performance which is good enough for keep the coffee taste natural.

The Saeco Incanto HD8917 ceramic grinder, Integrated milk carafe, large capability of 15x waste container and AquaClean filter help you to continuously produce creamy cappuccino, latte and espresso up to 5000 cups of coffee with just replace the regular filter.

Most of users extremely liked its high quality technology features and its appealing stainless steel body which is made by Italy. In my opinion, Saeco Incanto HD8917 overall performance compared to its features worth the money through you have to dig little bit more into your pocket.

If you ask yourself does it truly worth or not, let’s take a look Saeco Incanto hd8917 features at a glance and what others users are saying about it.

At a Glance Saeco Incanto HD8917 Super Espresso Machine

  • Manufactured with stainless steel.
  • Allows you to make 6 one-touch beverages.
  • Includes a large container of 8.8oz.
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder of 5 steps to keep the coffee taste natural.
  • Can make 20000 cups of coffee with long-lasting regular filter replacement.
  • Remove-able brewing for effortless regular cleaning
  • Convenient powder option for decaffeinated coffee.
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To make your personal choice more easier I have compared Saeco Incanto HD8917 with another popular model DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine. Below you can consider the most perfect one that suits your preference as well budget too.

Compare Saeco Incanto HD8917 and DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine​

Saeco Incanto HD8917 Espresso MachineDeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine
Saeco Incanto HD8917 Espresso MachineDeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine
Saeco Incanto HD8917 Carafe Super Automatic Espresso can brew and steam a latte macchiato, an espresso and a cappuccino with a single touch of button (6 options available).DeLonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine has two grinder sensors and a bean sensor that makes sure your compatibility in grinding and auspicious dose for espresso.
This Saeco Incanto espresso machine features high maintenance. You don’t need any filter as it provides you an aquclean filter that means you don’t require to descale. You will get more coffee and less cleaning work.It’s smart tamping station tamp the ground coffee with the perfect pressure for discovering your desired finest espresso. To have perfect espresso you don’t require porta-filter.
Incanto grinders are manufactured with high-tech ceramic where fresh beans ground without roasting and you can get excellent flavors and fragrance of coffee up to 20,000 cups.This Delonghi espresso machine features a dual heating system and best temperature balance for waiting you short-time between the process of making your espresso.
You can taste hot coffee any time without being cold because of its rapid heat boiler. You can brew proper cappuccino and espresso without waste a second.It’s mercantile looks and stainless steel congruous with your cuisine. With its tamper you can gain an experience of mess-free espresso making.
It is a multi functional espresso machine and you don’t have to stand a minute. At your fingerprints you can get coffee quickly.Automatic off/on features minimizes your troubles and it allows you to make tea, Americano and hot water.
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What Users Saying About Saeco Incanto HD8917 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The enigmatic thing right now is to trace something authentic. In that respect, the Saeco espresso machine has authenticity and is trustworthy. Saeco Incanto espresso machine has fabricated a separate fan base among customers.

What Users Saying About Saeco Incanto HD8917 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Greater portion of the customers contemplate buying Saeco Incanto HD8917 as an ultra-fine investment. After using it you will feel that you have evaluated your money properly. Although the premier intention is to make espresso, it corroborates you to make different brews like lattes and cappuccinos.

Like every object Saeco espresso machine has also cons and customers complain about this. They complain that it works majorly in the first few days but after a while it loses its capacity to make perfect espresso. After using 10-15 days it stops frothering. Formerly it was able to make  foamy milk for perfect cappuccino but a few days later it is unable to do that. Since you are getting it at a reasonable price you there must be some errors and omissions.

Key Features of Saeco Incanto HD8917 Espresso Machine

Water Reservoir

Saeco’s 60.9oz water reservoir allows you a large capacity. So that you can clean easily by removing the water from the reservoir. Being a stainless steel it will be cleaned easily.

Boiler System

Saeco Incanto supports a single touch dual boiler system for steaming milk and brewing the coffee. As these boilers are made of stainless steel so it helps to heat quickly.


Saeco Incanto is a multi-functional espresso machine. It doesn’t waste your time and you don’t need to stand a single second. At a fingerprint you will get your latte, espresso or cappuccino. 

Brewing Capacity

This espresso machine has come with upgraded technology. It brews your coffee properly. You never offer you bitter or burnt coffee. It grinds all types of beans. 

FAQs About Saeco Incanto HD8917 Espresso Machine

Which is a better espresso machine; DeLonghi or Saeco?

Both are high-end quality espresso machines and have durability. In fact DeLonghi is much exotic among customers than Saeco. Saeco offers expensive espresso machines up to $1000 where DeLonghi Provides the same quality espresso machine under $200. So DeLonghi can easily be accessed in one’s kitchen.

Should I replace my espresso machine and when?

Yes. You can replace your coffee maker when it starts damaging. After using it for a few years you can realize your coffee maker starts leaking. You should check whether your coffee maker has loose parts. If your machine doesn’t brew at high capacity then replace your espresso machine and fetch a new one.

What is the reason behind not being a milk foamy?

The first and foremost reason behind not being  foamy is your espresso machine’s pump doesn’t pressurize enough for milk foam. And the second reason is if your machine’s frother pipe is dirty then the coffee maker would be unable to pressure the pump for milk foaming.
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Final Thoughts

You may have already realized that the Saeco Incanto HD8917 is the top-notch flagship model of Saeco. Espresso lovers will consider this machine just because of its grind settings and ceramic burr. With sleek design it offers you a large water reservoir and a matching bean hopper.

So Optimistically, after reading this Saeco Incanto HD8917 review may clearly understand why I highly recommend this. Now rest is up to you.

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