Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Review – Why CM401 Is better?

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Review

What do you expect from a coffee machine? Easy to use, low cost, durable, and produce great coffee. Even though there are other factors people need, these are the basics. Now hear me out, Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 can fulfill all your needs.

This Amazing coffee maker is well known for providing a rich and smooth brew using the extra ground. Moreover, it offers five brew flavors and six cup sizes including creamy lattes, shots of espresso, iced coffee, and others.

The price tag of this coffee machine is also affordable. As you may know, Ninja is best for low-cost coffee machines. Moreover, the cost per cup is not high. But, there are still several flaws holding it back.

Is Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 live up to its expectations or is it another flop model? Let us find out in this detailed review.

At A Glance Of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Coffee Maker

  • It offers six cup options from a single cup to a travel mug to a full carafe size.
  • Choose what brew you want between classic, rich,  Over Ice, or Specialty.
  • New Thermal Flavor Extraction technology ensures better flavor.
  • Its Glass carafe can hold up to 10 cups.
  • It automatically shut-off after two hours of inactivation.
  • Auto IQ ensures taking enough water from the reservoir.
  • Has a programmable timer for delay brewing.
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Compare between ninja cf097 vs cm401- Why CM401 Is better?

Compare between ninja cf097 vs cm401- Why CM401 Is better?

These two coffee machines, Ninja CF097 and CM401 seem, identical twins, at first glance. From looks to operation most things are the same as these models of Ninja. However, there’s a huge price difference between them. So, starting with the…


CF097 and CM401 are similar coffee machines to the most at first glance. Thankfully, both machines look gorgeous and add up to your kitchen aestheticism.

Ninja CF097 and CM401 both appear to users with black and stainless steel bodies. There’s a removable water tank on the left of both machines. Underneath the tank is the control panel of the machine. A foldable milk frother is on the back and keeps a streamlined design.

CM401 keeps the coffee warm with its warming palate. This feature, however, is missing in CF097, which is also complained about by many users. But, it uses a thermal carafe which also keeps the coffee hot in the carafe spontaneously for 2-3 hours.


Both Ninjas can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at once. This is enough for a medium to large family. And, they both come with a carafe.

Ninja CF097 offers a thermal carafe, whereas CM401 has two options – thermal carafe or glass carafe. Even it capacitates giant sizes coffee mugs too.  So, CM401 is more convincing in this case. Having more options is always better.


Up until now, CM401 has the upper hand. However, there might be some twists in a feature comparison. Both coffee makers have a fold-away frother, removable water tank, reusable filter, and lastly Ninja scoop to measure coffee grounds.

You can brew in six brewing sizes with CM097 and CM401. Moreover, the brewing style is also customizable in classic, rich, over ice, and specialty for CM401. And, with four one extra option comes with CF097, which is a cafe forte.

From this, you can say, CM401 still has a slight upper hand. But,  the difference gets larger when you consider the price. CM401 is way cheaper than the CF097. Thus, in the end, the winner is the new Ninja CM401.

What is the Key Features of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

What is the Key Features of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

The system of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 allows anyone to make a perfect cup of coffee. And, create a perfect balance of its operation.

It doesn’t have the fancy look of high-class espresso coffee makers, but not bad looking either. Using it is not complicated but can do several jobs at once. The Thermal Carafe System can brew different types of coffee.


The stainless steel body of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 looks classy. The crystal-water reservoir adds elegance to the handsome design of this model.

However, the dimensions of this coffee machine aren’t small. It’ll eat up quite a space on your countertop, which measures 15 x 15.28 x 16.34 inches in WHD. But, it offers you 5 types of drinks anyway.

The coffee maker comes with a double-walled carafe, which holds the coffee temperature and keeps your coffee hot for longer. It does the same with iced coffee drinks.

Performance & Quality

One thing that makes this Ninja special is its Thermal Carafe System. This enables the user to enjoy different coffee tastes with the same ground quality. However, you can change the amount to coffee grounds according to your preference.

This Ninja has five different styles of brew options, which are – Classic brew (for a single cup of coffee), Rich Brew (for stronger flavor), Over Ice Brew (for cold iced drinks), Specialty mode (for espresso type taste), and Cafe Forte.

You can brew these flavors in a plethora of sizes including cup sizes like XL-multi serve and half carafe. Those options are not available in other coffee machines.

Moreover, a recent technology of Ninja, Auto-IQ One-Touch shows the right amount of water you need to brew a cup of coffee. It also informs you how long it will take to make your desired beverage.

The machine serves hotter coffee and its carafe also equips features to keep the coffee hot for a long time. There’s a delay brew function too. You can set a timer for the machine to turn on and start brewing.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Coffee machines need frequent cleaning. If not, residual piles up and reduce the performance of the coffee machine. Most users don’t even have an idea why their machine performance is downgrading. . But thankfully the Ninja CF097 has a machined indicator to alert you when the time to clean your coffee machine.

Normally you should at least clean your coffee machine every month for twice if you are using it regularly. And, manufacturers suggest cleaning it thoroughly after 60 brew cycles. Cleaning this coffee bar system is quite easy, especially descaling, as there’s a feature to do that.

What Users Are Saying About Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

From the description to price, from advertising to actual product, everything seems to be perfect with Ninja Coffee Bar CF097. But, is it that perfect?

Although experts rated it highly, some people are quite frustrated with this coffee machine. Most of them have the same problem – the machine needs cleaning frequently. And, for some, this frequency is about two to three days. So, if your area’s supply of water is hard, CF097 is not recommended at all.

But other than that, there aren’t any major issues to complain about. Although I found some lackings like an automatic shut-off button and palate warmer, that’s still fine.

However, there are many things to love and users are truly satisfied with that. Among them, several brewing types and cup size options are extremely found by users. Even though it lacks K-cup compatibility, brewing coffee with it is simple. And, delivery is also fast.

The design isn’t flimsy either. Overall, everything is remarkable. Still, people can’t overlook the lackings. This can only be solved with a better version, which is –

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Final Verdict

SharkNinja is a long-player of manufacturing kitchen appliances. But, not too long ago it entered the coffee maker industry. And, after some trial and error, it had finally stabilized with the release of CF097. And make an impact for its uniqueness, functionality, versatility, and overall performance.

However, before buying this complete brewing system you should consider your requirements and its ability. Anyway, one thing is confirm, you won’t lose if you take it. So, that’s all I have for this article. Stay blessed.

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