Ninja CM407 Review – Does it’s better than DeLonghi EC702?

Ninja CM407 Review

Are you desperate for the top of the line Ninja coffee maker? Then you will be gratified experiencing Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker which is turned into the flagship model of Ninja.

With its over iced technology it brews extreme flavored iced coffee without being watered down. Its 6 brew sizes accommodates you to choose from a single cup to full carafe. Yet Ninja CM407 Specialty is the best coffee maker to the coffee addicts.

This pod free Ninja CM407 coffee maker only assumes you to brew fresh beans for having fineness. It offers you rich and dense milk frother for maximizing the taste of the cappuccino, espresso and americano. Generally speaking, Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker adds an extra dimension in the coffee maker market. Let’s have a look at Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker Reviews to know in trifles.

At a Glance Ninja CM407 Coffee Maker

  • The user can be amused by viewing Ninja CM407 coffee maker’s full glass milk carafe that is sufficiently foamy.
  • It’s classic and superior brewing style sustains the tastiness of the coffee and strong brew enhances the flavor.
  • It’s over iced features offer authentic ice coffee without being watery.
  • This Ninja model comes with 6 brew sizes by which you can have coffee from single glass to travel mugs.
  • It’s fold-away frother features convert the milk from hot/cold to sleek froth within a few seconds.

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Compare Ninja CM407 and DeLonghi EC702 Coffee Maker

Ninja CM407 Coffee Maker DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker
Ninja CM407 Review DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker
Ninja CM407 Specialty is an entry-level coffee maker of the Ninja brand that has a diversity in terms of brewing sizes. It’s bump shaped dial allows you to choose a single cup, XL single cup, travel mugs, XL travel mugs, half carafe and full milk carafe. DeLonghi EC702 is a flagship model of DeLonghi espresso machine features a pressurized portafilter that is severely finest for beginner to barista literally those who crave for fresh grounds.
It features an extreme large water reservoir that is able to keep 50 ounces of water. It’s top side is foldable for checking the amount of water and making the cleaning process easier. It’s stainless steel appliances offer you a long lasting assurance as well as a solid look and flexibility. One more thing is all the appliances are manufactured with enough space.
This Ninja coffee maker uses thermal flavor extraction which is capable of jumbling to deliver water with automated controls that adjust temperature with brewing settings. This DeLonghi espresso machine features a kit which supports you to make single and double shots. For your suitability it allows you to use ESE Pods and grounds simultaneously.
It has a heated plate that is manufactured with stainless steel for keeping your coffee or other drinks warm up to 2 hours. Heated plates don’t exist in all coffee makers. This entry-level espresso machine features a milk-frothing function that froths the milk amazingly. While steaming it becomes hot and generates perfect soften foam. You can craft beverages by this.
It comes with flexibility. You don’t require to press stop or pause button in brewing coffee as it features a drip-stop button. This process protects you from being burnt and obstructs overflow. It comes with an extra large water reservoir that capacitates 44 ounce of water. It’s LED screens support you knowing how much water is spent and when it should be filled.
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  What Users Are Saying About Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja CM407 Specialty melts the hearts of millions of people by its alluring features. It is recently available and users purchase it like a hot cake. For the advantages of contemporary coffee lovers we have united a few user opinions. Since nothing has perfection in the universe so they disclose mixed reviews.

The strong point of this coffee maker is design. It’s impressive design that is manufactured with stainless steel enthralls the customers most to buy. It permits you to make specialty, over iced, rich as well as classic brew. It brews coffee rapidly and supports giant size travel mugs compared with others. It’s extra large water reservoir adds a new dimension with its convenience. 

This coffee maker has some demerits also as formerly I said nothing is perfect. It has a loudness issue. When it gets started to brew it sounds loud enough that is disturbing enough but after a while it sounds less. So, those who want a quiet coffee maker, this Ninja model is not for them. The other weakness is built quality. Some of the appliances of this maker is made of plastic which can have a degree of risk to break. If still above doesn’t suits your needs, you may find an espresso machine under $200 that few models also considered based on your budget.

Key Features of Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker

Coffee Bean Extraction

This coffee maker’s thermal flavor extraction technology is capable of entering all types of coffee beans for rich brew that intensifies the taste of the coffee. The classic brew maintains the sleek flavor. If you crave to enhance the taste more in that case you can add milk, sugar and as well as creamer. It’s over ice brew offers you cold coffee without watered down.

Cleaning Function

To make your cleaning session more than easier Ninja coffee maker provides you with a permanent filter which is accurately fit for cleaning. In that case you don’t require to use paper filters. It supports you in descaling after every three months.


The reason why it operates well in the market is its price. This coffee maker’s user-friendly features surpassed its price. Under $200 it provides most reliable coverage. So all classes of people can use this coffee maker with affordability.  

FAQs of Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker

Q: Is Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker good enough?

Yes. Ninja CM407 is the highest quality coffee maker. It makes the finest coffee but when it comes to making espresso it seems savage. This coffee maker is reliable and makes coffee rapidly. It’s milk frothing system makes foamy and velvety froth. Over and above it’s a top-notch coffee maker.

Q: Is Ninja CM407 Coffee Maker Durable?

No. Ninja CM407 doesn’t last long. The manufacturer mentions a 2 years warranty though it hasn’t durability too long. It lasts for a single year. Sometime before a year it started issues in the water reservoir and brewing unit.

Q: Why do I get bitter flavoring coffee from my Ninja CM407?

The principal reason for bitter taste is for using old beans. For getting flavorful coffee you need to use fresh beans. The other reason would be your water quality. In that case, you should refill water from the water reservoir. For avoiding bitter taste coffee you can use salt with your coffee. Sometimes equipment is also responsible for bitter coffee.

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Final Verdict

Ninja CM407 is overall good but not the best in Ninja brands. If users compared its price with features then they will hypothesize it’s worth buying. For office goers it will be remunerative since it holds the hotness of the coffee for 4 hours. So, don’t think twice, rather feel free to buy it at only $200.

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