Ninja CE251 Review – Compare Ninja CE251 vs CE201 Model

Ninja CE251 Review

When it comes to crafting that perfect cup of coffee, one might argue that the brewing process plays an essential role. And when it comes to delivering that ultimate coffee experience, Ninja CE251 programmable brewer leaves no stone unturned. With its advanced hotter brewing technology, this coffee machine is designed to brew your coffee at an optimal temperature, ensuring a premium coffee taste.

Brewing coffee with Ninja CE251 is an effortless process that takes just 15 seconds. What’s more, this programmable brewer is a godsend for coffee addicts as it allows you to brew hot coffee for up to 24 hours, ensuring that you never run out of your favorite beverage. This coffee machine is all about convenience, and it lets you brew coffee in advance – a feature that only a handful of brewers offer.

So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes this coffee machine a standout in the crowded market of coffee makers.

At a Glance Ninja CE251 Coffee Maker

  • Ninja CE251 coffee maker features custom brew strengths by which you can get a classic or rich brew.
  • Its adjustable warming plate holds the hotness of the coffee for up to 4 hours.
  • This Ninja coffee maker model has a convenient removable water reservoir of 60 Oz that is easy to refill.
  • Its 24 hours brewing features deliver you hot brew in advance.
  • This brewer includes a mid-brew pause that allows you to capture a cup in the mid brewing.
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Compare Ninja CE251 vs Ninja CE201 Coffee Maker​

Ninja CE215 Coffee Maker Ninja CE201 Coffee Maker
Ninja CE251 ReviewNinja CE201 Coffee Maker
Ninja CE215 Programmable Brewer comes with an adjustable warming plate that offers you an extremely hot coffee up to 4 hours.Ninja Ce201 Coffee Maker comes with a precision temp warming plate for maintaining the hotness for up to 4 hours without burning.
Not only coffee but also it can brew tea with an amazing flavor. Its straw flavor makes the coffee taste authentic.This excellent programmable coffee maker has a flavor straw that circulates coffee to ensure you hot and flavorful coffee.
This Ninja model’s hotter brewing technology never let you think about the heat of the coffee.It’s thermal flavor extraction has a composition of consistent temperature for full flavor coffee with proper heat.
It features a removable water reservoir of 60 oz that is capable of making up to 12 cup glass milk carafe.It has a perfect shape removable water reservoir that supports you to refill the reservoir without mess.
It’s frothing system is foldable that offers you rich milk froth and makes the cappuccino delicious
This Ninja model comes with additional accessories like permanent filter, ninja integrated scoop, 12 cup glass carafe.
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What Are Users Saying About Ninja CE215 Programmable Coffee Maker

Ninja CE215 Programmable coffee maker has a prodigious value among its customers. Ninja has launched several models. But this Ninja Programmable coffee maker model has surpassed all the predecessor’s items.

Uses till now immensely exhilarated about this brewer. For the beginners, they share a few opinions so that they can operate the brewer effortlessly and cope with it.

The most loving feature of it is its carafe. Every age user can use it as it is easy to install. It allows you to make coffee all day long without the mess. Its removable water tank is a massive plus point in cleaning spontaneously. According to them, it is a tremendous quality coffee maker.

This coffee maker’s pot doesn’t leak easily like a so-called coffee brewer’s pot. But a few customers complained about its warming plate. They said its warming plate is unable to keep the coffee hot. Otherwise, this brewer has no flaws. They recommend it highly. Also, you may find a best Keurig coffee maker model for consideration.

Key Features of Ninja CE215 Programmable Brewer

Brewing Capacity

Ninja CE215 Programmable Brewer comes with a hot and cold-brewed system so that you can prepare fresh and authentic coffee and tea within 10 minutes.

Ninja users can make frothy specialty drinks by following their recipe books and instructions. No other coffee maker provides such rich and classic strength coffee and tea as Ninja coffee maker. You don’t need to be panicked about the brew size.

It delivers you an appropriate temperature for a brief time and never gives you bitter or burnt coffee. For making your brewing process easier it provides a brew basket.

Its integrated measuring scoop helps you to measure the proper amount of coffee, milk, and other ingredients to make a divine quality of coffee.

Cleaning Maintenance

This programmable coffee machine brewer offers good coffee when you clean it regularly. To keep it mess-free you need to rinse its filter holder, permanent filter, and carafe. If you want to keep your machine super clean you can scrub it.

If you consider it still looks messy in that case you can use soap and water to clean. On a regular basis after making coffee you should wipe the machine with a damp cloth.

If you want deep cleaning then you can descale the machine. Descaling instructions you can find from Ninja coffee maker bar manufacturers or their customer care center.


Normally Ninja CE215 provides you with a 1-year warranty. But sometimes this machine has several issues with its brewing cycle and water reservoir. You can enhance the longevity by maintaining the cleaning or replacing the part.

According to a handful of customers, this brewer operates up to 5 years. But it depends on your use rate. On the other hand, a large quantity of customers says it operates for only 6 months. If it lasts 6 months you can contact customer care service and they will repair it.

FAQs Of Ninja CE215 Coffee Maker

Is it made of stainless steel?

No. It is made of plastic. But a few parts of it is made of steel. Even after being a plastic body, it doesn’t crack easily.

Is it made of stainless steel?

No. It is made of plastic. But a few parts of it is made of steel. Even after being a plastic body, it doesn’t crack easily.

Does its warming plate have a light?

Yes. The Warm plate has a light. When it turns on, the button lights up.
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Final Thoughts

Ninja CE215 is over and above a second to none programmable brewer. For serving you superior coffee in the morning it has no opponent. Purchasing it for under $100 will be a wise decision. Overall, the Ninja CE251 is a solid coffee maker that offers convenience and advanced features at an affordable price.

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