Top 5 Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Having issues with the coffee makers is truly bothersome. But, that’s a common problem with all coffee machines and the same with Mr. Coffee. However, don’t worry; this Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Troubleshooting will help you to eradicate your problems.

Mr. Coffee maker is an excellent coffee machine. They brew top-quality coffee and keep it warm for a long time without reducing quality. But, sometimes, you may don’t even get a coffee or get a cup of coffee too bad to take in your mouth.

However, before you try out this Mr. Coffee coffee maker troubleshooting, you should restart your machine several times by holding the power button. As sometimes, electric devices do odd things without any particular cause.

Top 5 Most Common Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

1. Mr. Coffee Turns On; But Doesn’t Brew

  • Before attempting out anything, double-check turning on and off the power button.
  • Mr. Coffee won’t brew without enough water. So, open the top lid and check if there is enough water. If not, fill the water reservoir and try brewing again.
  • One possibility of not brewing is a disposition of the water filter. Open the top lid and reposition the water filter. But, if the problem continues, chances are it needs replacement.
  • Clogged water lines with minerals are another reason for your problem. Descaling is the best way to get rid of this issue. You can buy any solution (liquid) from the market, but vinegar and water are the best as usual.
  • It is also possible that your machine is not getting sufficient power to brew. First, examine your house’s breaker box and ensure it is working correctly. Next, replace the power cord of the device. You can check the power cord changing guide in the manual or contact Mr. Coffee for replacement.

2. The brewer is overflowing

This is the most annoying problem, in my opinion. You just wanted a cup of coffee, but now thanks to this overflowing, you are cleaning the whole countertop first thing in the morning.


  • The filter basket may not be in the proper place. Make sure it is placed on top of your coffee maker properly, and the lid should be closed with ease.
  • You are possibly putting too much coffee grounds onto the filter basket. In this case, water doesn’t pass through because of the clog, resulting in overflow. Just remove the grounds from the basket and add a specific amount.
  • Improper pot position can also be a reason for your coffee maker to overflow. Ensure the pot is appropriately aligned with the warming plate and in the middle. Now, try brewing again.
  • There could be the spout is damaged or mineral buildup on it. Descaling usually fixes a clogged spout, and you have to replace it is broken.

3. There Grounds In The Coffee

Every time you brew, you see grounds on the bottom of your cup. This makes the coffee bitter and decreases its quality. This problem is sole because of the filter basket. Either the basket is broken, or it isn’t in the correct position.


  • If your filter isn’t in the proper position, fix it. With a filter basket properly situated, closing the top lead won’t be a problem. You can hear a ‘click’ sound with just a simple push.
  • Sometimes the filter in your coffee maker can collapse or deformed. In such a situation, changing your filter basket is the only solution. You can easily find a suitable filter basket on Amazon.

4. The Brewer is brewing lukewarm coffee.

If your machine isn’t brewing hot coffee, check if the temperature adjustment is on max temperature. And ensure you have given it enough time for all the parts to heat up. I recommend brewing after 15 minutes of starting the brewer. You can also try brewing with water only before trying extract again.


  • Your device may not be getting sufficient power to heat its boiler correctly. Check the power cord if you could find any damaged spot. Also, try plugging other appliances into the outlet of your coffee maker.
  • If you keep your coffee for a long time after brewing, the machine’s heating element automatically shuts off. And, don’t keep the coffee warm anymore. There isn’t a way to deactivate the auto shut-off.  Just brew another pot or reheat your coffee separately.

5, The Coffee Maker Isn’t Turning On/ Mr. Coffee Maker Not Working

This is a common problem with coffee makers nowadays. Following the steps, the problem can be solved.


  • Doble checks the power button by turning it on and off.  Sometimes we wonder what happened without turning the coffee machine on. 
  • If it still doesn’t turn on, verify your home broker box or just plug in another appliance to see if the outlet is working correctly.
  • Maybe in your case, the power cord is the real culprit. If you have any device with a similar power cord, check if it is okay. Otherwise, you have to replace the power cord. You can follow the power cord replacement guide in the manual.
  • Clogged parts can also be a reason. But I think the machine should at least turn on even if it is clogged. However, try opening the parts to unclog them and brew again.
  • But, if it still doesn’t work, I don’t see a way that you can try. The only solution is to take the machine to a certified technician.

Final Verdict

Coffee machines sometimes will cause some problems. And, fixing them most of the time doesn’t require too much effort. But still, a few issues are not for you to solve. Don’t push yourself too much. It is a matter of safety.

However, you can prevent most coffee machine problems by keeping your machine clean and using it carefully. So, try to descale your machine at least once in two months. That’s all for this Mr. Coffee coffee maker troubleshooting.

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