Miele Cm5500 Review – Does it comparable with DeLonghi ESAM?

Miele Cm5500 Review

Miele Cm5500 is a super-automatic espresso machine with plenty of customization options. You can brew your favorite drink with just a touch of your hand with this beautiful machine.

With several drinks options, the machine allows for saving additional recipes. The touch-sensitive controls and on-screen prompts are intuitive to use. And the espresso It brew is also top-notch.

But, as with all fully super-automatic espresso machines, CM5500 is also expensive. And, it also has some drawbacks. So, today, I’ll share detail in-depth about this machine with my own experience, whether you should buy it or not.

Miele Cm5500 Noticeable Features At A Glance

  • Compact Design: Despite being a super-automatic device, the machine is compact and suitable for most kitchen countertops.
  • One-Touch: Get your favorite drink just with a touch of a finger.
  • Institutive Display: Touch-sensitive controls and a backlit display provide a whole new experience.
  • Drink Profile: Two programmable profiles allow you to save unique drinks for each user.
  • Drinks: Enjoy eight unique beverages, including espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino, and latte.
  • Carafe Mode: Unlike traditional super-automatic espresso machines, this model allows users to brew 40 ounces at once.
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Comparison Between Miele Cm5500 and DeLonghi ESAM04110S Espresso Machine

Miele Cm5500 Coffee MachineDeLonghi ESAM04110S Espresso Machine
 Miele Cm5500 Review DeLonghi ESAM04110S Espresso Machine
Miele Cm5500 is a compact device, even though super-automatic espresso machines are relatively large for serving different purposes. The espresso maker measures 9.5 inches x 18 inches x 14 inches.DeLonghi ESAM04110S Is also a super-automatic espresso maker and compact in size. This Delonghi espresso machine measures 11.2 inches in width, 19.5 in height, and 14.4 inches in depth.
A powerful burr grinder is integrated with the CM5500. The burr grinder uniquely cut beans to restrain their flavor and aroma.The ESAM04110S also comes with a burr grinder, and you can adjust the grind settings in 12 steps.
The machine comes with a medium-size water reservoir, which is 44 ounces. The bean hopper capacity is also that amazing, only 7 ounces.This device has relatively larger capacities than the water tank and bean hopper. The water tank is 60 oz, and the bean hopper is 7.1 ounces.
A unique feature of the Miele is its drink profile. If you are two different people using the same machine and have different tastes, the device lets you have different settings in individual profiles.Although this Delonghi has a few extra drink options, the machine doesn’t allow users to save their drinks, let alone save different profiles.
Although the machine doesn’t offer pre-programmable brewing, it has an automatic shut-off feature.DeLonghi ESAM04110S also doesn’t have a programmable timer, and you can set automatic turn off either.
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What Users Are Saying About Miele Cm5500 Espresso Machine

There aren’t many reviews about users on the web. But, among the few ones, almost all of them are positive about this Miele Cm5500 espresso machine. They particularly liked the user-friendliness of the device.

Using the machine is extremely easy. The institutive touch controls are straightforward and tell you what to do. Moreover, the backlit display is also pretty helpful.

There are some praiseworthy unique features of the machine, especially the drinking profile function. With this feature, two different people with different tastes can adjust the drinking quantity and other on their profile for one-touch brewing.

Also, the Carafe Mode is uncommon among fully automatic espresso machines. The machine is capable of brewing 40 ounces of espresso at once. But, you have to buy a carafe separately, CM5500 won’t give you any. And, the glass carafe won’t work as the cup warmer is on the top.

But, the machine also has some drawbacks. The first would be the espresso quality is a bit lacking. As a top-notch espresso maker, I was expecting a little extra. Also, as the machine is compact, the capacities are short—especially the water tank capacity, only 44 ounces. So, you have to refill the tank quite often.

However, many convenient features come with the machine, like self-cleaning, eco mode, and child lock option. So, overall, it can satisfy its customers quite a bit.

Key Feature Of Miele Cm5500 Countertop Coffee Machine

Key Feature Of Miele Cm5500 Countertop Coffee Machine


Miele coffee makers have a different design than most other espresso machines. They describe CM5500 as rose gold, but in my opinion, it’s more like rose gold. The design is sleek and has a classy look.

The machine comes with compact aspects. It is 9.5 inches in depth,  18 inches in height, and 14 inches in width. And, thanks to its small size, it fits on the countertop easily.

But, with small size, there comes the small capacity. That’s means all the capacity of CM5500 Miele is small, especially the water reservoir. It can hold only 44 ounces of water. And, with the machine self-cleaning itself after every brew, the water reservoir sinks to the bottom in no time.

The front panel has intuitive touch controls, with presets for coffee, espresso, latte, and cappuccino. You can brew in one touch with these presets.

The head of the spouts is adjustable to fit different cup sizes. The max cup you can fit under the nozzle is 135 mm, whereas the smallest size is 80 mm. The machine extracts coffee for 2 cups at once.

On the top panel, there is a cup warmer, water reservoir mouth, and bean hopper. The brewing unit of the device is removable from the side.

Self Cleaning

This is a pretty handy feature; take out your hard work to clean your machine regularly. After every shot, the device shot steaming water throughout the brewing unit and frother. 

Thanks to this function, the ground doesn’t scale up on the brewing chamber. So, you require to descale the Miele less frequently. And ultimately increase longevity. But, there is still an issue as this uses quite a lot of water, the machine empties the reservoir faster.

Unique Functionality

Miele Cm5500 has some of its unique features, which stand it out of the regular lineup. The first of these exciting features is the Drink profile. Almost all the fully automatic espresso machines allow you to a slight change in presets and save drinks manually.

But, the Miele cm5500 coffee machine takes this a step further and allows its users to create individual profiles. So, individual users can change their recipes as they want but won’t affect other users.

There is also the Carafe mood to brew 40 ounces of espresso at once. This can be pretty handy when making espresso for a large number of people.

FAQs of the Miele Cm5500 Coffee Machine

What is the difference between CM5500 and CM5300?

They are the same model with color differences. If color is not a significant factor, you can choose either of them.

How do you make cappuccino? I can’t find a milk container.

A milk tube comes into the machine to be fed into a milk container. But, CM5500 doesn’t supply any, so you have to buy it separately.

Does the water reservoir have a filter?

Yes, the water tank filters water before brewing espresso.
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Final Verdict

Super espresso makers can be pretty hefty. Although Miele Cm5500 is an entry-level espresso machine, it will charge you over $1200. So, it’s common to hesitate before buying.

Moreover, the machine isn’t that famous either. But, considering its features and convenience, it’s without a doubt one of the top entry-level espresso machines. And, it provides more value for money. Without its slightly off espresso quality, there aren’t any noticeable flaws. So, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fully automatic espresso maker at this price point.

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