Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML Review

Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML Review

First of all, as the name suggests Litchi Portable Espresso Machine is extremely portable The compact size and better operability of this machine are the best features of this product.

That is easy to use espresso machine that you can take anywhere with you. If you frequently go on camping or if you prefer to take hiking or trekking trips, Litchi Portable Espresso Machine is a must-have for you. Of course, assuming that you love coffee.

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Key Features of the Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML

Even as there are some cons, I think the pros of the product outweigh them. Recommended for coffee lovers, who also love adventure.

Key Features of the Litchi Portable Espresso Machine 80ML

Easy to use

The machine is easy to use. You can pour hot water inside the water compartment and fill the other part with finely ground coffee to make steaming espresso. Anybody can handle it.

Compact Size

The espresso machine is small enough to be fit inside of your trekking bag without occupying much space. It can keep inside the bag like a small water bottle which helps you to take it everywhere you go. A flask of hot water and Litchi Portable Espresso machine is all that you want to enjoy a fresh espresso on your trip.

No need for batteries

As there are no heating elements or strains that run on power, you do not require any batteries. You can only pump it to get the espresso out.

Works up to plantar pressure

That ensures that the Litchi espresso is completely strained and drained from the finely ground coffee. The higher pressure also increases the strength of the espresso.

Easy to clean

The Litchi Portable Espresso machine can easily clean by using the hands. You need not buy any specialized equipment for cleaning it. That makes it an ideal companion for the road trips where you cannot find ample of water. You can only rinse it with flowing water, and the machine gets clean. You need not use brushes to clean all the parts.

I have used other similar espresso machines in the market before trying this. While I have used many in the past, I am sure that I will not use anything but this from now on. One more similar product which came close to the usability of this product is Minipresso GR.

However, even that does not stand a chance in front of this. You can buy Litchi Portable at almost 70-80% of the cost of Minipresso GR. Moreover, Minipress has a feeble gasket which blows even under very light or moderate tamping. In the Litchi Portable espresso machine, you have a stable body and sturdy parts which do not get damaged easily.

I also prefer to get the extended reservoir which increases the output of the espresso. The extended pool is available on the website of the company, and you can buy one easily. These are some of the advantages why I rate this above the famous Minipresso GR.

Why I prefer Litchi Portable Espresso machine was a great one

I initially tested the product in my home when I tried to strain the coffee. Initially, the espresso that I had got was feeble. I did not get a strong one, which I love. I was slightly disappointed, but then I realized the problem.

The water that I used was not hot enough. So, it is better to use steaming hot water for the task. Moreover, the coffee powder was very fine.

When I used finely ground coffee instead of powder, I was able to get a strong espresso with crema. Pumping of the piston is critical as it strains the hot water through the coffee. So, when I took this for my trekking trip, I knew what I had to do. I had packed the hand ground coffee for the journey as I love steaming espresso. I was able to make two shots of espresso. Immediately the product became a hit in my trekking circuit. All my buddies wanted to buy this.

Why I prefer Litchi Portable Espresso machine was a great one

Litchi portable is the best espresso machine for people who travel a lot. You cannot carry a conventional espresso machine on all your trips. Even the small ones will require a power supply, or it might use batteries, both of which limits the usage. That is advantageous as you can only use hot water to make espresso. The compact size and usability make it stand apart in this crowded segment of products.

For me, I prefer the hand operated models as I do not want to rely on other sources of power like a battery. It is convenient to use and easy to clean which makes it a worthy buy. Although the output is the only 80ML, you can buy an extended reservoir to increase the output that you get up to 2 shots or maybe even three shots. The quick dismantling and cleaning ability makes it a favorite for me.

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Final Verdict

In short, Litchi portable is the most versatile espresso machine that is out there on the market today. You should buy this if you want to have delicious espressos on your trips. While there are other models similar to this, the low price of this product makes it the obvious choice.

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