Lavazza LB910 Review – How its better than DeLonghi EC155M

Lavazza LB910 Review

Do you yearn to substitute your espresso machine? Step down from the venerable model espresso machine and use a fresh one. Lavazza is one of the felicitated espresso machines formerly in Italy and currently worldwide.

Lavazza has inaugurated their new-fashioned model Lavazza LB910. It has a neoteric and customized technology espresso machine for home and office that offers mediocre range with the sky-scraping espresso or coffee quality compared with other esteemed espresso machines. 

But Lavazza LB910 is operated with Lavazza Blue capsules only. This espresso machine has all the features which is required for making palatable espresso. It comes with user-oriented programmability to ensure you the supreme tasty coffee in your everyday cup. So, to know entirely, hold your eyes on this article.

At a Glance Lavazza LB910 Espresso Machine

  • This espresso machine has a programmable brewing button.
  • It features rapid capsule disposal.
  • Lavazza LB910 has a water tank of 1200 cc capacity.
  • It uses 1300W rated power.
  • It comes with the capacity to use capsule drawer 8.

Despite Lavazza Blue LB910 being manufactured with futuristic technology, this machine is affordable enough. Most of you may not like this model.

Our main goal is to choose best espresso machine for you. In that regard, we are discussing another model named DeLonghi EC155M Espresso Machine.  You can pick either one by reviewing the features of these two espresso machines.   

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Compare Lavazza LB910 and DeLonghi EC155M Espresso Machine

Lavazza LB910 Espresso MachineDeLonghi EC155M Espresso Machine
 Lavazza LB910 Review DeLonghi EC155M Espresso Machine
Lavazza Blue Single Serve Espresso Machine LB910 brews when you use Blue capsules. Otherwise it doesn’t brew all types of coffee.DeLonghi EC155M Espresso machine permits you to brew your espresso perfectly like an outside coffee shop.
Th sad part of this machine is taking a long time like 20 minutes to shut off that bothers the customers much.It features a removable water tank that has 35 oz capacity. You can easily remove it as it has a refill and reattach option so the water level is in sight. You don’t have to suppose.
With this espresso machine when you exhaust the capsules they are automatically impulsed within an internal drawer later brewing.This DeLonghi espresso machine features a 3-in-1 filter which is equipped for 1 or 2 espressos and for different options it has simple -serve espresso pods.
With a single capsule you can’t make two cups of coffee. Rather you have to use Bi-Dose capsule which bears 12 grams of coffee.DeLonghi EC155M has 2 thermostats control so that you can brew and steam simultaneously to make espresso and coffee without wasting time.
This espresso machine has 9 bars so that you can extract up to 25-26 seconds. Manufacturers are trying to make it 15 bars for making coffee rapidly.This espresso machine has a pannarello steam wand that assists you in auto-froths and heat milk for delicious and proper coffee.
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Key Features of Lavazza LB910 Blue Single Serve Espresso Machine

Prepare proper milk based drink

Lavazza Blue Single Serve Espresso Machine provides you with a dual heating system to brew the espresso and steam the milk at the same time. This holds the coffee taste owing to temperature control. You have to wait for the perfect milk frother. 

Makes Cappuccino Automatically

Lavazza LB910 allows you to make your cappuccino or espresso automatically without wasting milk or coffee. You can have a delicious cup of coffee to decrease the bitterness.

Automatic Shutoff System

The automatic shut off features are the most liked by all. You don’t have to wait much time to shut it off. It itself shut off automatically. But it takes a little more time like 20-25 minutes, which is huge for a user. Manufacturers should think about this.

Simple Cleaning Process

For simple cleaning it offers you a water tank which is 35 oz and a removable drip tray that removes water after making each cup of coffee. So you will get a trouble-free cleaning.

What Users Are Saying About Lavazza LB910 Espresso Machine

The Lavazza Espresso machine has been reigning for 120 years not only in Italy but all over the world. The customers appreciate Lavazza coffee for its medium roast bean and best blend bean. Customers provide combined feedback about this espresso machine. Some of the customers appreciate this machine by saying its operation is impressive. It never offers you bitter coffee and wastes your time. But all features are not favorable.

 The principal nuisance of this machine is its durability. When you went to purchase it the manufacturer provided a 2 years warranty. But after a year it doesn’t work. It has less space to keep all sizes of mugs. Maximum customers complain about its long-time shutoff issues. According to them, it should take 5-10 minutes to shut off but it takes 20-25 minutes which is not new normal for a customer. 

FAQs About Lavazza LB910 Single Serve Espresso Machine

How to make coffee with a Lavazza espresso machine?

The first thing you have to do is fill the mug with 2-3 cup of warm water but not boil. Then make your espresso with a Lavazza blue capsule within a mug of warm water. To have your desired espresso you can add more warm water.

Is it allowed to use other pods in Lavazza machine?

Lavazza is one of the finest and former espresso machines. It’s Blue Single Serve espresso machine is the foremost among all. Lavazza has 3 types of machines. They are; Espresso point, Blue and A Modo Mio. These systems are not competent with one another. You have to use three different types of pod in different machines.

Are Lavazza machines long lasting?

No. Lavazza machines are not durable enough. After using a year or less than a year it started doing nuisance.
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Final Verdict

If you have scepticism about Lavazza blue single-serve espresso machine LB910 either it would be ideal for you or not you can check our review. We realize you all have tons of queries about its pod and what types of beans you should buy. To sum up, we recommend this machine because of its grinding technology and rapid brewing process. Last but not least it is a user-friendly espresso machine. With an affordable price, you can minimize your extravagance.

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