Lavazza LB 2317 Review – Why DeLonghi EC702 comparatively best?

Lavazza LB 2317 Review - Why DeLonghi EC702 comparatively best?

Are you considering the Lavazza LB 2317 model for your daily coffee partner? Do you think this Lavazza espresso machine would be the perfect coffee maker as other models like Breville or Delonghi espresso coffee machine?

I will not say the Lavazza LB 2317 is a high-end espresso coffee machine like other models. But its user friendly interface, attractive looks and the affordable cost compared to its features and performance, I think Lavazza LB 2317 would be the perfect one for those who are looking for an espresso machine under $500 budget.

To make your decision wisely and more logical you may take a look at Lavazza LB 2317 noticeable features at a glance.

At a Glance Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso Machine

  • LB 2317 Espresso machine features 4LT Water tank.
  • It’s self-rinsing features removed all the mess from the espresso machine.
  • It operates on Lavazza Blue Capsules.
  • This coffee maker comes with adjustable coffee spouts.
  • It’s programmable brew button allows you to make coffee for different sizes of mugs.
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Compare Lavazza LB2317 and DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Should you buy the Lavazza LB 2317 or a different model? To make a comparative decision, below I have compared the DeLonghi EC702 and Lavazza LB 2317 which will help you to choose that fits your needs. But If you ask me which one is best compared to this 2 model, I would recommend you the Delonghi EC702.​

Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso MachineDeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine
Compare Lavazza LB2317 and DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar Pump Espresso MachineCompare Lavazza LB2317 and DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB 2317  espresso machine renders you a massive capacity drawers so that the pod and misuse water can be gathered into it.DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar pump espresso machine is an ideal for those who are fresher and craves for fresh grounds with pressurized portafilter.
No other espresso machine has the factor of effortless removable and washable milk foam distributing units like Lavazza 2317.It’s stainless steel manufacturing design brings a variation in the kitchen and other components and the boiler system is also made of aluminium casing so easy cleaning.
This espresso machine is versatile, potential, artistic as well as technological that delivers you more exquisite encounters like easy to use and flavorful espresso.It features an extreme large removable water tank of 44 oz or 1.3 so that you can clean the machine after each usage. Not only a water tank but also an indicator light for instructing you the time to refill.
It operates only with Lavazza Blue capsules. It doesn’t brew other beans. For a single cup of coffee, an espresso or pre-ground coffee it uses each  blue capsule separately so that you can find the freshness.This DeLonghi espresso machine offers you self priming operation for not waiting for you to heat up your machine since this function assists you in rapid heat-up time.
To have the divine taste of espresso, latte or cappuccino at a single touch this espresso machine includes an additional milk refrigerator.EC702 espresso machine has two thermostats for brewing your espresso or others milk based beverages at proper temperature. The reason behind two thermostats is for controlling individual water and steam pressure.
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What Users Saying About Lavazza LB2317 Espresso Machine

Lavazza espresso machines are not very high-end compared to DeLonghi espresso machine or Breville espresso machine, but Lavazza LB 2317 are user-friendly. Users appreciate this espresso machine for its quick and delicious espresso. But it has multiple obstruction when you go to make your desired espresso or coffee. Most of the customers complain about its price. Its price is irrelevant with its features and performance.

What Users Saying About Lavazza LB2317 Espresso Machine

 The major issue of Lavazza LB 2317 espresso machine is it isn’t compatible with all types of beans. It only brews blue capsules. If you use Robusta or Arabica then you will surely get bitter or burnt coffee or espresso. The prior customers recommend the contemporaries not to use all types of beans. Afterwards this espresso machine is trendy and favorable.

Key Features of Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso Machine

Easy Cleaning

Lavazza 4L removable water tank makes your cleaning job a lot easier. After making each cup of coffee it delivers you hassle-free automatic cleaning. By removing the water tank you can get an easy cleaning function.

Brewing Capability

It is contemplated the best features ever. It brews the coffee beans perfectly that every single time you can have foamy espresso or cappuccino. But the condition is you have to use Blue Capsule. It’s brewing capability you will notice when you use a blue capsule. If you use other coffee beans then you will get a bitter coffee taste.

Rapid Operation System

This coffee maker delivers your desired espresso quickly without wasting a single second. You can set a timer for getting espresso regularly on time. With a fingerprint you can do all the operations.

Price and Performance

Most of the customers consider this espresso machine overpriced. But when you compare its price with performance you will surely choose this machine.    

FAQs About Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso Machine

Are Lavazza coffee tastes good?

Lavazza coffee tastes good but the beans are roasted medium. Being roasted it can make a super crema which is a foamy cream color. The fragrance is  an indication of chocolate and dried fruit. For this taste allows you to drink at any time.

Does Lavazza espresso machine allow all types of capsules?

Lavazza is one of the finest and highest quality espresso machines which has three principal types of machines like Espresso point, A Modo Mio and Blue. But these processes are not compatible with each other. That means you have to use three different capsules in different machines.

Are Lavazza espresso machines durable?

No coffee brands are like Lavazza coffee. Lavazza coffee brands use fresh coffee beans and provide you mess-free coffee and espresso. If you use the unopened pack coffee then you will get cool and dry coffee. Lavazza espresso machine lasts 2-3 years.
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Final Verdict

Lavazza LB 3217 espresso machine is a solid choice for those who are beginners and want to be a barista in making espresso, latte or cappuccino. Without letting you stand LB 3217 offers you quicker performance. Though multitude customers complain for high-pricing but it’s sleek design and tremendous performance will make you consider it a low- cost espresso machine.

 Although customers rely a lot on the DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar Espresso Machine. DeLonghi offers a lot of best espresso machine under $200. Consequently, considering all aspects we are recommending Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso Machine.

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