Krups XP3208 Review – Truly why its worthy enough?

Krups XP3208 Review - Truly why its worthy enough?

KRUPS XP3208 is one of the espresso coffee machines from KRUPS brand which is appreciated by its users. This 15 bar pump machine including a removable 1.5 L water tank, delivers authentic espresso, and cappuccino and its manual selection features ensures you to achieve the perfect coffee flavour with creamy texture. You can choose a single or double espresso filter and its steam nozzle is really perfect for cappuccinos.

Each accessory of the Krups XP3208 is strongly planned and installed which makes the most difference from the other espresso machine under the budget $200

If you ask me, is it worth the money or not? I would say, its robust accessories, the large capacity of the water tank and overall features are surely worth the money. Like most of the espresso machines, Krups XP 3208 15- Bar Pump is not rich in price. This very espresso machine is within your reach. It features a manual selection that preserves the balance of the flavor of consistency. Let’s take a look at the details of this espresso machine.

At a Glance  Krups XP 3208 Espresso Machine

  • This astonishing espresso machine comes with an extra large water tank which has the capacity of holding 1.5 liters of coffee.
  • This espresso machine has a steam nozzle which assists you to create a frothy cappuccino.
  • It will provide you with a heater that warms your coffee. You can also have a brewed basket for exquisite cups of coffee.
  • It has 15 bar pressure producing flavor extraction that helps you to have coffee without any burning taste.
  • It comes with advanced technology that has rapid heat up and effortless processing features.
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Krups XP 3208 is not a high-end quality espresso machine but it is worthy to meet all your requirements. So to get the best espresso or latte you can pick up this espresso machine. If you want to get an espresso machine that has the same benefits as well as an affordable price than Krups XP 3208 model, then you can choose DeLonghi ECP 3120 Espresso Machine. Below are the features of the 2 models mentioned for your convenience.

​Compare Krups XP 3208 and DeLonghi ECP 3120 Espresso Machine

Krups XP 3208 Espresso Machine
DeLonghi ECP 3120 Espresso Machine
​Compare Krups XP 3208 and DeLonghi ECP 3120 Espresso Machine​Compare Krups XP 3208 and DeLonghi ECP 3120 Espresso Machine
You will be able to make 2 cups of coffee simultaneously with 2 cup filter.DeLonghi ECP 3120 15 Bar espresso comes with an impenetrable design along with a single touch operation.
You have to purchase a bean grinder if you want to use this very espresso machine. Because it doesn’t provide you with a bean grinder.DeLonghi ECP3120 has come with a flourished cappuccino system that allows you not to wait between cups. It features a quarter tray to effortlessly fit with the cup, either tall or short.
Krups XP3208 includes a heating plate by which you can preheat your coffee. This supports your espresso not to cool off rapidly.DeLonghi ECP3120 supports you to brew the coffee along with creamy textures, milk frother and foaming topping features, that makes your cappuccinos, lattes and espresso more delicious and attractive.
The sad thing about this Krups XP 3208 espresso machine is its durability is pretty lower than the Delonghi model.It has a removable drip tray and water tank that helps you in trouble free cleaning.
But overall performance and the price range is very affordable while considered its value.Although it will cost few bucks more than Krups. But most users like it very much.
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What Users Saying About Krups XP-3208 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Some of Krups XP-3208 users said they had problems while cleaning, it got stuck on clean cycle and did not work properly to complete brew a coffee pot. Although I would suggest powering it off and turning it on again, it will work fine. It’s a machine, so troublesome could happen, but it can easily be fixed.

On the other hand, another user said, he just used a Krups model for the last 10+ years finally gave up, and he preferred Krups XP3208 model. However, you may consider its other users’ opinions too. Also you can explore latest KRUPS espresso machine reviews.

Key Features of Krups XP-3208 Espresso Machine

Key Features of Krups XP-3208 Espresso Machine

Easy to clean

Krups XP-3208 automatic espresso machine is easy to clean as it allows you a removable drip tray and water reservoir. Whenever milk frothing will make the espresso machine turn into a mess badly. Being stainless steel you can just wipe it. You don’t require to clean it forcefully.

Price and Performance

The multitude may consider it very expensive. But wrong, when you compare its function and performance with its price, you will find the price trivial over operations. So, evaluate it with the functions of this machine without thinking too much about the price.

Upgraded Technology

No espresso machine submits as much advanced technology and convenience as Krups does. This machine is  forward to offering you the taste and delicious espresso without bitterness.

Ample Area Place

Krups XP3208 offers you ample space so that you can keep from tiny to giant size  as well as travel mugs which are extra large. It can provide you 2 to 3 mugs of coffee simultaneously without making you stand for a second. 

FAQs About Krups XP-3208 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

When Krups espresso machine will not work?

If you realize no espresso is coming out of the machine then you have to understand that it is the result of scarcity of water in the reservoir or a clogged pump. The most ordinary thing about this machine is its clogged coffee basket. The main job of this basket is to take part in cleaning.

Which is better: Krups or DeLonghi? 

If it is a comparison between Krups and DeLonghi then it will surely go to the high-end quality espresso machine where Krups has multiple limitations. DeLonghi espresso machine has the best quality features which increase the taste of your coffee immensely.

When we accumulate user feedback DeLonghi users deliver positive opinions thoroughly and Krups users convey mixed opinions. But when it comes to clean these 2 espresso machines are equally great. Literary it is difficult to compare these two in terms of the cleaning process.

Does Krups espresso machine slow down?

Yes. Sometimes Krups espresso machines can slow down. If your espresso machine works slowly or only drips in that case you have to check your coffee filters. If your filter is clogged then you can contact Krups customer care service.

To make espresso is 15 bars enough?

The espresso machine first came with 9 bars of pressure. At that time 9 bars was enough good to make the best brews. With advanced technology, now 15 bars espresso machines are available. If 9 bars espresso machines make good quality brew then 15 bars will make the best quality of brews. To make the perfect quality machines you are required a majestic coffee beans ground to the accurate size, you require satisfactory skill level.
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Final Verdict

Krups XP320815- Bar Pump Espresso machine is a smooth and superabundant looking coffee machine. Everybody loves this espresso machine’s supremacy and how it makes the espresso. It is simple but smart as well as fashionable. You will be able to find all the convenience features that you require. It is highly recommended by the experts for coffee lovers with three penny prices.

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