KRUPS EA9010 Review – Is KRUPS EA9010 Worth Its Price?

KRUPS EA9010 Review - Is KRUPS EA9010 Worth Its Price?

The KRUPS EA9010 is a one-touch auto cappuccino maker machine that can automatically rinse or clean itself up so that you’re treated with fresh-tasting cappuccino every time.

It also makes 17 recipes at the touch of a button and has two-step milk frothing technology to boot to ensure you got a velvety froth for your coffee.

Key Features of the KRUPS EA9010 Espresso Machine

The KRUPS EA9010 has the following top notch coffeemaker features that make it a cut above the rest.

Unique Patented Heating System:

The integrated brewing chamber heats water really fast thanks to KRUPS‘ Thermoblock System. You don’t have to heat a cup of water on the microwave or boil water on the stove anymore. The machine itself does your heating for you. Just add water.

Consistent Granulation:

KRUPS EA9010 allows you to manually adjust the coffee bean granule size to suit your tastes. You can also let the machine automatically dictate the size of the coffee through its commercial-grade metallic conical grinder that granulates the beans in a consistent size.

Cleanup Is a Breeze:

Thanks to the patented system of KRUPS, you won’t have to clean the inside of this coffee machine. Its accessories—like its XS9000 liquid cleaner for the steaming wand, F054 descaling powder, XS3000 cleaning tablets, and F088 water filter—work hand-in-hand to automate your coffee-making experience.

The Right Settings:

The KRUPS EA9010 Barista One Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Machine also self-regulates coffee strength, water quantity, and temperature in accordance to whatever setting you put into it. You can adjust every metric to your personal preference.

Pros: what we like about KRUPS EA9010

You can make up to 17 coffee recipes and cappuccino variants at the push of a button. It’s like having a vending machine for coffee, except instead of money you put in water, milk, and coffee beans into it to watch the magic happen for yourself in just a few minutes.

The metal conical burr grinder and the 15-bar high-pressure pump comes with an exclusive automatic grinder setting that grinds the coffee beans just right. Instead of buying them pre-grinded, you can have your KRUPS EA9010 grind them for you, allowing variance in coffee taste and body.

It’s a user-friendly coffee machine with a one-touch digital screen that allows you to customize your drinks in whatever fashion you might deem. You can save favorites or try out a new flavor or blend every single day. You’re the one in control.

The silver-colored KRUPS EA9010 Barista isn’t only aesthetically pleasing. It’s also space-saving and includes functions that go along with its shape and style like its ability to choose coffee recipes, the appropriate grind (determining amount and fineness), two-step milk frothing technology, self-cleaning and self-maintaining features, and a host of other services.

Cons: what we don’t like about KRUPS EA9010

It doesn’t make bigger drinks. Its space-saving shape comes with the drawback of not making larger coffee servings or producing hot water. You’re limited to 10 ounces of coffee every time.

Some customers allege that you’ll be spending more time going through the self-cleaning cycle and adding water to the machine than actually making cappuccino or coffee. It’s also quite expensive.

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What Are Users Saying about KRUPS EA9010?

Although KRUPS EA9010 has its share of detractors, it still gets the job done. This is why those who’ve been using past coffeemakers and have upgraded to EA9010 are particularly impressed by it. They value how much space it’s able to save while still making an excellent amount of coffee, not minding the constant addition of water.

What Are Users Saying about KRUPS EA9010

They also appreciate how it self-cleans itself, minimizing maintenance requirements and allowing for automatic coffee-making action without worrying about cleanup. Some customers can switch the settings up to suit the needs of every family member.

The wife might want her coffee hot by adjusting the preheat time for the milk and the husband might want a faster black coffee with no sugar added. That’s the main appeal of the KRUPS EA9010. For all its faults regarding serving amounts or portions, it makes up for it with giving customers exactly the kind of cappuccino or espresso they want.

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Is KRUPS EA9010 Worth Its Price?

As long as the KRUPS EA9010 is working in accordance to its specifications and you have the patience to fill its reservoir up as you consume more coffee, then it’s worth the money and you have a good idea of what you’re in for. The KRUPS EA9010 is worth its steep price of around $2400-$2500.

It’s quite pricey and you can buy several other items with about $2,500. However, the thing you need to understand about elite coffeemakers is that they’re supposed to cost a lot since they’re luxury items. You can complain about the servings and the packaging for an expensive unit, but the bottom line here is, “Does the KRUPS EA9010 make good coffee?” And it does.

What Makes KRUPS EA9010 Cappuccino Maker the Best?

Although there are cheaper ways to make cappuccino (or maybe even buying a cappuccino from Starbucks is the more economical approach), if you want the luxury of cappuccino on demand, then this is the most delicious cappuccino maker you can get for its price tag.

It justifies its price by being excellent at user convenience. It cleans itself so you won’t have to. It doesn’t smell of old coffee because it’s self-maintaining. It even makes sure that the froth from the milk comes out just right from the frother wand.

In other words, it’s something that you literally just need to put coffee beans, water, sugar, and milk into in order to get fresh cups of cappuccino every time as well as other recipes and variants of coffee like espresso or a simple cup of black coffee, no sugar or milk added.

It’s also fun to see it in action as soon as you pick whichever 17 drinks are available (with cappuccino being its specialty mix). It makes excellent coffee, it cleans after itself, and all you need to do is give it constant water refills to get your coffee fix every time. What’s not to like about this luxury item?

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Overall Conclusion

It really sets the bar higher when it comes to the coffeemakers, espresso machines, and cappuccino barista equipment of yesteryear. KRUPS able to pick up from their past advancements and has come up with something new and more automated. Warts and all, is worth buying since its benefits outweigh its detriments.

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