Krups EA89 Review – What customers complains about it?

Among the top brands in espresso machine popularity KRUPS is one of them. Krups EA89 Deluxe is a 15 type customizable one touch espresso machine under budget $500

I will not say its the best for your budget or even bad, its a multi functional and easy cleaning espresso machine, most of its users satisfied with its performance, but some users noticed little issue while frothing milk. How ever we have compiled its overall key features, what users saying about Krups EA89, also compared this model with one of the Delonghi’s most popular espresso machine to compare and choose logically. Without further edo, let’s dive into the Krups EA89 review below.

Krups EA89 Review - What customers complains about it?

At a Glance Krups EA89 Espresso Machine

  • Krups EA89 Deluxe one-touch espresso machine comes with identical spinning spouts automatically monitors selection.
  • This automatic espresso machine permits you to be relevant with small to giant sizes mugs up to 5.5 inches.
  • It has a variety of 3 temperature settings which delivers you the capability to make your coffee more hot.
  • It’s bold function enhances the solidity of beverages by upgrading the number of coffee used while brewing.
  • This espresso machine features an extreme large water reservoir that capacitates 77.8 Oz of water.
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If you’re not able to decide, does Krups EA89 full-fill your expectations and does it worth the money compared to its features or not. Then you may look over the comparison table below and choose the right one.

Compare Krups EA89 and DeLonghi ESAM3300  Espresso Machine​​​

Krups EA89 Espresso MachineDeLonghi ESAM3300 Espresso Machine
Compare Krups EA89 and DeLonghi ESAM3300  Espresso Machine​Compare Krups EA89 and DeLonghi ESAM3300  Espresso Machine​​​
Krups EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Machine makes the finest quality espresso. Not merely espresso but also it is able to make 15 customizable drinks like cappuccino, coffee, espresso and cafe latte and so many.DeLonghi ESAM3300 is a top-notch espresso machine that with panarello steam wand for making foaming milk froth. Though the milk froth is not enough foamy.
This Krups model offers you premium cafe quality coffee with its 35lbs tamping station. Its stainless steel pressure makes sure this tamping range is absolute for chocolaty fragrance and glossy cream.This Delonghi espresso machine has enough versatility. For single and double shots it allows you to press the brew button and after brewing you can press the button to be stopped.
This espresso machine comes with 4 Oz. The bean hopper features an air tight aroma preservation lid that has capability to maintain the freshness of the beans.It’s removable brewing unit and removable drip tray assist to clean the machine effortlessly. It’s an ideal machine for them because currently most of the area has water hardness.
It features one touch extra shots for delivering you more solid and robust coffee taste. You can have its second shots at another touch of button. It allows you to press any time.This DeLonghi model features stainless steel double thermoblock that maintains the cleanliness and supports you to descale after every three months.
This automatic espresso machine comes with a bold function to enhance the severity. It’s smooth and elegant design adds a new look into it. Its stainless steel ensures you trouble free cleaning.It’s 13 adjustable setting burr grinder conical burr grinder grinds fresh beans for providing you extreme freshness. It supports any size  mugs  from cup size to travel mugs.
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What Users Are Saying About Krups EA89 DeLuxe One-Touch Espresso Machine

Krups EA89 Deluxe is a first-rate espresso machine which has been manufactured to meet the customer demand. This Krups espresso machine surpassed its predecessors models. With this espresso machine you can have coffee, espresso, tea, cappuccino, macchiato etc and they are out and out seems like an exterior coffee shop. It saves your money to a great extent as you consume lion’s share of your money for drinking coffee on a regular basis.

When it comes to users’ opinions, they share mixed reviews from their experience. Multitude customers opine that it is a use to use machine and it’s ideal for making divine coffee or espresso. Its most liked features are its dark roast button and extra shots button. On the other hand, a small number of customers complain about its frothing system. According to them after buying it works a few weeks then it doesn’t make froth. Another group of customers complains about its short lasting features. They said it stops running after 6 months. So, the prior customers lower recommend buying this machine.

Key Features of Krups EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Machine

Key Features of Krups EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Machine

Elegant Design

Most of the customers think design is a minor consideration. But nowadays customers prioritize designs. So, Krups espresso machine manufacturers made this machine with elegant and smooth design so that it can well-match with any corner of your house. It’s interior side is made of plastic and the exterior side stainless steel for protection from being broken.


It is an illustration of a multi-functional espresso machine that can perform several operations within a minute. You don’t require to be tensed about the taste of coffee. Being an automatic espresso machine it automatically makes espresso with a single touch of button. You don’t have to wait for hours and hours for making a cup of coffee. It warms the coffee rapidly and holds the hotness of coffee up to 3 hours which seems ideal for office goers.

Easy Cleaning

The most loved features of this espresso machine is its easy-cleaning function. Coffee making is the messiest operation but its 77.08 Oz water reservoir makes your cleaning session effortless by removing water from the reservoir.

FQAs of Krups EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Machine

Is Krups EA89 Deluxe a good model genuinely?

To very very honest if any user formerly used any top level espresso machine then they will surely be frustrated with its performance. According to some users, it’s not worth buying. It is unable to make milk froth that is not foamy enough. It doesn’t make latte. But espresso and coffee are the highest quality of this machine. Over and above it’s a medium range espresso machine.

Why is Krups EA89 unable to make crema?

When it comes to make crema it sounds too loud that users consider it grounded the beans phenomenally. But it doesn’t offer you rich crema. This happens because the puck of coffee makes a sturdy block, so this machine has an issue in terms of pushing water via it. In that case, you don’t get any crema.

Is it beneficial to use vinegar to descale an espresso machine?

Yes. Vinegar has convenience in cleaning an espresso machine without any harm. It’s a natural remedy that removes oils and stains from surface areas. It’s a secure way as well as affordable.
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Final Verdict

According to the majority of the customers Krups EA89 is expensive compared to its performance. It gradually bereaved its demand in the global market for existing with a variety of nuisance. If you are looking forward to a superlative espresso machine with an affordable price then without second thought you should buy DeLonghi ESAM3300 Automatic Espresso Machine. I personally highly recommend it.

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