Keurig K-Duo Plus review – Why do users love its carafe mode?

Keurig K-Duo Plus Review

Who doesn’t relish adding a new topping to their desired cup of brewed black coffee? If this resembles you, you’d wish to read this Keurig K-Duo Plus Review.

Introducing Keurig’s most versatile coffee maker with both K-Pod and ground coffee brewing potentiality.

K-Duo Plus blemishes classical Keurig trends brewing through both single-serve cups and carafes. Thankfully, the single-shot mode has a strong brewing option, and you can sip on a lighter version through the carafe mode. A hefty water tank can deal with several 6-12 oz cups or a large-scale 60 oz carafe.

You don’t have to hassle fitting the Keurig onto your countertop configuration. K-Duo’s 7.6 inches concise footprint and a multi-position water reservoir will ease your kitchen-top optimization. The 12-cup stainless steel thermal carafe and a gold-tone mesh filter preserve the freshness and warmth for hours.

Keurig K-Duo Plus review wraps up the in-and-out of this unprecedented streamlined brewing machinery.

Keurig K-Duo Plus review – Notable Features At A Glimpse

  • Keurig K-Duo adds a stainless steel thermal decanter that keeps your beverage warm for up to 4 hours, no need to run after a warmer.
  • It has a superior design with comprehensive button controls and an easily accessible filter pods system.
  • An innovative multi-position(right, left, or back)removable water reservoir keeps your brewer ready-fit for the densest cabinet.
  • Don’t miss a freshly brewed caffeine shot in the morning, as Keurig offers a 24 hour programmable setting for advanced brewing.
  • K-Duo automatically pauses in mid-brew for 20 seconds. So, nothing to worry about if your water runs out in the middle.
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Compare Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker With Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Both Keurig Duo and Duo plus come with almost similar specifications and identical appearances. But they have some split differences, which can be a dealbreaker. Let’s find out the best one in the following comparison chart.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee MakerKeurig K-Duo Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee MakerKeurig K-Duo Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Duo Plus offers a multi-position removable water reservoir that comes in handy for fitting with any countertops.Keurig K-Duo has a static water reservoir that can be inconvenient to fit any tight space.
It has a single spout for pouring coffee grounds and a space for inserting K-cups for brewing coffee.On the other side, it has two spouts for entering the coffee grounds and K-cups.
Duo Plus has one needle for delivering coffee, and this one supports a large carafe and a small cup at the same time.Keurig Duo has a specific delivery point for a large carafe and a separate one for single-serving coffee cups.
This Keurig coffee maker includes a reusable gold-tone mesh filter with the package for saving bulk from your pocket.It is compatible with a reusable gold-tone mesh filter, but you need to buy it separately from Keurig stores.
The Keurig Duo Plus is just 7.6 inches in width and weighs just 11 pounds. It is pretty compact and portable than the older model.The Keurig Duo comes with a broad 10.9 inches width and weighs 9.7 pounds. It consumes more space on your kitchen top.
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What Are Users Saying About Keurig K-Duo Plus K-Pod Coffee Maker

After contemplating several reviews on Keurig k duo Plus, I opine that it is a great conqueror with fool-proof brewing ability and a stylish look. I have had an opportunity to look after and use this one for a couple of days. So far, I’m impressed with the performance. The thermal decanter with dual stainless steel built keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours.

There is no need to hinge after any measuring scale; you can pour as much water as you need to fill the tank. The good thing is, you can load a large carafe with drip coffee within a single refill. Smaller cup options are available: 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.

The keys are classical, straightforward, and assembled in one spot. Accessing the coffee pods and filter is super easy, even if it’s underneath a cabinet.

Some Keurig K-Duo Plus Reviews speak about the lack of instructions in the user manual. Keurig claims that they have kept the instruction manual short to save the paper waste.

It is somewhat an appreciable initiative from Keurig, but the shortage of guidance may cause hassle for new users. However, It brews coffee exceptionally well, and once you figure out using all the modes on your own, it works flawlessly.

What is The Key Features Of Keurig K-Duo Plus Drip Coffee Maker

What Are The Key Features Of Keurig K-Duo Plus Drip Coffee Maker


One of the key selling points of Keurig coffee makers is their sleek and compact design. With an aesthetic black & silver furnished design, the Keurig duo plus fits almost any home interior or office environment.

The adjustable water reservoir is something that we have seen first in any Keurig coffee maker, and it is a great addition. You can set it on the right, left, or hinge on the back for matching your counter space.

Setup Process

After opening the package, the Keurig K-Duo Plus took approximately 15-20 minutes. Washing the machine and other accessories with the starter kit, soap & warm water was exciting and enjoyable.

The setup manual has easily understandable diagrams and instructions that enable setting this one in a snap. But, there were not enough details included in the operating part in the functional aspect, which was a bit inconvenient.


If you are using the manual brewing mode, you may have to press a couple of intuitive buttons for brewing a coffee. With the auto-brew function, you can sip a perfecting cup without doing anything.

You can brew a single cup by following these simple steps. First, fill the water reservoir, put a K-cup in the pod holder, select the brewing size and brewing mode. Click the brew button, and your coffee will be available within seconds.

If you prefer brewing for a carafe-size drip coffee with ground beans, you can do the following. Fill the tank, open the spout, pour the coffee grounds, select the carafe option. And in minutes, you can sip your drip coffee.

Auto-brew Mode

When you want a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the auto-brew mode can serve immensely. It is a K duo plus Keurig programmable function that will require you to perform nothing but clicking a button.

Click on the auto brew mode, set the timer, brewing option, and size, and have a sound sleep. At your set time, Keurig k cup duo plus will automatically brew your refreshing beverage straight after waking up.

Ease of Cleaning

For running your Keurig duo plus coffee maker smoothly, cleaning and proper maintenance are a must. After each usage, you have to wash out the carafe, lid, filter basket, and mesh filter by hand with warm soapy water.

Some other components need less frequent clean-up for maintenance. Those parts are- the water tank, drip tray, brewer, exit and entrance gauges, and the K-cup pod holder. Not that all these parts are not dishwasher safe.

FAQ About Keurig K-Duo Plus Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Coffee Maker

Can it use Non-Keurig brand K-cups?

Yes, you can use non-branded K-cups in your K-Duo Plus coffee maker. But manufacturers recommend using the branded Keurig K-cups for better results.

Does it require preheating?

No, Keurig coffee maker duo plus heats up so fast that you won’t need it to preheat before brewing.

Can you use the auto-brew feature without the carafe?

It has a programmable auto-brew setting for the carafe only. You can program your coffee machine to brew a carafe for up to 24 hours automatically. But without a carafe, you may not be able to use the auto-brew feature.

Can you use paper filters with the filter basket?

You can use a flat-bottom paper filter that is compatible with a 12-cup coffee maker. However, you can use the gold-tone reusable mesh filter.

Is the Carafe microwave safe?

Unfortunately, the Stainless steel thermal carafe that comes with Keurig Duo Plus is not microwave safe.

What is the reservoir size without the handle?

What is the reservoir size without the handle?

The water reservoir measures approximately 14 inches in height, 3 inches in width, 5 inches in depth without the handle.

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Final Verdict

Keurig K-Duo Plus retails about 229 dollars in online stores, which is a pretty fair price tag considering the specs. The user-oriented interface, hassle-free setup, removable reservoir, and automated brewing technology make it worthy of your investment. Before moving for any other compact brewers, don’t forget to give this one serious consideration!

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