Jura We8 Review – Compare 2 giant Jura We8 & S8, choose wisely

Jura We8 Review

Jura has some of the most expensive espresso machines for both home and commercial uses. Jura We8 is one of them, which became famous recently, thanks to its high-quality espresso shots.

The machine comes with some excellent features. There are different price options to choose from, and it also has large capacities.

But, like other Jura high-end devices, the We8 espresso maker also comes at a hefty price. Today, in this article, you will know if the We8 espresso machine is fair to its price tag. And whether you should pick or not.

So, that being said, let’s start this article with –

Jura We8 Coffee Machine Features At A Glance

  • Drink Options: Jura We8 provides you with 12 barista-quality specialists, including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and flat white.
  •  G3 Grinder: Aroma G3 Grinder of this machine efficiently prevents the aroma and taste of grounds.
  •  Easy-to-use: One-touch technology makes the machine easy to operate.
  • Large Water Tank: The machine comes with a 101-ounce water reservoir to fulfill all the demands of a small crowd.
  • Adjustability: There are plenty of customization options available to adjust your drink to your need.
  • Lightweight: Although the machine is relatively large, it is pretty effortless to move around for its lightweight.
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Comparison Between Jura We8 Vs Jura S8 Coffee Machine

Jura We8 Coffee MachineJura S8 Coffee Machine
 Jura We8 Review Jura S8 Coffee Machine
Jura W8 comes in a large footprint, which measures 11.6″ in width x 16.5″ in height and 17.5″ in depth. And weighs around 22lbs.Jura S8 is relatively smaller than the We8. It measures 11″ in width, 13.8″ in height, and 17.3″ in depth. But, surprisingly, it has the same weight as We8, 22 lbs.
The machine offers 12 different coffee shop drinks to its users, including espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino, lotte, flare white, and long black in just a touch of your hand.The Jura S8 offers 15 barista-quality specialties. Three more drinks options compared to the We8, including macchiato and tea.
This machine has utilized Jura’s exclusive technology – Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P), optimizing extraction time for a high-quality espresso.As the S8 is also a high-end espresso machine from Jura, it uses the Pulse Extraction Process for maximizing the aroma of your espresso.
The machine has used quality rigid plastic in its construction. So, if you take extra care, the device will last for a long time.The primary material used in this machine is also plastic. But some parts have stainless steel coating too.
There are plenty of adjustments to customize your drink as you want it to be. The coffee brewing strength, temperature, and volume adjustment give you the handle of your machine.Same as Jura We8, you are getting plenty of adjustment settings with the S8. Moreover, In this machine, the frother head is 360 degrees flexible.
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What Are The Key Feature of Jura We8 Espresso Machine

What Are The Key Feature of Jura We8 Espresso Machine


Jura We8 coffee machine has the common appearance of Jura, sleek and stylish. The machine will fit with any modern kitchen. And, it comes in only a chrome finish.

The device has a big footprint, which will take 11.6″ x 16.5″ x 17.5″ space on your countertop. But, don’t weigh that heavy, only 22 lbs. It is because most of the components of this machine are tough plastic-made. Despite being made with tough plastic, you have to take care of it properly to last long.

The large TFT display of this machine has similar functionality to the touchscreen of your mobile device. But, you have to operate it with six robust buttons. And, the dual spout is adjustable up and down.

Brewing Capacity

Brewing capacity consists of water tank capacity and bean hopper capacity. Jura We8 offers large capacities in both cases. For instance, We8 comes with a 101 oz water reservoir. This big reservoir is very rare in Jura coffee machines. Mostly because Jura espresso machines are compact models. However, Jura breaks their usual self with the unit.

The bean hopper capacity of this machine is also pretty large, which contains 18 oz at max. Those extra-large capacities make the machine suitable for offices and small crowds.

Delicious Shots

Several Jura’s exclusive technologies work together in the Jura 15145 to brew highly delicious drinks.

The process starts when you put the bean in the bean hopper and press the start button. The G3 burr grinder efficiently cuts the bean to prevent maximum flavor and aroma loss.

Then, the IPBAS technology of Jura bathes the grounds in hot water, allowing the maximum aroma from any coffee blend and roast. The Pulse Extraction Process presses water through the ground coffee in short bursts to optimize the extraction time. Thanks to this function, the machine can gain maximum aroma even with small drinks like ristretto.

Moreover, the Intelligent Water System also has a great impact on making a high-quality espresso. There is also a Flavor Preservation Cover, which ensures the freshness of beans.

What Users Are Saying About Jura We8 Coffee Machine

The Jura 15145 can satisfy the customers with its incredible features. There are not many reviews on the web. But, among them, almost all the people are optimistic about this machine.

The first thing people talked about is the grinder. The Aroma G3 grinder cuts beans efficiently to prevent aroma and flavor. This grinder is fast and quieter than any traditional grinder in the market.

Moreover, the machine is effortless to use and maintain, thanks to its straightforward design. You can brew any of the 12 coffee options it provides with just a press of a button.

Also, you are getting plenty of adjustments to rule over your coffee. The strength brew adjustment, temp adjustment, extraction volume adjustment will give you plenty of variety.

But, it comes in a large footprint. So, it will take up a lot of space on your countertop. Moreover, the machine is plastic-made. Although ABS plastic is durable and heat resistant, stainless steel is always a better option.

Lastly, you can’t make a cappuccino or latte in one go without moving the cup because the frother is far away from the spouts.

There are not many shortcomings of Jura We8. The machine is perfect for small crowds for both home or office uses. For your convenience, you may also consider Jura X8 or another popular model Jura S8.

What Are The FAQs About Jura We8 Espresso Machine

Can I connect a waterline for automatic refilling?

Unfortunately, the Jura We8 doesn’t offer this feature.

What Pressure-bar is used in this model?

All Jura espresso machines are designed to operate at 15 pressure bars.

Can I use the Jura Professional fine foam frother with this unit?

Yes, you can use the Professional frother.
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Verdict Final

To wrap all the things I mentioned until now – The Jura We8 is an expensive but super effective model. It has all Jura’s high-end technology to offer you the best cup of espresso. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate and maintain.

The people using this model are satisfied with it. And, this is clear evidence of why the machine is getting so popular recently. But, one thing I can’t be pleased with is its built-in materials. However, with proper care, it will easily last for years.

So, is providing enough value for money? Of course, it is. If you are looking for value over money, there won’t be anything better than this Jura machine.

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