Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Great coffee is a concoction of multiple factors that work together in perfect harmony. These factors include the pressure and temperature distribution, the degree of roast of the beans, the fineness of the ground coffee puck, and the flow of water and steam for the perfect amount of time. This is where science meets art.

However, not everyone is a coffee aficionado, and some prefer their morning brew without the hassle of monitoring these parameters. That’s where the Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine comes in.

Imagine waking up, pressing a button, and voila! You get one of the most refreshing coffee experiences of your life. No more worrying about brewing your coffee to perfection.

The Jura C65 is highly autonomous and lets you prepare your morning cuppa’ joe with just the touch of a button. It’s automatic in its truest sense! Plus, the machine’s intuitive user-centric control system allows you to choose the strength of your beverage.

With the Jura C65, you can enjoy café-style espresso right from the comfort of your own kitchen. Say goodbye to the hassle of brewing coffee and hello to the ultimate coffee experience!


  • The C65’s adjustable commercial spouts provide a splash-free experience. Whether it’s an espresso shot or a longer latte, the flexible coffee outlet enables you to collect your brew in any cup of your choice.
  • True to its name, operating this machine is a simple task. Power it up and with the help of a lucid programming unit, it delivers coffee with just the push of a button.
  • Its sleek design makes the cleaning process easier and thus, enhances its durability.


  • The IMPRESSA C65 does not come with a steam wand. This denigrates the quality of the froth produced.
  • It does not house a separate container for dairy. Hence, you will have to take a trip to the refrigerator every time you need a dash of cream in your latte.
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Comparison between Jura IMPRESSA C65 and Jura ENA Micro 9

The Jura ENA Micro 9 is loaded with certain features that pip the IMPRESSA C65 in certain domains. It is equipped with a professional conical grinder with adjustable levels for fine grind. Its pre-brew functionality extracts a superior aroma and flavor from the coffee beans. Like the C65, it comes with a simple text display along with integrated descaling and cleansing functions which are missing in the IMPRESSA.

Comparison between Jura IMPRESSA C65 and Jura ENA Micro 9
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The water reservoir hosts similar CLEARYL filters with water-hardness detection features and can hold different quantities of water for different brew sessions. Both the Jura Impressa C65 and ENA Micro 9 sport a 15-bar pump for brewing and coffee-strength adjusting capability. The flexibility of coffee spouts in the ENA Micro 9 is restricted to 5.6” compared to the 4.4” in the IMPRESSA.

The latter’s exceptional-quality milk foaming technology produces a lighter and creamier froth than the Jura C65. The Jura ENA Micro 9 costs approximately a hundred dollars more than the Jura C65 but given the superior build and coffee-making ability, it has proved to be a trade-off most consumers are willing to make.

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Features of the Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Features of the Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Grinding Power

The C65 houses an integrated professional-grade burr grinder. Its super-automatic nature prevents you from choosing a fineness setting for your ground but do not worry! This machine churns the coffee beans perfectly into a uniform ground to provide spectacular coffee. It’s consistent rotating speed makes sure optimal flavor is extracted from every bean to yield an aromatic brew.

The internal brewing process is governed by a programmed set of instructions concerning pressure and temperature, but the IMPRESSSA gives you the liberty of choosing the strength of your brew by conveniently pushing a few buttons.

Simple Display

The IMPRESSA boasts of a simple-text display to indicate when your coffee is ready. Its 11-language compatibility feature makes the jura C65 truly global. Apart from indicating when the machine is ready for use, it also shows your preferred settings like frothing time and the strength of coffee chosen by you.

Hot Water Dispenser

The Impressa C65 comes equipped with a dedicated hot water dispenser. Not really up for coffee? Need a refreshing drink before bed? Coffee might not be the favored option. The IMPRESSA’s handy spout for only warm water gives you the option of preparing anything from green-tea to hot chocolate.

One Switch

This machine’s convenient One Switch feature enables you to brew your favorite coffee within minutes. The knobs on the Rotary Switch give you the option of selecting a few settings concerning the strength and whether you’d prefer milk. The brewing process is initiated by just the push of a button.

Benefits of having the Jura C65 Coffee Machine


The Impressa C65 comes with its own individual bean grinder, but if you’re feeling like indulging in some scented espresso, it lets you do that too. A bypass slot on the top opens by the press of a button and you can feed the pre-ground coffee. This is as manual as its operation gets. The brewing process is initiated and the machine delivers quality espresso in a minute’s time.

Experts believe the freshness is compromised if externally ground coffee is used instead of coffee beans, but nonetheless, the Impressa C65 produces brilliant coffee with a solid aroma.


Though the Jura C65 is a super-automatic machine, it provides any user-centric functionality to help you customize your drink. It does not offer selection of grind fineness but it gives you the freedom to choose your beverage’s extract extent. Mild, regular or strong, the C65 lets you choose your preference with the touch of a button.

Ease of Operation

Staying true to its name, and unlike most ‘automatic’ machines in the market, the Jura C65’s ease of operation is unmatched in the industry. It eliminates the hassle of setting the pressure and temperature distribution and brews coffee just by minimum input. The dials and knobs make for pretty convenient operation without stressing you with the intricacies of barista-styled coffee making.

Why Jura IMPRESSA C65 Coffee Machine is compatible for home use?

Jura boasts of a long line of automatic coffee machines but the IMPRESSA C65 is debatably the most functional of them all. Weighing a standard 22 pounds with a height of just 13.6 inches, the Jura C65 can easily fit on your kitchen countertop without hogging much space. Its autonomous functionality offers you with a very easy coffee making experience. A text display, system programmed pressure, even temperature distribution, a milk frothier and super-fast coffee delivery make it very conducive for a domestic environment.

Having guests over? The Jura C65’s adjustable spouts can be moved between 2.6” to 4.4”. This not only cuts down on your cleaning time by providing a splash-less operation, but also gives you the freedom to choose a desired cup size according to your brew, eliminating the hassle of collecting coffee in an OEM cap and then transferring it into different coffee mugs. The 15-bar pump provides a consistent brew coupled with an efficient milk frothing system that offers the lightest and creamiest foam.

Besides its stellar performance and compact design, its highly appealing aesthetics make it look like it has come right out of heaven. Provided in a matte or glossy finish, it promises to enhance your kitchen vibe without making it look out-of-place.

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User Opinion about IMPRESSA C65 Espresso Machine

Jura’s long term users have always taken pride in owning a machine that’s robust which presents zero to no mechanical failure. The Jura C65 did not disappoint them either. Its sturdy build quality impressed its users because the last thing you want from an electronic device is frequent breakdown. The users also experienced that the grinder worked extremely well with dry coffee beans, but not so well with French roast beans.

Most users online were happy with the machine’s autonomous operation that yielded aromatic coffee usually uncharacteristic of most automatic machines. Customers were not very fond of the milk frothing system due to weak steam generation and inability to clean the steam wand. Its quick brewing capacity has convinced users to consider it as a trade-off for its generous price-tag.

My Experience with Jura IMPRESSA C65 Coffee Machine

Personally, I’m not much of a coffee-fan, so the IMPRESSA’s super-automatic functionality has suited my coffee routine well. Its energy conservation capability has aided in cutting electricity costs. What really caught my eye was its sleek, user-interface. A simple-text display indicates short messages regarding the system’s operation that eases the entire experience.

The CLEARYL water filters ensure that the water used is potent for effective coffee brewing. As I mentioned, I’m not a coffee geek and so, the independent water spout dispensing hot water makes it simpler for me to prepare hot chocolate or tea. All in all, the C65’s super-sleek functionality can be mistaken for utility, but it does offer some exceptional coffee.

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Final Verdict

The Jura IMPRESSA C65 redefines automatic coffee brewing. Besides its sleek and classy looks, it manages to offer an impressive performance with respect to durability and flavor extraction for an aromatic coffee experience. Priced at almost thousand bucks, it is valued more than its competitors, but its unparalleled functionality and ease of operation promises to offer the optimum value-for-money.

Delivering spectacular espresso at the touch of a button with the customizability features to set a desired taste of coffee make the Jura C65 a super-choice for both novices and coffee fans alike. It might not offer manual control to regulate the governing factors of brewing, but it manages to ooze some delicious café-styled coffee.

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