Jura ena micro 9 review – Features suit your needs But the budget?

Jura ena micro 9 review

Are you a diehard cappuccino fan and your mouth waters when someone is taking a sip of a cup of coffee or cappuccino in front of you? In that case, install the Jura Ena Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine in your house or a personal workplace, so that you can have leisure time with the coffee, needless to say coffee keeps the mind soothing and ensures better performance of both the brain and the body.

The machine has an aesthetic appearance and it is not even difficult to manage it since it is compatible and feasible to be utilized. Despite the space being limited, you can have maximum cappuccino with utmost delight; also Jura 9 is the first automated machine which can produce the best cappuccino or macchiato at the subtle touch of a button.

The color of the machine is platinum and weighs 21 pounds with Capresso being its manufacturer and regardless of its weight, the machine has varied dimensions; the performance of the machine is highly efficient and can fulfill your desires without any kind of fuss once you press the button. With the presence of Rotary switch along with other such custom settings, usage of this machine becomes all the more comfortable.


  • The coffee beans are not easily rotten since they are kept fresh for a prolonged period of time.
  • The presence of the fresh coffee beans and other raw materials enhance the aroma inside the machine and preserve it once you are ready to have it.
  • The silicone seal is specialized and ensures the compactness of the air tight bean container.
  • Amount of the hot water that you need the machine to prepare for you can be readily adjusted.
  • Coffee strength is adjustable up to two levels and it can be done after each preparation.
  • The machine has a distinct and plain text display with a program enabled switch off time.
  • The integrated splash guard present in the machine prevents the mixing of milk and coffee from each pipe in order to maintain good hygienic norms.
  • Individual part of the system is rightfully numbered so it is easy to clean the machine as and when necessary.


  • It is difficult to clean the interior parts of the machine as unclogging the system from the ground is enormously tedious.
  • The frothed milk that is prepared is not as tasty and effective as the ones prepared by hand frothers.
  • After heavy usage, the system gets clogged which might result in stale grinded coffee beans during later purposes.
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Comparing Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch WITH Jura IMPRESSA C65 Espresso Machine

Comparing Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch WITH Jura IMPRESSA C65 Espresso Machine
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Operation- In terms of operation, the latter has a simple and subtle one as compared to the former. Although both the machines are well equipped and have rotary switches, the one of the Jura IMPRESSA is more feasible to understand than that of the Jura ENA as the latter have some additional customized settings.

Adjusting Height- The former is adjustable to a height of 2 inches to 5.4 whereas the latter is expandable from 2.6 to 4.4 inches which is relatively less.

Nature of Frother- Despite both of them having fine frothers, the one of Impressa is of a better quality and adds to the finishing touch of the beverage more than Jura ENA does.

Structure- Impressa has a brilliant matte finish with splendid lines, ideal dimensions and gloss surfaces with minimal workmanship required, on the contrary, Jura ENA although with a fine look yet involves great hassles during cleansing.

Weight- The former weighs 21 pounds as mentioned earlier, the latter is 22 pounds in weight.

The key features and benefits of the Jura ena micro 9 are as follows:

The key features and benefits of the Jura ena micro 9 are as follows
  • Not only cappuccino and latte macchiato, but also is it capable of preparing coffee espresso and hot water.
  • It prepares specialties with a milk topping foam and also ensures separate milk and coffee pipes for the assurance of a proper hygiene.
  • Cappuccino frothier with a brilliant aroma system and a height adjustable coffee spout which will enable cup at a specific position.
  • The Jura micro 9 has an integrated rinsing along with a multi level conical grinder which grinds the raw materials and generates ideal quality, purified coffee.
  • It can adjust the hardness of water and has a high-performance pump which ensures the best possible functioning.

Being a newly developed brewing unit, the jura 9 and its entire processing has certain advantages and disadvantages, them being:

Amalgamating both pros and cons, it is quite unlikely to say that the machine is defective or not beneficial, because when multiple functions are being performed by a single system, little flaws are pretty much plausible and this is what accentuates the demand of this machine.

What are the primary functions of the Jura Ena Micro 9 Coffee Machine?

  • Variable Brewing Unit- The functionality is immense ranging from 6 grams to 10 grams.
  • Pre-Brew Aroma System- The fresh coffee beans present in the machine prior to the preparation restore the magnificent aroma of the coffee, cappuccino or whatever is on the verge of preparation.
  • Hot Water Function- We cannot deny how hot water is essential for every individual on a regular basis, to make things easier and to get rid of the hefty task of putting a jar of water inside a micro oven in order to heat it, you can use this machine for such a purpose.
  • Energy Save Mode- After hefty usage when you wish to restore the power of the system, you can turn on the energy saving mode.
  • Integrated approach- The machine has a unique rinsing, cleaning and de-scaling capability which makes it all the more perfect and beneficial.

Summing up all the primary essentials of the machine, it must have become easy to infer as to how useful this product is; not only at homes but you can also set them up in work places or you can also go with the idea of starting a cafeteria by installing one such system.

Analyze Jura Ena 9 one touch customer reviews

There has been innumerable customer reviews recorded regarding this machine and you can read some of them below:

Majority of the customers have held this product I high regard and have appreciated its enormous efficiency and accuracy which involves crushing of the coffee beans, grinding them and eventually ending with the preparation of the required liquid. The customers have praised the quality of the coffee and cappuccino and claim it to be perfect with merely a touch of the button.

Many have spoken about the creamy espresso in details as well and say that the milk frother is good but are not up to the mark. In spite of all the uses, few have talked about how difficult it is to clean the machine especially its interior parts; when clogged there are possibilities of the machine preparing less fresh coffee beans’ juice and this might not be very good for an individual’s hygiene.

Many have stated as to how the Jura machine serves as one of the best coffee makers in several restaurants; some have recommended users to refrain from using oily coffee beans if we intend to use the machine for a long term, however, it is of high quality providing brilliant service. Consumers have a lot to say regarding the taste of the coffee and most of them claim it to be utterly delicious.

Personal Opinions about Jura micro 9

Like many other customers, I too have no complaint about the taste of the prepared coffee and cannot even deny that it is very tasty and soothing to have. However, I have never really used the milk frother but after having read the other reviews, I could draw an inference that it is not up to the mark. The preparation of the coffee is hassle free and I can ensure that it will be worth the press of a single button instead of making coffee separately in an oven or a stove.

Since we are quite aware that nothing can be perfect, I would specifically like to point out that the machine does not facilitate cleaning of the interior parts, so a prolonged term of usage can rot the prevailing coffee beans and deprive them of their amazing aroma. Keeping this aside, the Jura micro 9 is completely worth the price and you cannot help but appreciate its functionality and consistency; ranging from hot water to coffee to cappuccino to milk to creamy espresso, you get almost everything at your finger’s tip.

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Final Verdict

Just a few more words reiterating as to why you would not regret purchasing the Jura ENA Micro One Touch, it is the taste of the beverage that matters the most and how often are you being able to utilize the machine. The product can never come as a disappointment to your house or workplace or wherever you intend to place it, one sip of the finger-licking coffee will escalate your urge of having more, the espresso has divine creamy froth and you are independent to adjust the entire system or the equipments of the Jura micro 9 as per your convenience.

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