Jura Ena 8 Vs E8 – Why Should You Buy Jura E8?

Jura Ena 8 Vs E8

Jura has some of the best super-automatic espresso machines on the market. But, there’s competition among its products too. Today, we are going to a contest between Jura Ena 8 vs E8. These two products have identical features and come at a similar price range.

Anyways, I recommend the Jura E8 for providing more convenience and extra features. So, without talking much in the introduction, let’s know.

Jura Ena 8 Vs E8: Why Should You Buy Jura E8?

  • Jura E8 is capable of brewing 38% more coffee than Jura Ena 8. Ena 8 is a single cup dispensing capacity machine, whereas E8 is 2 cups.
  • E8 has a dual spout that allows you to brew two cups of espresso at a single time. On the other hand, Ena 8 is a single spout machine.
  • The bean hopper capacity of the E8 is more than double the Jura Ena 8, which offers 125g hopper capacity. On the contrary, the E8 has a 280g bean hopper, a 155g difference.
  • There is also a massive difference in the water tank size between Jura E8 and Ena 8. The E8 provides a 1.9L water tank,   whereas its counterpart has only a 1.1L capacity.

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In simple words, Jura E8 has more output and capacity. There are also a few handy extra features. But, E8 will also cost you more. However, compared to the extra convenience it provides, the price difference is tiny.

Specification Jura Ena 8Jura E8
Image Jura ENA 8 Coffee Machine Jura E8 Coffee Machine
Editor’s Rating4.4 4.6
Dimensions11″x 13.6″x 16.5″11″ x 13.8″ x 17.3″
Weight  21 lbs22 lbs
Grinder Yes Yes
Bean Hopper 10 ounces 4.4 ounces
Water tank capacity1.9L 1.1L
One-Touch FunctionYes Yes
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What Are The Differences and Similarities Of Jura Ena 8 Vs E8

What Are The Similarities And Differences Of Jura Ena 8 Vs E8


All Jura coffee machines have a sleek and modern look. There is no exception for these machines. Both have an outstanding appearance with their compact design. The interface is neat with a similar type and size of LCDs.

The machines also share a pretty similar build. The E8 measures 11″w x 13.8″h x 17.3″ l. And Ena 8 is 11″ in width, 13.6″ in height, and 16.5″ in length, not a noticeable difference.

As for color, they both have two natural color options. E8 comes in black and stainless steel colors, whereas Ena 8 comes in metallic and red. I like the E8’s black finish more compared to the white one.

Another difference you can find in their appearance is the water tank position. Jura E8’s water reservoir is into it, which makes the design neat and straightforward. On the other hand, Ena 8’s water tank is on the side. Although both positions are alright, the Ena 8 water tank is relatively easy to remove and refill.

For your convenience, you may also compare Jura D6 Vs E6 and review the Jura s8, which is most popular at the current time.


The most significant difference between these two models of Jura lies in their capacity. Starting from the bean hopper capacity, where E8 offers a 10 ounces hopper starting from the bean hopper capacity, Ena 8 has only 4.4 ounces. The difference between them is more than double.

A bigger bean hopper can hold more ground to grind. If you have a big hopper with a large water tank, you will need less refilling for both. Thankfully the E8 is also offering a more extensive water tank.

Its water tank can hold up to 1.8L water; opposingly, Ena 8 can contain 1.1L water. Thus E8 is more convenient and suitable for a large family.


Here you won’t find any single variance between these devices. Ena 8 and E8 are both exclusive espresso machines of Jura. So, they are equipped with the best Jura’s technologies. And are capable of producing the highest quality espresso.

I appreciate that they come with an excellent built-in grinder and frother. This advanced grinder, Aroma G3, cuts beans differently to preserve as much flavor and texture as possible.

There’s an aroma-preserving cover to contain the flavor of the ground inside. Where the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System provides maximum saturation, the Thermoblock heating system keeps heat. Thus, there won’t be any burning or hot spots or odd tastes.

And, as a result, they provide you with a delicious and creamy espresso.

User Friendliness

The exterior of both of these Jura espresso machines is straightforward, and operating them is simple. Right after turning it on, you will have a large display with 15 or so drink options.

You can brew any drink just by a touch. The spouts are adjustable not only in height but also in width. Without that, the E8 offers eight different coffee settings, whereas the Ena 8 has ten settings. And both have two brewing temperature adjustment options.

Although the display designs are similar, the E8 offers more programmability. Like, it allows you to brew 21 beverages easily, including  Caffee barista and flat white.

So, making a cup of espresso is extremely simple; it doesn’t matter which one you choose. You don’t need any skill to brew complicated drinks like lotte and others.


Despite being super-automatic, E8 has a separate frother to froth your espresso. The single immobile wand is located on the side and has a rotary dial for you to choose two milk textures. In any case, Jura’s new technology, Fine-Foam, maneuvers to dispense concentrated foam as much as possible.

This wand also dispenses hot water for americano and others. But the machine can’t brew and froth at the same time.

FAQs about the Jura Ena 8 Vs E8 Coffee Machine

Can I use both ground and whole bean with these machines?

Yes, you can use both. But the bypass has one spoon max capacity.

Can I make latte art with Jura’s frother?

You can if you take it to a jug and do art the milk manually.

What is the brewing temperature?

The temperature changes depending on some facts. However, 195°F is the average temperature.
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Final Verdict

In the end, which one will you choose? Let me help you by wrapping the whole article. The Jura Ena 8 and E8 are pretty similar devices, despite they look different. They have identical technologies and provide the same quality of espresso.

But the E8 is bigger than the Ena 8 and has larger capacities. Moreover, it is more convenient. And, thanks to those larger capacities, you can use them in a large household. At the same time, there is a price difference between them. The E8 is more expensive than the Ena 8 (around $200).

However, although I recommend the Jura E8, if you feel the Ena 8 will suit you more, it won’t be a wrong choice.

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