Jura E8 Review – Which is best Jura 8 or DeLonghi Eletta?

Jura E8 review

Jura is one of the premium quality and best online products till now. Recently, Jura has launched a fresh model named Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine. Its stainless steel body ensures you optimal longevity as well as flexibility in cleaning. With a one touch of button it is able to prepare 16 barista quality specialities including flat white, latte macchiato, coffee, cappuccino and espresso.

Jura E8’s pulse extraction process offers you ultimate quality coffee within a few seconds. Its 64 ounces water tank delivers you multiple cups of coffee in a single refill. To know more in detail follow this article.

At a Glance Jura 8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Jura 8 Chrome has come with 16 barista quality specialities with a one touch button.
  • It’s pulse extraction process delivers you the optimal quality espresso.
  • You can rely on it’s conical burr grinder featuring Aroma G3 Grinder that offers you maximum delicacy.
  • This eco-friendly coffee machine uses only freshly ground beans. It never uses capsuled beans.
  • It’s extra large water tank holds 64 ounces of water and a bean container capacitates 10 ounces.

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DeLonghi is the top of the range espresso machine. No other espresso machine can touch the competency of making the finest quality espresso. DeLonghi Eletta Digital Magnifica is the top-grade espresso machine in the DeLonghi Eletta series. Jura is over and above a substantial coffee machine but has a sky-high price.

Let’s repose your eyes at the comparison between DeLonghi Eletta Magnifica and Jura 8 Chrome Espresso and Coffee Machine whether it’s competent enough with its features and performance or not.

Compare Jura 8 Chrome Coffee Machine and  DeLonghi Eletta Magnifica​

Jura 8 Chrome Coffee Machine DeLonghi Eletta Magnifica Espresso Machine
Jura E8 review DeLonghi Eletta Magnifica Espresso Machine
Jura 8 Chrome coffee machine’s height-adjustable spout compromise with all size cups. From wide range to travel mugs all types are allowed. With upgraded technology this DeLonghi espresso machine features a latte crema system for preparing layered espresso drinks along with rich, long-lasting and condensed foam.
It’s thermoblock system rapidly heats the water within a few seconds for brewing the coffee with exact temperature. DeLonghi Eletta’s adjustable aroma G3 burr grinder settings grinds fresh beans for extracting the whole flavor.
Jura 8 chrome’s 15 bar pressure pump serves you flavorful high-pressure brewed drinks each time. This very espresso machine allows you to use pre-ground in the second chamber for speciality drinks.
It’s 64 Oz water tank and 10 Oz bean hopper allows you to make coffee up to two cups in a single refill. This DeLonghi model serves you up to 11 coffee beverages including espresso, americano, latte, macchiato, coffee, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato etc.
This espresso machine’s energy saving mode minimizes electricity bills and has a programmable time of switch-off. It’s 400g bean hopper offers you incredible cup warm coffee. It’s rubber sealed lid supports you to maintain extreme freshness.
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What Users Saying About Jura 8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura 8 is the most tender coffee machine of the Jura series at that moment which efficiently deals with the customers’ demands. Jura’s all the models are high-end in terms of features and performance. Even after full of convenient features these machines have multiple limitations. But Jura 8 is spectacular compared with other Jura coffee machines.

Merely the barista  can understand the A To Z about the machine. But beginners are entirely verdant about all these. So, they look forward to the previous customers to be well-informed about this machine.

The most liked fact of Jura 8 coffee machine is it’s easy to use and program features. Since it is an automatic coffee machine so it includes a self rinsing function that assists to clean the machine automatically making a few cups of coffee. This machine is capable of making authentic lattes with perfect amounts of milk and coffee. It delivers perfect pressure to make rich foam.

The first and foremost complaint about this machine is that it’s overpriced. Those who have dough can afford it. Otherwise even after being a coffee lover but have a close fitting budget they can be deprived from purchasing this machine. This coffee machine has an issue with shut off. It takes too long to stop its operation. Apart from it doesn’t disappoint the users. 

Key Features of Jura 8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine


One thing users seek in every product is longevity. As you invest a lot of your earnings so it is required to have longevity enough. Jura 8 coffee machine endures all the stress constantly from morning to night. It’s excellent accessories and impressive build quality delivers users long time service.

Aroma + Grinder

With this coffee machine’s aroma+ grinder your coffee can be brewed in a few moments. If you want a noise-free burr grinder then you can pick the machine undoubtedly. Jura 8 is one of the noise free coffee machines in the current market.

Advanced Technology

This coffee machine has been manufactured with advanced technology for offering astonishing features and performance. It’s fine foam technology provides you with the finest quality foam not like most of the coffee machines that froth the milk thin and airy.       

FAQ About Jura 8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine

Q: Does Jura 8 coffee machine evaluate its price?

Jura coffee machines are a high range of coffee machines. But it’s fresh model Jura 8 is genuinely an overpriced machine as it provides higher quality coffee. Compared with other coffee machines like DeLonghi its price is beyond high. But after buying it and viewing its impressive performance you will be amused as well as forget its price.

Q: Does Jura 8 durable enough?

Yes. Jura 8 coffee machine is your long time companion that can be for 5-7 years. Those who consider it an expensive coffee machine should think about it’s durability over price.

Q: Which one is better; DeLonghi or Jura?

Jura Coffee Machines designs, manufacturing quality and longevity never matches with DeLonghi. Jura is not affordable at the same time and never provides convenient features like DeLonghi. DeLonghi Coffee Machine has less limitations where Jura is full of nuisance. So, considering all aspects, DeLonghi is better than Jura.

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Final Verdict

Jura 8 Chrome Automatic Coffee Machine can be a robust choice for the beginners who crave to be a barista or pro in preparing coffee or other milk beverages. You never have to wait for hours and hours for making a cup of coffee. If you have a close fitting budget then you should think about buying a DeLonghi Eletta Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine. Both coffee machines have separate fan bases so customers are never remorseful for buying these sky-high priced machines.

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