Jura E8 Piano White Review – Why it’s a worthy investment?

Jura E8 Piano White Review

This is a Jura E8 Piano white review. The Jura E8 is the newest addition to their popular line of coffee makers, and it’s really something special.

Jura’s FrotherG2 technology froths milk in seconds for creamy and rich foam that’s perfect for cappuccinos.

Jura E8 Piano’s exclusive app J.O.E. allows users to adjust the coffee strength, temperature, water hardness, and pre-infusion.

Jura’s patented grinder technology automatically grinds beans fresh for every single espresso shot and adjusts the grind time to ensure optimal extraction.

The “Jura Cool Touch” technology keeps it cool while you drink by automatically shutting off the heating element after 12 minutes of inactivity. In my opinion, it would be a worthy investment for crazy stylish coffee lovers.

Jura E8 Piano Noticeable Feature At A Glance

  • Drinks: Jura E8 Piano White offers you eight different coffee shop espresso drinks.
  • Flavorful: The new professional grinder of Jura E8 guarantees 12.5% more amora and consistent high grind quality.
  • Pulse Extraction Process: The technology makes sure you get a maximum flavor for short specialties.
  • Intelligent Display: The screen adapts to your most frequent drinks and shows them on display first.
  • Fast And Simple: It makes your coffee within just 60 seconds, and all at the touch of your hand.
  • Large Capacities: The machine comes with a 64 oz water tank and 10 ounces bean hopper.
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Comparison Between Jura E8 Piano White And Jura D6 Coffee Machine

Jura E8 Piano WhiteJura D6 Coffee Machine
Jura E8 Piano White ReviewJura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Jura E8 Piano White comes in a compact size, measuring 13.6H x 11W x 17.5D inches. This average size allows the machine to be perfect for countertop and also fits tight spots.Jura D6 is also compact and comes at a similar size as Jura E8. This machine is 11″ in width, 13.6″ in height, and 16.5″ in depth. It is also 3lbs lighter than the E8.
The machine is equipped with Jura’s exclusive level-6 Aroma G3 grinder, which allows you to have fresh ground every time. The grinder effectively cuts beans to preserve aroma and flavor.The D6 also has the Aroma G3 grinder. But, there is a considerable difference between their models and power. The E8 has a quieter and faster espresso machine.
You can brew 17 types of coffee shop drinks with this machine, including espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino, caffè barista, and macchiato.You can only brew seven pre-programmed drinks with the machine, including regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino.
The machine is highly agile, thanks to its one-touch preparation technology. That allows it to make a cup of coffee specialties in less than 60 seconds.The Jura D6 does not offer one-touch technology. But, it is one of the fastest espresso machines in its category.
The E8 offers some generous capacities, even with average size. A 64 oz water tank and 10 ounces coffee bean hopper come with it.The D6 is an entry-level espresso machine. So, the capacities are also small. It offers a 37-ounce water reservoir and 4.4 ounces bean hopper.
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What Users Are Saying About Jura E8 Piano White Coffee Machine

Jura E8 White is an expensive premium espresso machine. So, the super-automatic coffee and espresso machine is not for everyone. But, those who bought this machine are satisfied with its premium performance.

Jura piano white e8 keeps its unit’s designs minimal and modern. So, you won’t have a lot of issues operating any of these devices. Moreover, the screens tell you what to do and when to do it.

The espresso quality it provides is on another level. If you switch from the previous Jura or other models, you will find a vast difference. First, the machine comes with an Aroma G3 grinder, preventing aroma and flavor depletion while grinding.

The Pulse Extraction Process technology keeps the aroma even of short specialties. The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System assures maximum saturation of your coffee. Moreover, Thermal block units provide perfect heat.

Thus, Jura invested everything in the quality of the espresso rather than other things. That is also disappointing at the same time because the machine is made of plastic. Although it is hard-plastic made, as a premium level espresso machine, it is a baffle.

But, if you can use it cautiously, the machine can easily last for several years. And, for peace of mind, I recommend the extended warranty.

Key Features of the Jura E8 Piano White Coffee Machine

Key Features of the Jura E8 Piano White Coffee Machine


Just from a glance, the Jura e8 white piano design looks highly professional, minimal, and stunning. And, thanks to its color, anyone can instantly fall in love with the machine.

The machine comes in average size, not too big, not too small either. But, it will fit on your countertop, taking 13.6 inches in height, 11 in width, and 17.5 in-depth. As the water reservoir is on the side, you need a little extra space.

The coffee machine has many exclusive technologies of Jura. For instance, a 6-level Aroma G3 grinder is inside the device, followed by the Thermal Block heater. Although the housing is stainless steel, all other parts are plastic-made.

There is a color display with selector buttons for easy operation. But, the frother is a little far away from the spouts to make an espresso in one go. However, the frother offers a reasonable foam control.

Brewing Capacity

Having large capacities allows your espresso machine to be more usable. This device can offer enough in this case, thanks to its average measurements.

The machine has a 1.9 L (64 oz) water reservoir, allowing 64 single shots and 32 double shots. And make it capable even for small crowds like small offices and large families.

Bean hopper capacity is also satisfying, with 10 ounces. There is a seal over the grinder to preserve the freshness of the beans.


The elegant and straightforward exterior of Jura E8 piano white is simple for the user. Moreover, the color display with selector buttons tells you everything from what to do, when to do it.

One-touch technology ensures you get your coffee specialties in less than sixty seconds in just a single press. Moreover, the machine comes with 17 coffee shop drinks. You can select any of those drinks, and the device will brew one automatically.

The machine also allows you to add your custom recipe. And, you will be able to brew it whenever you want. E8 also saves your previous adjustments, like temp, strength, and brew measurements adjustments for future brews.

FAQs About Jura E8 Piano White Coffee Machine

What is the normal brewing temperature of this machine?

It brews at an average of 175 degrees F temperature. Not to mention its stainless steel filter, which leaves no residues behind, and you’ll notice its powerful heating system that blends the coffee perfectly every time.

I hear oily beans easily clog in the G3 grinder. Is it true?

Not usually, but they sometimes do. So, it’s recommended not to use oily beans in your G3 grinder. If you are going to use an oily bean, grind these beans individually without any coffee and empty the grounds when you’re done. And don’t put oily beans directly into the hopper since this can lead to clogged or blocked screens in the portafilter.

How much does it brew at the maximum cup setting?

The Jura E8 Piano comes with various options for different types of drinks, from single-shot espresso to a double-shot classic cappuccino – the maximum brewing quantity is 8oz for single shots and 16 ounces cap.
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Final Verdict

To wrap everything up – Jura  E8 Piano White is a premium espresso machine with an attractive exterior. The device is easy to operate and maintain. And Jura invested almost everything in the quality of the espresso. Thus, the espresso it provides is one of the top quality in the industry.

However, it’s a little disappointing when talking about durability. But, everything considered, the hefty price you are spending is worthwhile. That being said, I love the machine and suggest you if you are looking for an espresso machine that can provide value over money.

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