5 Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Minor issues are common with all coffee makers. Same with the Jura coffee machine. So, Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting is necessary. Jura provides high-end products at an exclusive price. Accordingly, their devices are durable, reliable, and don’t give you a headache when maintaining. But, because of lack of care or improper use, sometimes these machines may show some minor issues.

Today, we will discuss some common problems among the users and Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting.

Top 5 Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

1. The pump is on, But Jura isn’t extracting espresso

Before doing anything, you have to check several things to figure out what keeps your machine from brewing espresso.

Starting with the water reservoir, make sure it is complete. If you are using a direct water system, then ensure the water tap is on. Sometimes, coffee itself blocks water from passing through. It happens because of too much coffee in the filter or too fine grounds that its density doesn’t allow water to pass through.

The pump can be clogged if you aren’t descaling your machine for a long time. Espresso makers usually require descaling once every one or two months. But, if your device can’t extract espresso, it needs a thorough descaling to clean any mineral deposits sticking to the coffee.

But, how will you descale if the pump isn’t able to pass anything through it? In that case, you have to disassemble the device and clean parts separately.

Finally, check the screen inside the group head. Espresso particles can build up there, so cleaning it may resolve the problem. To clean it, you need to unscrew it.

2. Espresso is coming out too fast or too slow

If the espresso machine comes out too fast or too slow, both indicate Jura coffee machines common problems. The espresso has little or no crema if it extracts too fast, and the drink becomes too watery. If so,

You need to check if the grounds are too spaced out for water to pass through them too quickly. Too coarsely grind coffee leaves too much space in between them.

The freshness of beans also determines the speed of coffee extraction. I would recommend using the grinder instead of pre-ground coffee. Also, try to use as many fresh beans as possible.

If the espresso is coming out slowly, it could taste not very pleasant. It might have a burnt smell and taste.

Here, the problem could be with the pump. To brew an espresso pump needs to have enough pressure to push water through the grounds. If the pump is defective or not getting enough water flow, it will be unable to do it, and your machine will have various problems.

The water in your area could be pretty heavy, so the pump has an extra load, so it passes water slowly. Conduct a water test and use filtered or boiled water.

Machine parts may be clogged. With deep cleaning, your problem may solve. If you are not cleaning your machine for a long time, one cleaning cycle won’t be enough. Run several cleaning cycles for that.

3. My machine isn’t creating enough milk foam

There are quite a few reasons your machine does not froth the milk, but they are related to the milk system.

Dirty Milk System Parts

This is the most common reason for super-automatic espresso machines like Jura not to create enough foam. Jura Machines come with autofoamer, so they require to be removed from the device and dismantled into various components to clean thoroughly.

But, with your machine running, clean water flows through your autofoamer not long after making a cappuccino, latte, or any other milk-based drink; you won’t need thorough cleaning the foamer. Once a week will be enough. Additionally, you can use Milk system cleaners to clean them as they are food-safe degreasers.

  • The other reason could be that the milk tube isn’t correctly connected to the frothing element.
  • Cold milk is the best use of foaming. If you are not getting the expected cream, try using cold milk directly from the refrigerator at 4 degrees.

For your convenience, some of the popular Jura coffee machines you may consider, just explore Jura z8 review, Jura s8 review, or compare Jura d6 vs e6.

4. My machine is making loud noises

It is a normal thing for a coffee machine to make a sound when brewing. But, it indicates a problem when the noise is unusual. Now, let’s discover this Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting.

If the loud noise is occurring when grinding,

  • A Blocked funnel causes this issue. By unclogging it, your problem might resolve.
  • If you are using the finest grind settings, an espresso machine makes a louder noise. Try using a coarser grind.

If the machine is making unusual sounds while brewing or rising,

  • First, check if coffee particles are trapped inside the water tank. Remove the water tank, clean any beans or particles inside the reservoir.
  • For making a loud noise, possibilities that your coffee maker brew group is clogged. Remove the brew group and give it a thorough clean.
  • Several problems keep showing if you aren’t cleaning your machine for a long time, including loud noise. So, descale your device and wipe the case.

5. Descaling light doesn’t turn off even after descaling

Your Jura coffee machine has a sensor that can identify debris and minerals; thus, it notifies you to clean your device. But, if the descaling light doesn’t go off even after descaling, that means your machine is dirty.

  • Sometimes coffee machines do this kind of thing without any particular reason. In that case, follow the universal solution; turn off the device, unplug it, wait for a few minutes, and start again.
  • If you aren’t cleaning your machine for a long time, your problem won’t be solved with one descaling. Run a few more consecutive descales until you see clean water.
  • But the best solution to this problem is manually cleaning the brew potion part. Some coffee machines have special.
  • If your machine still hasn’t been fixed, take it to a technician.

Final Verdict

These are the most common Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting. There are some other issues users face, but those are not usual. But, as a premium machine, Jura won’t give you too much pain.

However, by cleaning the coffee maker regularly and using it carefully, you can prevent many problems. That, all for today’s Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting; see you somewhere else, somehow.

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