Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Review – How better than other Jura model?

Jura 15089 GIGA W3

After DeLonghi and Breville, Jura is the top of the range coffee machine that is peerless compared to other automatic coffee machines. Jura 15089 GIGA W3 is contemplated as the expensive machine for its sky-scraping price but when customers realize it is capable of delivering the internationally exoteric flat white they quest to invest in it. 

For maximum speed and efficiency it comes with a TFT display. It’s integrated cleaning, rinsing and descaling functionalities reduce the hassle of cleaning functions. If you are not on a close-fitting budget, you can purchase this machine. Before buying you can repose your eyes at this article to know in trifles. Let’s move on the Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Review.

At a Glance Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Coffee Machine

  • Jura 15089 coffee machine has an adjustable water hardness.
  • It features 3 programmable brewing temperatures.
  • It’s integrated rinsing and cleaning programs mitigate your trouble.
  • This very coffee machine’s 169 Oz water tank allows you to make two cups of coffee in a single refill.
  • It’s 35.3 Oz bean container contains ground beans for ultimate freshness.
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Compare Jura 15089 GIGA W3 and Jura GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine​​

Jura 15089 Coffee MachineJura GIGA 6 Coffee Machine
 Jura 15089 Coffee Machine Jura GIGA 6 Coffee Machine
Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Coffee Machine comes with TUV-Certified hygiene serves you coffee with extreme sanitation.Jura GIGA 6 is designed with 4.3 inches full TFT touchscreen display. It’s navigable menus can customize with a one touch.
This coffee machine prepares barista quality specialities. It allows you to make 43 programmable specialty coffees with instructions.It’s dual hoppers and dual grinders process associate two espresso machines within one. It stocks several types of beans.
It’s high-tech grinder provides you two espressos with just 33 seconds, to make 2 lattes within a minute.It is manufactured with upgraded technology that provides you a bluetooth connection. It supports you to connect you with your smartphone.
It’s beverages are customizable. It’s integrated bypass doser supports brewed pre-ground coffee.This machine allows you to customize your drinks up to 28 specialities. In the brewing time you can connect with strength and volume.
Jura 15089 model features dual boiler and pump system that made possible the brewing function quickly as well as maintaining hotness.It comes with two thermoblock heating systems to maintain the perfect heat for adding extra dimension.
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Key Features of Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Automatic Coffee Machine

Aesthatic Design

The manufacturer designs this best espresso machine to melt the customer hearts. It suits well with every cuisine as its maximum accessories is made of stainless steel. Though most coffee machine manufacturers never think about design. But Jura giga manufacturers consider it along with offering several superlative cups of coffee simultaneously.

It’s extra large LCD supports you with crystal clear viewing of multiple coffees in the time of programming. This bean-to-cup coffee machine has come with abundance of space. To keep this machine your kitchen should be massive enough. The platform of the cup assumes many cups at a time.

Rapid Performance

With exclusive design it provides barista level coffee. To brew a huge pot of coffee it takes 2.5 minutes. It naturalizes your coffee making process more than easier. It has 12 top-level baristas with recipes in the machine. With a single touch you can make 31 specialty coffees. With ideal temperature and strength it makes your desired drinks.

It’s adjustable air intake provides you the optimum quality milk froth. It automatically offers you hot milk. This machine is an example of making amazing latte macchiato. 

Cleaning Maintenance

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 features a large water reservoir and bean hopper for holding fresh beans as it never grinds leftover coffee beans. 169 Oz water can make up to 150 cups of espresso. It’s 35.5 Oz bean hopper allows you to offer 75 to 100 cup of coffee, but it will depend on how strong coffee you want.

It’s self-rinsing features automatically clean the machine with its power button. It never waits for you to clean. It’s auto-cleaning features clean automatically after every usage for keeping your machine tip-top and promoting the taste of your drinks. It’s unique cleaning features bind you to forget about descaling. It often needs a descale of 40 minutes.

What Are Users Saying About Jura 15089 Coffee Machine

Making coffee is not an ultimatum rather a coffee machine should remain labor-saving functionalities like Jura 15089 GIGA W3. It never lets the customers feel remorseful for investing a vast portion of your earnings for purchasing this coffee machine. It saled at wind speeds in the market.

Preliminary to buy this expensive machine you need to know every single thing. Only the prior customers can deliver you the exact instruction in operating the machine. Let’s have a look at what they disclose about this high-end coffee machine.

Lion’s share of the customers provides positive opinions. According to them it’s an illustrious machine that makes breathtaking coffee. Not only coffee it is capable of making 43 customizable barista specialties. It meets your requirement efficiently. It utilizes the local roasted espresso style beans and 2% milk it makes optimal quality coffee as well as contents the customer.

It’s huge water tank helps your cleaning function effortlessly. Jura 15089 GIGA W3  huge bean hopper features a tight-fitting rubber seal to keep the coffee beans fresh. Nothing has perfection in this universe. Like all coffee machines this also has limitations. It is unable to produce rich milk foam after a few months. It has an issue with shut off. A couple of customers complained about it’s high-price. Even after being a coffee lover every customer can not afford it. Those who have affordability for them recommend this machine.

FAQs of Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Automatic Coffee Machine

Does Jura 15089 has fine foam technology?

Yes. Jura 15089 features fine foam technology for making the milk froth rich and condensed for espresso or cappuccino.

Is it durable enough?

According to most of the users it is durable enough. It lasts up to 5-7 years. It never  disturbs you when you are using it. You can gossip with your companion during coffee making sessions.
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Final Verdict

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 is supremely manufactured coffee machine for coffee lovers. Making all types of coffee beverages is the major consideration of this Jura model on account of this, it operates successfully even after being of rich value. Never think about the price tag when you go to purchase an A1 coffee machine rather you should buy this with all your savings. It is highly recommended by our experts as well as me.

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