Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

When it comes to people who love coffee, a good coffee brewer is pretty important. No need to fear because the Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer is here to save the day.

Key Features Of The Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Dynamic Design
The coffee maker is made out of stainless steel and also plastic. It has a two-way type of functionality and has a 12-cup size glass carafe that comes with it. It also has a single server on the side and a multilevel type of cup rest that can surely accommodate any cups you may be using.

A brewer like this also has a 24-hour function and a clear type of control panel and displays that can separate the hour and also the minute button. It has a large water reservoir and clear markings

Sleek And Professional Look
If you want to enjoy your coffee, you should also enjoy what you see right? The Hamilton Beach 49980A is certainly something that you can appreciate. Its height, width and overall appearance speak classy and elegant.

The model measures about 11.44 x 13.69 x 15.44 inches in dimension and can be a bit bulky for some, but it will surely look perfect on your kitchen counter. It blends in with your home style and adds an air of sophistication to its surroundings.

How The Hamilton Beach 49980A Works Perfectly
With the Hamilton Beach 49980A, you can easily brew a single cup and even a full pot of coffee. You can find options such as pause and ease of programs on the brewer. It is now easy to be able to program the brewer to make coffee as you lay in your slumber.

Another amazing thing about the Hamilton Beach 49980A  is that even if you have forgotten to turn it off, it shuts down automatically after two hours. There is also the brew-pause feature which helps you drink the coffee in mid brewing cycle. You don’t have to wait for it to be done.

Functionality Options You Can Find On The Hamilton Beach 49980A
There is also the brew strength selector where you can choose if the brew will be regular or bold. Preset timing is also easier with this unit as you can just set it to the time you wish to brew and sit back and relax while waiting for your coffee to be done.

You can brew your coffee in two ways which would be the single cup and the full pot.
The single-serve basket on the side has a mesh filter to help hold the ground coffee or the prepackaged type of soft pods.
You can adjust the single-serve multilevel cup on the side, to be able to fit any size of the cups that you own.
It’s easy to choose Regular or the Bold options when it comes to the flavor or strength of your coffee.
It is well equipped with a two-hour automatic power off as well as automatic pausing and serving feature which comes in handy.
The Hamilton Beach 49980A doesn’t have a hot water dispenser, which means you may need to supply it manually.
There is no permanent mesh filter with the carafe side, which means that you have to replace it manually.
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What are users saying about Hamilton Beach 49980A Espresso Machine?

According to customers, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is one of the best coffee makers that they have used. The option to choose from a single cup to a pot is a wonderful feature that many definitely loved. One downside is that it does not contain any travel mugs, however, it’s not bad enough to deter one from buying the brewer. The power cord is only about one to two feet long which is quite short for some, but the schedule features and the automatic power off makes this as a really good catch for coffee lovers.

A lot of other coffee makers only give you one choice which is the fully brewed coffee, the Hamilton Beach 49980A however, can offer you half brewed coffee owing to its pause function. Not only that but customers find that the brewer is very easy to clean up as you can wash everything with just hot water and soap.

Compare Hamilton Beach 49980A vs. Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is unique on its own because it is very versatile and also a well-priced coffee brewer. It has the latest technology when it comes to brewing the perfect coffee. One of the advantages of this coffee maker is that it can give you a single serve cup or twelve cups in one swift motion. There is no need to buy two coffee machines since the Hamilton Beach 49980A will do both works for you. It is also cheaper for its features, given that it is very high end and can do more than one brewing function.

Compare Hamilton Beach 49980A vs. Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew
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The versatility of changing the size of cup that you can use for this brewer is also something worth noting. It costs around $54.88, has a 12 cup type of glass carafe, makes use of ground coffee, has unique scoop measures and filters the ground coffee effectively, and can brew for about 4 ounces when you use a travel mug.

The Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew, on the other hand, is a two-way coffee maker that can give you a lot of options when it comes to the coffee that you would like to make. You are able to brew your favorite coffee grounds using a K-cup or you can also use the carafe side, or you can also choose the single-serve side one. There is an easy-fill water type reservoir on each of the sides with separate windows. This is to help make it clear to you which is which and what could be overfilling.

Just like the Hamilton Beach 49980A, this brewer also has regular and bold brewing strength. The full pot of the brewer is able to hold 12 cups and has a two-hour programmable clock as well. Similarly, it also has an automatic off function, automatic server, and automatic pause. This brewer costs around $79.00 which costs more than the Hamilton Beach 49980A.

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Why You Should Buy The Hamilton Beach 49980A

When it comes to the coffee that you want. It really depends on your individual taste. If you don’t have a specific type of coffee brew that you like, it would be best to go with a brewer like Hamilton Beach 49980A that is very versatile and can cater you and your various taste for coffee. This is also a great brewer when it comes to serving coffee for many people at the same time. If you are constantly having friends over for a cup of coffee, then why not pick this one?

Why You Should Buy The Hamilton Beach 49980A

It’s surely a wonderful coffee brewer that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy at any time of the day. The price is also a catch since you can’t find as many coffee brewers that can give you so many options and features all for the price of one. A lot of coffee brewers are high end and have a lot more functions, but they can be pretty pricey too especially if you have a tight budget. You can find Hamilton Beach 49980A prices for about $50 to $80, but never above the latter which means you can save a lot for a brewer with the same functions as the expensive ones.

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Final Verdict

Don’t let your love of fresh coffee be tainted by not buying the right coffee maker. There are plenty of choices out there and it can help when you look at them and what their features are. Reading reviews can help out a lot since you read accounts of the people who have bought the products. This can give you an insight on what are the good and the bad things that come with buying them. Coffee makers are your investment which is why if you are going to spend money on one, better get the right one!

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