Hamilton Beach 46205 Review – Compared to Price, Is it Durable?

Hamilton Beach 46205 Review - Compared to Price, Is it Durable?

If you are searching for a coffee maker that will understand all your needs and delivers the coffee that brews you away, you are at the right place. The Hamilton Beach 46205 coffee maker is the answer of all your desires of having a coffee that can give your day an ecstatic start.

Are you also looking for coffee with

  • Great aroma
  • Exotic taste
  • Alluring Looks
  • That freshens you up whenever sipped.

Only fresh, finely ground beans aren’t enough. An ideal coffee maker actually does the main task. Hamilton Beach 46205 with features like

  • Adjustable brewing options.
  • Programmable clock with 2-hour auto shut off.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easybrew with no carafes.
  • Attractive design that looks great on your counter.
  • Swiveled base for easy and fast mobility proves out to be one of the best options for you in highly affordable range.

Introducing you more to the product, let me tell you besides the key features, what else you will be getting if you choose to be part of our Hamilton family by grabbing this deal and bringing one into your home.

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Advantages of Hamilton Beach 46205 Coffee Maker

  • No need to stand by the machine till your cup gets ready. This product gives you automatic pause and serve option, considering your high comfort and ease.
  • Nonstick warmer plate.
  • Removable water reservoir, filter baskets, and tank for ease of cleaning.
  • Swings out the brew basket on the release button.
  • Light weighted and cordial dimensions.
  • Keep warm function, as the user may not be present at the time the machine finishes brewing.

Nothing is perfect, and discussing only the pros will not be enough to make you completely aware of the product you may be interested to buy. Now, some of the cons I found while going through a deep study about the product are:

  • It may take a bit longer when it comes to brewing a number of coffee mugs.
  • Be careful with the steam it releases, as it may damage the upper surface if it’s too close.

If you are thinking about the cons being too less, yes it is, one can go through the reviews himself and I bet no one can find anything more than this.

How Durable Hamilton Beach 46205 Compared to it’s price?

The next thing to consider is the durability of the product and whether its worth money. Hamilton beach coffee maker comes with high durability and a warranty. Its price is quite affordable and identical to other coffee makers available in the market. The material used in manufacturing is long-lasting and reliable. The majority of the reviewers didn’t experience any kind of malfunctioning of the machine and are quite happy with its working. Even if you experience one, you can exchange it for a new one as it comes with a warranty.

How Durable Hamilton Beach 46205 Compared to it’s price

You must be knowing the product, Hamilton Beach coffee maker 46201 launched earlier. What are the things that make the new version better than the previous one? Which is worth for money? Which one should buy and what factors to keep in mind while choosing one? All questions are answered below with a detailed comparison between both the machines.

Compare Hamilton Beach 46205 vs Hamilton Beach coffee maker 46201

Compare Hamilton Beach 46205 vs Hamilton Beach coffee maker 46201
  • The weight and dimensions of both the machines differ a little bit. Where Model number 46205 weighs 2.4kg with dimensions 24-19-35 cm and model no. 46201 weighs 3.8kg with 41-29-24cm dimensions.
  • Model 46205 is more popular than model 46201.
  • The material type used in the Model 46201 is stainless steel, while in model 46205 is plastic.
  • Being enhanced version of 46201, 46205 having more functionalities ranges bit high in price also.
  • Both have features like a removable water reservoir, swings brew basket out on the release button, wheel base, programmable clock, adjustable brewing, easy filling etc.
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Considering above differences, one can choose any one of the above machine according to his needs, room and budget, as both have outstanding features and are much better than many of the coffee makers available at the same price range.

What users saying about Hamilton Beach 46205

In spite of above feature, one would not really trust the product till he does not hear from one who has used it. User’s reviews are the best when it comes to know from the experienced. Ongoing through users’ reviews, I found the product quite satisfying. The average rating I found was near to 4.65 stars out of 5. Some of the lines from the reviewers that sum up their opinions are:

  • I have always wanted a reliable coffee pot without any bells or whistles, this one is exactly what I dreamed of.
  • All I want from a coffee maker is ease of use, fresh and flavored coffee, and a carafe that doesn’t spill. Getting all at a reasonable price is like a cherry on the top of a cake for me.
  • It’s so easy to fill water and the wheels make it so easy to move it to the sink for cleaning. Not big and bulky. It’s smooth and handy.
  • Brilliant coffee maker and I am a coffee addict. Just Loves how with a push of the button, the brew basket holder comes out! It has a really easy water reservoir to fill that even removes out easily; just lift out and fill at the sink, making it easy to clean and even the carafe doesn’t have to be used to fill which may spill sometimes.

Compared to other similar products available at the same range in the market, this machine fits almost all the requirements for a perfect coffee of a coffee lover. It doesn’t require much hard work for cleaning it and is fairly reasonable with its key features quite within the money spent.

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Hamilton beach coffee maker is a good choice if you are looking for a coffee maker that is not bulky or heavy; neither occupies much space and at the same time is capable of making coffee for the whole family at once. It’s handy and user-friendly design and programming help you to understand its working easily and quickly.

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